Pop Culture Pipe Bomb’s 2016 Indie Cover Band of the Year


With the fat man in the red suit’s arrival imminent, I thought its best I pull my finger out and announce PCPB’s 2016 Indie Cover Band of the Year. You might want to sit down for this! Are you sitting down? Righto, this year’s Pop Culture Pipe Bomb’s 2016 Indie Cover Band of the Year goes to…. building the suspense a little…. Sugar Rush Rocks!!!


Congratulations guys, you guys have more talent, integrity and professionalism than more adults I know oh and let’s not forget how humble they are, in this day and age it’s a quality to have. Mark my words, these kids are going sky-high, it is only a matter of time. I really look forward to what they have in store in 2017, hopefully, some studio time? These guys are crazy talented and I can only imagine how mind-blowing they would sound in a studio. For those that didn’t catch Sugar Rush Rocks Fresh Music Friday Article here is a little background on these DIY kids with amazing talent, I will include the FMF article in the links.


Who is SRR?

SRR are made up by Paige Nickole (Vocals), RJ Hill (Drums), Jake Brightman (Bass), Michael Sebastian (Lead Guitar), Joey Fattore (Rhythm Guitar) and I don’t mind telling you they put some professional musicians and singers to shame, you should also know that these talented kids are all under the age of 18, Yes I said 18. They jam and practice after school and they are booked solid most weekends and also play a lot of festivals. SRR more than delivers our Indie Band of the Year, I look forward to following your success now and in the future. Also, a special mention must go to the parents, behind every good kid is an exceptional parent. Head to their FB, Twitter and YouTube page and give them some love and tell them Presh sent you. Sending you all at team SRR a safe and wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year from me and the rest of the team at Pop Culture Pipe Bomb.



Fresh Friday’s Featured Artist – Sugar Rush Rock (SRR)

SRR Facebook

SRR Twitter

SRR YouTube

picsart_11-16-11-57-57 Presh (@Presh81)

Head Music Write at Pop Culture Pipe Bomb

Thank you all for the support throughout 2016, without you guys this year wouldn’t have been nearly as fun! Wishing you all a safe and wonderful Christmas and a kick ass 2017. Love to you and yours from Queensland, Australia! Presh xx #TurnItOn #TurnItUp




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