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Ducktales reboot has cast David Tennant as the voice of Scrooge McDuck

“Ducktales, whoooooo, everyday they’re out thy’re making Ducktales, whooooo….”

I loved this cartoon when I was younger, but to hear they are doing a reboot kind of worried me since most reboots don’t quit make it….. But this one may have a chance since they are using a voice that a lot of nerd girls (and guys) are very fond of; I’m talking about David Tennant.

Now if you don’t know who David Tennant is then you should stop reading this right now, grab some food and a blanket with your most comfortable clothing on and look up Doctor Who on Youtube or just go buy it on DVD and be prepared to have your life changed. You may both thank me and curse me for this later but it was necessary……

Anywho….Tennant is chosen to play the role of the lovable Scrooge McDuck, which voice wise is a perfect fit, and since he does have a knack for lending his voice to audio children’s books, like how to train your pet dragon, I feel this is just wonderful to have him part of the cartoon I loved as a kid.

Enjoy the video below as he and others sing the Ducktales theme song. Its so much fun to watch and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. ^_^


Son of Zorn S1E8 ‘Return of the Drinking Buddy’

A flashback to Zorn’s past reveals his old drinking buddy. The office is celebrating and Zorn invites his violent old friend Headbutt-man. This character is definitely going to be a dangerous add to the episode.

Alan asks his crush to go to a party with him even though they are both unpopular. Zorn tells Edie and Craig that his terrible friend is going to stay with them. I have to wonder how this will affect Alan.

It turns out that Headbutt-Man has a daughter who is just as ugly as he is. Alan is forced to  bring Headbutt-Girl to the party even though he doesn’t want to. Headbutt-Man no longer parties and immediately fits in with Craig and Edie shocking Zorn. Of course Zorn is shocked, he just wants to party with his old friend.

Zorn brings his friend to the work party as Alan and Headbutt-Girl arrive at their party. Seeing everyone party Headbutt-Man orders a drink. For a man who claims to not drink he is way to quick to start drinking.

Headbutt-Man’s girlfriend and Edie know each other from Summer Camp. There is certainly tension in the room as we learn that they both dated the same guy. Humorously Craig calls the guy and they find out that he was an ass. Alan is afraid to swim with his friends because of his animated legs. This is a perfectly reasonable thing, but I think animated legs sound pretty cool.

If Headbutt-Man headbutts one more thing he could literally die. Zorn’s boss Linda suggests Headbutt-Man headbutt something. He wants to headbutt her truck. Clearly his brain doesn’t work.

Alan is kind to Headbutt-Girl but gets headbutted so Layla stays with him. Headbutt-Man’s girlfriend saves him and they are to head home the next morning. Zorn throws keys at him which hit him in the head and he falls back, hopefully he isn’t dead.

This show is great when it really fuses the two realities of these different worlds. I hope we see more of Zorn’s friends join him in the real world. This episode certainly added a nice layer of what Zorn was like when he was young which is good to strengthen his character.

Son of Zorn S1E9 ‘The War on Grafelnik’

Its Christmas time and Alan has to choose between Zorn and Edie for celebrating. Zorn tells them all about the story of Grafelnik which sounds just like Taken. It is rather humorous how they spin the story of Grafelnik but you can clearly see it is a Taken reference.

Craig runs away from a Santa wine cover. Don’t tell me he’s afraid of Santa? Meanwhile, Zorn sends Alan to a scary location for Grafelnik. Ah Zorn, as much as he cares for Alan he has no idea what danger is.

We find out that Craig is terrified of Santa after a terrible childhood moment. After hearing what scared him, I think anyone would be terrified of Santa.

Zorn and Alan have some fun Grafelnik time. Edie and Zorn both want to spend the holiday with Alan. Of course they do, they are both his parents and he is almost old enough to leave them. Craig goes to see Santa so he can get over his fear. He tries to sit on his lap but certainly can’t go through with it. Zorn buys Alan a hover side car when he asks. Edie is of course disgusted as anything Zorn gets is usually very dangerous.

Edie overhears Alan’s bragging about his plan and goes to see Zorn. Edie and Zorn go all Grafelnik on Alan to reach him a lesson. It is nice to see these two team up. Wouldn’t mind an episode flashback with Zorn and Edie in Zephyria.

Zorn goes to sack Santa’s village at the mall. Edie and Zorn fake fight and when Zorn lights the tree on fire Alan breaks. Edie and Zorn’s revenge worked but they terrified a good number of children. They even manage to send a Santa inflatable to the ground and it covers poor Craig. Craig thinks he is cured but soon runs off totally afraid.

Zorn brings out Zephyria killer bees as the final Grafelnik revenge. Definitely one of his most terrible ideas especially when as the episode ends you hear the characters scream.

I did enjoy this episode and think that it is always nice to think of crazy fake holidays. Sure this won’t be remembered like Festivus but I think it is interesting to bring revenge into the holiday season. Definitely works for an insane cartoon barbarian.

Family Guy S15 E8 ‘Carter and Tricia’

After a gag about Jake Gyllenhall and Jared Leto, Brian comes in with some news. Lois’ father has bought the brewery that Peter works at. Carter is super happy that he is Peter’s boss as he despises him. Peter definitely does not have luck on his side.

Brian’s license is confiscated after he passes a red light. Carter makes Peter’s life a living hell which is always humorous.

Carter is trying to make the beer in cheap toxic material. Peter brings the news to Tricia Takanawa who goes to see Carter. Carter instantly falls in love with Tricia and she is smitten as well.

Carter leaves Lois’ mother and has Tricia move in with him. Stewie takes it upon himself to be Brian’s Drivers Ed  teacher. Peter soon becomes a tiger son to Tricia Takanawa.He then assists Dr.Jones as Short Round. A great slightly racist joke that does actually work.

Brian is taken on a training ride by Stewie. Tricia reveals that her relationship was a ruse to find out what he did from his mouth.

Peter and Carter are both upset about what Tricia did. They see that her mother is vicious and still yells at her to this day because she isn’t good enough. Realizing that they can’t hurt someone who has always been down, Peter sacrifices himself. The effects of the drug are really quite nasty.

In the end everything works out and Stewie asks Brian for a favor which turns out to be going for ice-cream. I think it is nice that Stewie just wanted to go with Brian to get Icecream as he did ask him once in an old episode.

I thought that this was a decent episode of Family Guy. It is always interesting when characters that you’d never think of together come together even if it is fake in the end. Plus it took a more humorous spin on the whole Tiger mom idea which deserves a little levity.

We Bare Bears S2E22 ‘Christmas Parties’

Its Christmas time for the Bears and Panda is watching a yule log. Ice Bear brought in a huge tree because that is just how he rolls.

The Bears suddenly get invited to Four Christmas parties. They are clearly going to have fun at all of them but Nom Nom’s bash excites them the most. Ah, Nom Nom you terrible little Koala. Looks like they have to stuff all the parties into one night.

First they head to Ranger Tabes’ party.The Bears liven up the party just in time for the party alarm to go off. Once they leave the fun ends for Tabes.

Next is Charlie’s Party which is in a tree. Charlie certainly has his own idea of Christmas and it apparently has to be in a tree. They leave before he finds a star for his tree.

They then head to Chloe’s house and meet her extended family. They head out after knocking the food off the table. The bears offended Chloe but now they can go to the best party.

Nom Nom doesn’t want them at the party.Even though I have to think that he is really friends with the bears his terrible nature wins out. He kicks then out after giving them a puppy.

Realizing that they really screwed the pooch by not enjoying their real friend’s parties they vow to fix things. The three bears give the puppy to Tabes who is clearly overjoyed. Charlie finds the perfect topper to his tree and is stoked to have what he thinks is a perfect Christmas. As they hurt Chloe the most they make a huge feast for her and her family. It is clear that now they truly have had the most amazing Christmas.

Regular Show in Space S8 E24+25 ‘Christmas in Space’

Its time for the final Christmas Regular Show. The gang is happy enjoying Benson’s Peppermint Bark. The gang starts telling stories.

Skips tells a story about a planet called Celsius. The planet is only survivable for living things for 5 minutes. The gang has a fun time with the snowy natives as the time counts down. This is an interesting notion thinking about only being able to survive somewhere for such a short period.

Muscleman skis down a mountain hurting himself. The small natives become monsters as they run to the ship. They sacrifice their gifts to stave off the yetis. Since they learned the true meaning of Christmas, Ludlow the Laser Nose Reindeer saves them. Rigby is happy to have his present, but as it is a “hover board” it bursts into flames.

Benson doesn’t appreciate the horror vibe that is growing because he loves Christmas. Benson tells a story about Skips getting a T-shirt cannon. Suddenly a Rock-star caroler appears and summons the 12 days of Christmas. I love when shows are able to take Christmas songs and make them vicious.

The gang rushes to find cookies to send the caroler away. They gather all the cookies which is just a shame. I would certainly not be happy to give up all my cookies.Shooting cookies into his mouth he leaves as that is all he ever wanted.

Benson is upset with the group and goes to the kitchen. Benson can be such a baby, but I do get it, I hate when something is changed up on me.

The next story has Mordecai and Rigby buying a present for Pops. They go up in the elevator and pass through each dimension. The Fifth Dimension shows every thing that could happen.

I think it would definitely be hard to stop my mind from wandering if I were in that situation. With so many great stores, it would drive me crazy not to wonder. They soon get the typewriter and head out as the store and their clones begin to disappear. The look on Pops’ face is great as he is just so excited to get a gift, even if it is all damaged.

Benson tells a story about Krampus and scaring Rigby. Krampus actually exists and soon is after Benson for wasting his time. The gang activate their weapons to take out Krampus.  Now, Krampus is certainly a truly terrifying being and is interlocked with Christmas so I guess Benson is okay with using him in a story.

Benson of course puts hand-bells in his story. The gang use the hand bells to defeat the Krampus. Everyone tells Benson that hand-bells suck and he is upset. Suddenly Space Santa arrives and tells them all that Benson is the most Christmas of them all. Benson and Space Santa play hand-bells and it is a happy Christmas evening.

Deadpool battles Venom in another Marvel Funko animated short


Marvel and Funko have done it again, and like the Baby Groot and Rocket animation they did, this video is created with Funko Pop figures!

Below is the third and final adaptation of the Marvel/Funko mini videos and is called “Chimichangas” starring the merc with the mouth Deadpool as he battles the symbiote Venom. The screen opens with Venom being a nuisance on a bridge and that’s where he encounters Deadpool in his Chimichanga truck. Will Deadpool defeat Venom? Will the Chimichangas be saved? Will his butt still look amazing in that red suit? All these questions will be answered in the video below. Enjoy ^_^


Steven Universe S4 E9 ‘Three Gems and A Baby’

Steven is watching the snow when Greg and the Gems tell him a story about his past. They tell him of his first winter with the gems.

Greg sings another song as is customary when he tells Steven a story. I think it is always great when Steven Universe has a new song as they are always so good. This song is especially great because it is so real as it is about Greg being unsure of his fatherhood. He doesn’t know if he can do it, but knows it must be done.

The gems come to give Steven gifts which all turn out to not be such good fits. They steal Steven away because they think he is only a gem. Greg is upset at this obviously and gives chase.

Greg eventually does get Steven and tells the Gems that Rose really isn’t coming back. It makes sense that the gems wouldn’t be able to grasp what actually happened with Rose. She gave up her human form all of the sudden and left them alone on this weird planet.

With Greg’s help they calm down and vow to protect Steven. Greg tells them he will take care of Steven until he is old enough to not need him all the time.

Really such a nice episode and one that I think was sorely needed. It is good to see the back story of Steven as I always wondered what happened before Steven moved in with the gems. Can’t wait until the next episode of the show and hope something big happens!


The Amazing World of Gumball S5 E10 ‘The Slide;

Rocky the school janitor is sad and asks Gumball and Darwin for help. He’s seen who he thinks is the love of his life. She does look like a female version of him so I guess it works.

He signs up for a dating app after a pop up on the computer suggests it. Gumball and Darwin help him out with funny consequences. Online dating is certainly just as terrible as this show says. Though I am glad we aren’t actually swiped up when people reject us.

He finds his dream girl and ends up sliding up. They then comb the town looking for the love of his life. They do horrendous things to do many people in the name of love so I guess it’s okay?

They find her and learn that Rocky of course was looking at her creepily. This makes sense as Rocky isn’t the brightest person. She swipes up and sends him away. In the end Darwin gives him a flower in game and he is okay with that for now. I do hope Rocky finds someone some day as everyone deserves a little love.

I liked this episode because it shows the insanity of online dating. This is something that is now part of life and people should laugh at it. Just a good episode in general.