Doctor A-Who-Ooo! Ducktales And Doctor Who Mash Up Lands

Doctor A-Who-Ooo! Ducktales And Doctor Who Mash Up Lands

Ok I’m gunna be the first to admit that I’m not the youngest guy but I’m also not the oldest either. I grew up in the late 80’s and early 90’s aka the ‘Goldern Era Of Cartoons’ and Ducktales was one of my favourite tv shows of that era. I have fond memories of myself and my older brother often dancing round the front room to the intro of Ducktales, heck I even danced to it with Skatronixxx Jr when I was researching this article. Don’t believe me how catchy it was? Check it out below.

See I told you it was damn good,  *Life is like a hurricane here in Duck Burg* sorry I got a lil off topic here *Ducktales A-Woo-Ooo* It won’t happen again, well actually I can’t make that promise 😉

So when the news of a Ducktales reboot came out I was psyched, I was even more psyched when the news came out that one of the best Doctor Who actors ever David Tennant would be voicing Scrooge McDuck. You see other than cartoons my next childhood passion was Doctor Who, it started with my late Grampy who helped build a Doctor Who exhibition at Longleat. Yes my Grandad rebuilt a Tardis and K9  he was a true ledge. So you can imagine how much of a Doctor Who fan I was, it was in my family blood to do so.

Then I saw this and my psyched-meter exploded off the charts!

The video is by YouTubers The Axis Of Awesome,  are you as psyched as me for the reboot of Ducktales? Let me know by commenting below!


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