Gremlins 3 update and details offered by Zach Galligan

When it comes to the Gremlins movies, I am all about that adorable Magwai and those freaky green gremlins. The first movie scared me so bad as a kid, I was literally afraid of my TV set. And this fear was all because of the last line in the movie, when the dad is warning the audience to be careful should the TV go on the fritz because there just might be a gremlin in there. I also owned a stuffed Magwai that made noises when shook so that didn’t help either.


The first movie was ok but I loved the second movie, Gremlins 2 the New Batch. They made it more fun and the Gremlins became mutated creatures that I though was just fantastic. The movie though got poor ratings at the time, so I guess not many held the same love for it as I did. People thought it was more of a spoof than a sequel. But I mean, come on, you had a spider gremlin! A spider gremlin people, how cool was that? Ugh oh well, it’s still my favorite over the first one.


SO now there has been talk of a third movie, and this idea has been flirted with for a bit now, whether or not it’s a good idea, especially when the second movie did so poorly. It was first brought to light in 2015 with ideas of this to be a sequel, and now they are confirming that this will be a sequel but also to phase out the happenings of the second movie…. Say what?!?!! Why would they do that? The second movie was great, and they don’t really need to phase it out, just work with what you have and go back to the dark side if you must, but don’t discredit the work. Chris Columbus was the writer of the first Gremlins movie and will be in charge of the third one as well, taking it back to the dark side. With writer from Distubia, Carl Ellsworth, this movie may be a bit to dark if you ask me, or creepy. I hope they don’t ruin it by making it gory or some thing like that.


Well at least they aren’t doing a reboot, it seems that today all the 80’s movies are getting the reboot bug so its nice that they are leaving this one alone in that department. ^_^



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