About Us

Skatronixxx.com is a pop culture website, dedicated to bringing you all the latest films, tv, comics, books, wrestling, games and music news in a way that only we can. We provide  the info but also bring in our unique writing style that seperates us from the ‘other‘ sites out there. After all who wants read the same article on every website, when you can read it but better on OUR website ? Think of us as your friend who sits next to you on the sofa as you watch your favourite show, we won’t hold back, we’ll say what we’re really thinking.  It really is a no brainer.

Skatronixxx.com is  not only a site for us to share and inform but also a platform for people to show their writing skills, and provide experience for those who want to try and crack into journalism but do not have the qualifications.

We can’t offer wages and pay per articles like other websites but we can offer you the chance to shine. We’re also a non-profit operation, with any donations feeding back into our site, like our highly sucessful IndieGoGo campaign, which has helped launch the new site.

Interested in writing? Email the editor Skatronixxx at officialskatronixxx@gmail.com



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