Emma Watson sings, “There is Something There” from Beauty and the Beast

This movie I am so excited for. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies, and knowing that we get to see this wonderful tale in live action is super exciting. Emma Watson, who I find to be perfect for such a strong female part, plays the role of Belle. Her as Hermione in the Harry Potter world definitely shows that she is perfect for Belle.


This last Thursday it was leaked out of her singing the song of “There is something there” on the Jack Morrissey (producer) instagram page, and I can say she sounds amazing. Her voice matches the song very well and sounds like the original singer Paige O’Hara from the 1991 animated version. But apparently we aren’t hearing it come from her on set, but from a doll that someone else recorded it off of. A fan in fact did this at a store, put it on an instagram page to which then Jack Morrissey took this and shared it… Kinda weird but neat.

Anywho, here is the clip I took from youtube, and I hope you guys can hear it ok. The song sounds a bit muffled but you can tell it’s our Emma. Enjoy ^_^


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