Pop Culture Pipe Bomb’s Indie Album of The Year 2016



I have had the pleasure of writing about some awesome Indie bands and artists this year, however, there are one particular band and their album stand out in my mind, and that is why Pop Culture Pipe Bomb’s Album of The Year goes to the crazy talented gals of Eeek for their album Love, Loss and Bowling! Eeek are and all female acoustic soul band hailing from the midlands and New York, the album was recorded over several years and is truly a labour of love. with harmonies I don’t even think angels could replicate, the guitars and drums on the album are absolutely superb and really sound amazing.



Eeek is made up by Lucy Burton (lead Vocals), Danielle Wilson (Backing Vocals), Mandy Burton (Guitar), Karen Milne (Drums) and Ruth Bradney (Bass). I listen to Love Loss and Bowling at every chance I get and I’m sure my neighbours think it is the only music I own.  I love the fact that every track tells a story, it’s not just random lyrics thrown together and I also love the fact that every single track has a different sound. Love Loss and bowling make me feel happy and chilled, I put it on, I sit back and unwind with a glass or two of Canadian Club and dry and all the stress is but a distant memory. Eeek have also been nominated for PunkAid/Teen Clash Awards for Indie Artist of The Yeah! so please make sure you keep an eye out for when the voting commences and vote for this awesome bunch of gals!



I highly recommend Love Loss and bowling and it would make a great Christmas gift for a loved one or friends, so support this wonderfully talented bunch of gals by buying their album. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2017. We will also keep you updated on all things Punk4MentalHealth and the Teen Clash Awards news.



Buy Love, Loss & Bowling here




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