We Look at Lucifer Season 2 & What We Know So Far



Lucifer is currently on its winter break at the moment but there is no shortage of speculation for what the rest of Season 2 will hold. The mid-season episode ended with a huge revelation, that Chloe (Lauren German) isn’t just a normal human, in fact, she is that special that her existence had been orchestrated by god.

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe have had a special bond from the beginning of the series. Lucifer has never been able to bring out her deepest and darkest desire. Lucifer can make humans admit what they really desire, but this trick doesn’t work on Chloe and this intrigues Lucifer. We have seen so far this season that Lucifer is feeling more for Chloe than ever before. Mother dearest Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) is planning to use this knowledge and is prepared to use Chloe to get what she wants and that is to get everything back.


**Spoilers Ahead**

The winter teaser for Lucifer’s Season 2 Premiere, shows Chloe’s life could be in danger and based on the spoilers revealed by Idry Mordovich (showrunner), God was the one who granted the couple’s wish for a child because he wanted to put Chloe in Lucifer’s path. Modrovich refers to Chloe as the miracle since she is the result of God’s work and he has designed her to be immune to Lucifer’s charms. Mordovich also says at the end of the Season 2 the last four episodes are going to be completely standalone, and they plan to make them flashback to Lucifer first arriving in LA. But we may also find out how Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) carried out God’s plans to help a couple conceive Chloe in the standalone episodes. The true identity of Chloe will set the tone for the rest of Season 2, but it is Chloe’s bleeding nose that sends Lucifer into a spin, her bleeding nose could very well put her life in danger as seen in the trailer below  when Chole says “it won’t stop bleeding.” At this stage we still don’t know the exact plan that God has for Chloe but all will be revealed in time.

I’m very interested to see where the rest of Season 2 will take us when it resumes in January.  Pop Culture Pipe Bomb will keep you up to date on all things Lucifer as it comes to hand. Check out the teaser for Lucifer SN02 EP11 -‘Stewardess Interruptus’ below.

Lucifer Season 2 is set to return on FOX, Monday 16th January 2017 at 9 p.m. EST

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