Dick Van Dyke confirms part in Mary Poppins sequel

“Chim chimney chim chimney chim chim charoo!” the famous song (besides supercalifragilisticexpialidocious) sung by Dick Van Dyke during the Disney film Mary Poppins. The classic actor recently announced that he would be returning in the sequel, but not as the Chimney Sweep Bert like in the 1964 version, but as the Bankers son. The movie is set to take place about 20 years later when the kiddos are all grown up and able to take their medicine without sugar now (why would you ever stop doing this? I use it to rid myself of hiccups)

Mr. Van Dyke told the Hollywood Reporter that he would be working along side Meryl Streep and Angela Lansbury as well. He continued on to announce that he would also get to do a little song and dance number! (Hopefully he is still as limber as he was 50 years ago)

The Sequel supposed to take place in the 1930’s; during the great depression era. Jane and Michael Banks, the now adult children, get another visit from the umbrella flying timelord…. I mean nanny, after they are in mourning from a personal loss. The cast of this movie looks fantastic, with both old and new actors alike coming together to bring back the world’s first supernanny. I personally can’t wait to see this. ^_^


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