A Supernatural Season Without Bobby?


In every season of The Show, we’ve been treated to wisdom filled one liners by one of the famdom’s favorite characters.  Bobby always gets the best lines, and always teaches The Boys some life lesson.  And if we’re honest with ourselves, he teaches us something too with every appearance on The Show.

We were first introduced to Bobby Singer (played by the lovable Jim Beaver) in season 1, episode 22, Devil’s Trap.  The mantra of the famdom is one of Bobby’s lines… Family don’t end with blood, boy.  That one line is why we call ourselves the SPN Family … and a famdom instead of a fandom.  Even after the death of the beloved character in season 7, episode 10 Death’s Door, we continued to see our favorite curmudgeon.  If the line in Death’s Door … “As fate would have it, I adopted two boys and they grew up great.  They grew up heroes.” … didn’t bring tears to your eyes then there is definitely something wrong with you.

Jim Beaver … Bobby… has appeared in every season of Supernatural (even if just for one episode).  Bobby’s episodes in recent seasons are among my favorites of the entire run of The Show (10.17 Inside Man & 11.16 Safe House).  However, it’s looking like S12 will be the first one without an appearance by the fan favorite.  Jim Beaver recently voiced the famdom’s biggest fear in a tweet ….


I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen.  We still NEED to know what happened to Bobby after he helped The Boys and ticked off the angels in heaven in S10’s Inside Man…. we could also really use another Bobby and Rufus flashback like S11’s Safe House.  Because Bobby and Rufus?  Yeah, that’s friendship goals right there!  Here’s one of my favorite Bobby and Rufus scenes ….

So, I encourage the SPN Family to contact your congressmen … oh wait…. sorry… contact Andrew Dabb (@andrewdabb on twitter), Jim Michaels (@TheJimMichaels on twitter) and any of the other powers that be at The Show and demand a Bobby episode for S12!  We can’t have a season without Bobby.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Bobby scenes … tissue alert though, cause you’re going to need a few … hell, maybe even a whole box…


Terri is Skatronixxx’s staff reviewer for Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Vampire Diaries, MacGyver, and The Originals. She loves to geek but hates to adult. T speaks her mind and has no filter, except the one her boss enforces.  For filter free T follow her at @B2daItch on twitter.


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