Cat Grant may return to Supergirl!!


Cat Grant, one of my favorite characters in the TV show Supergirl. Played by Calista Flockhart, her portrayal of the strong, sophisticated, work driven woman that owned the CatCo Worldwide Media, was spot on.

It was a sad episode when we said goodbye to our miss Grant as she handed the CatCo Media over to Jimmy Olsen and decided to further her career and take on a bigger future. She will be missed for sure in this show. It was her character that really helped mold and make Supergirl who she is. Guiding her in both her boss and friend.

Now there is talk of Calista possibly coming back in the spring for a couple of appearances! Oh that would be awesome! Its not a hundred percent confirmed yet on if this will happen but the speculation is out there so lets keep our fingers crossed! ^_^


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