MacGyver SN E11 -Scissors


MacGyver’s mid-season finale answered some questions.  I know I wasn’t the only one wondering about Riley’s mom and Jack… right?  We started things off with Riley disappearing while she was supposed to be stirring Bozer’s magic sauce.  Then, the team goes in search of the team tech guru.

While searching for our girl, Mac starts to question her loyalty, but Jack never does.  Turns out though that our little hacker has been a bad girl … she’s hacked the NSA and stolen a cyber weapon.  Now, before you start getting all judgey, let me explain that she did it because the bad guys had her mom and were threatening to kill her if Riley didn’t come through with the goods.

The good news is that they get back Riley’s mom, but the bad news is the bad guys get away with the cyber weapon.  So, the team has to try and stop WWIII!

Mac uses two pieces of PVC pipe and the building’s air conditioner unit to make an air raid siren to get the team locked inside China’s Central Command.  When Mac asks Riley and Jack for a distraction, we get a touching scene where Riley unloads on Jack and says “You’re not my dad!”  Jack has to ask if this is for real.

Later we get the whole story.  Riley has been pissed at Jack all this time for leaving.  Not because he beat up her dad, like he thought.  Riley reveals that she’s known all along that her dad abused her mom, and understood Jack beating him up and throwing him out…. she just hated when Jack left.

We get a great “family” Christmas for the team with Bozer’s famous pastrami and a glimpse of Mac’s paper clip ornaments on the tree.

And oh yeah … they stopped WWIII and saved the world too … all in time for dinner.

Since this was the mid-season finale, we didn’t get scenes for the next episode….darn it!


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