Single White Female series coming to NBC

Awe the 1992 thriller Single White Female was one of my faves to watch. The movie that made it hard to trust your roommate after seeing it.

The movie stars Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh, and is about a woman named Allison Jones who is engaged to this dude Sam Rawson, but finds out that he was unfaithful. So she throws the jerk out and puts an ad in the paper that she needs a roommate, who is soon answered by Hendra Carlson, “Hedy” and they become friends. After some time she notices that the friendship may be a bit more than she bargained for, as she finds Hedy changing from this sweet awesome BFF to her doppelganger. This movie took creepy to a whole new level when it debuted in the 90’s. The dynamics of the two actresses was astounding and really made for a wonderful show.

Now in true times of today, like they have done with Scream, Teen Wolf, Exorcist and other movies, they are turning Single White Female into a TV show calling it Let the Right One in. The show will have some differences, like Hedy being a con artist and instead of the ladies being in New York, they will reside in San Francisco. The reboot will make its way next season along with some other movie to TV shows. I have to admit, I am pretty stoked about this one, I have yet to be disappointed about any of the TV reboots I have seen yet, and considering this is one of my favorites as mentioned earlier, I have high hopes for this puppy here. ^_^


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