Doctor Who Puppet – 12 days of Christmas

“On the Earth days of Christmas, my Timelord gave to me…”


Oh this hit the spot. With the Doctor Who Christmas special just days away, I have been extremely anxious for Christmas night so I can see that guitar playing, angry eyebrow rocking Timelord.


The 12 Doctors of Christmas song is very fun; show casing all 12 Doctors regenerations and their special “quarks” they brought with their characters. The song is sort of in tune with the 12 Days of Christmas, with a bit of tweaking to make it more rock, which I love, (Carol of the Bells by Metallica is my fav Xmas song. If you have not heard this, go listen now and thank me later.)


Please enjoy this wonderful video and watch it as many times as needed until Christmas and the next Doctor Who episode is on, I know I will have this baby on repeat. ^_^



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