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The team at Skatronixxx are proud to announce that for 2017 we have had a re-brand and we are now POP CULTURE PIPE BOMB.


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Let’s Find Out A Little About Thier History

Michael Malia Pride Inc. or MM Pride Inc. was named after the two partners that started the business with their first design under the DBA Loyal BloodlineLBL is a growing business based out of Mililani, Hawaii. Owned by two home grown islanders, the combination of these two powerhouses bring to the table their expertise, ambition, and dedication to fulfill the void in the hearts of many with their exclusive wearable artwork.

Many “urban style” wear have a negative connotation and associate themselves with undesirable acts or behavior.  Michael and Malia decided to up the game with Loyal Bloodline by combining their original artwork with an urban style attire to reach that select group of individuals that bask in their uniqueness! Every design is created with heartfelt loyalty, faith, and honor to instill and strengthen one’s own character by wearing these outstanding pieces.

Mike Mara Jr. is a local Hawaii boy with street smarts and a history of challenges throughout his lifetime.  His success in overcoming these battles has made him the man he is today.  With a growing popular clothing line, he is able to find comfort in sharing this spiritual bond with others that are inspired by every wearable Art Piece.  Mike is a down to earth, upfront, and genuine individual who enjoys handling the day to day local customer relations.

Malia Mercedes is an island girl who left the islands and made her mark in Las Vegas, Nevada.  With a successful small “Flower and Lei” business in the middle of the desert, she catered to many Hotels, Casinos, Chapels, and retail outlets in and around the surrounding areas.  In addition, she found her voice in the radio industry. She is full of life, compassionate, and can always be seen wearing a smile on her face.  Recently, she has found a home by partnering with skatronixxx.com as one of their bloggers.

As Loyal Bloodline continues to build momentum reaching the hearts of many around the world, it is not surprising that you will soon be able to enjoy catching them on their own “Loyal Bloodline Radio Show” every Friday, Saturdays and Sundays from 10pm-12am UK Time or 11am-1pm PST. You can learn more by visiting www.loyalbloodline.clothing

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The Skatronixxx Shop Is Now Live!


Here at Skatronixxx.com we are proud to announce that our shop is now live! Yes that’s right you can now get the very coolest gear ranging from t-shirts to hoodies to mugs and more designed by myself and support our site too. As all profits are 100% re-invested back into the site this is a real good chance for you to help us shape the future of the site and look pretty damn cool in the process 🙂

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suicide squad 2.jpg

Skatronixxx.com is partnering with the awesome team at Bluebeards Revenge to offer you and your friends the chance to win an exclusive screening to the Suicide Squad movie! Interested? You know you are!!  Read on to find out more!

Suicide Squad centres around a group of uniquely skilled super villains made up of legendary characters from the Batman universe such as The Joker and Harley Quinn. The team already under incarceration in a high security prison, who are recruited into a top secret task force by a shady government agent named Amanda Waller. Nicknaming themselves the Suicide Squad when they realize their criminal pasts make them expendable, they are assigned to execute dangerous missions in exchange for certain perks only the government can offer.

The Bluebeards Revenge is a premium men’s shaving and grooming brand boasting a range of quality products for the face, body, hair and beard. More information can be found at www.bluebeards-revenge.co.uk ‘

Bluebeards Revenge makes them the ideal partner, after all who said that you can’t look good whilst saving the world? 😉



It’s as easy as sliding down the batpole! All you need to do is click here and fill in your details. With the the main prize being you and up to fifty (yes fifty) of your friends getting an exclusive screening at a cinema.

Even if you don’t win you won’t lose out! There are runners up prizes of 15 sets of exclusive film merchandise, each including: black Suicide Squad hat with embroidery, Suicide Squad playing cards with glow in the dark logo, Suicide Squad temporary tattoos.

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 Still not convinced? Check out the trailer for Suicide Squad that hits UK cinemas on Friday the 5th of August 2016 .


  •  Closing date for entries for the private screening is August 15th, 2016
  •  Closing date for entries for the film merchandise is September 19th, 2016
  • Check out the competition’s Terms & Conditions here.




We are looking to take the big boys on we are looking for people to contribute so we can not only take them on but over take them. It doesn’t matter if you’re an old hat or a newbie, we accept all peeps! As such we are on the lookout for the following positions:-

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The answer is easy, the more hits the article gets, the more you get paid! However you need to have your article receive over the 500 hit threshold before we can pay you anything? Think that is a tall ask? Well not really!

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However the articles have to be of a high standard and over a word count of 500 words to qualify, which means no short articles or ones of poor quality. If I have to spend more than 30 minutes editing them e.g. (wrong category, no featured image, labelled incorrectly, typos…) it will be removed for the list of eligible articles. This is all about promoting yourself, working on your own skills and making a name for yourself. I’ll just be paying you for your hard work.


Well yes and now, if I’m honest with you most other sites pay the same or very less! Plus you do not get the added security and family atmosphere we have here at Team Skatronixxx so what are you waiting for?


We pay our writers via paypal on the first week of each calendar month.


If you’re interested let me know on twitter by sending me a direct message to my account @skatronixxx or email me on officialskatronixxx@gmail.com


The 88th Academy Awards: Winners, Preachers & Controversy


With an award season marred in controversy coming to a close, the headline coming out of the glitz-and-glamour parade (along with #OscarsSoWhite) will be Leonardo DiCaprio finally picking up the Oscar for Leading Man after so many years and countless Best Actor nominations.

Its perhaps no surprise that the Hollywood actor would grab the Golden-Baldy for his punishing turn in The Revenant. But perhaps more surprising was that he took the opportunity to highlight the growing crisis of climate change, expressing in his acceptance speech that “Climate change is real, It is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat affecting our species. We need to work together and stop procrastinating.

Winning alongside DiCaprio was his Director Alejandro González Iñárritu picking up the award in his category but losing out for Best Picture to Tom McCarthy’s real-life drama Spotlight.

The film, depicting the  lengths that journalist at the Boston Globe took to expose the crimes committed by a ring of pedophile priest. Scooped the prized award with Producer Michael Sugar hoping that the films message of zero-torlenrance of institutional silence in the face of child abuse would “resonate all the way to the Vatican.” Sugar also called out Pope Francis in his acceptance speech, urging the head of the Catholic Church “to protect the children and restore the faith.

It wasn’t only the winners of the night that used the Academy Awards as a platform to air their views with Host Chris Rock responding to the headlining issue that was trending on Twitter throughout the ceremony, #OscarsSoWhite.

The actor and Comedian opened the show with a candid speech that perhaps was the genesis for a night of pious vocalisation, with Rock exclaiming that Hollywood is “sorority racist” before mocking tinsel towns most prolific boycotter, Jada Pinkett Smith:

Jada got mad, she said she’s not coming. Doesn’t she have a TV show? Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna’s panties – I wasn’t invited!

The host also let fly at Pinkett Smith via her husband, Will Smith, noting “You get mad that Will was this good and didn’t get nominated. It’s also not fair that Will was paid $20m to do Wild Wild West.

Although flippant, Rock also pointed out that black actors “just want opportunity“, responding to views that white actors get leading roles in spite of talent or credentials. The comedian even joked that “If they nominated hosts I wouldn’t even get this job so you’d be watching Neil Patrick Harris right now.

Despite DiCaprio and Iñárritu picking up awards in their respective fields for The Revenant, it was surprise blockbuster Mad Max (2015) that swept the Hollywood-landscape, taking home a total of 6 Academy Awards including Best Costume Design for Jenny Beavan.

Actress Alicia Vikander also shocked audiences by beating out BAFTA and Golden Globe winner Kate Winslet to take home Best Supporting Actress for The Danish Girl. With frontrunner Brie Larson being awarded Best Actress in a Leading Role for her critically lauded portrayal of a kidnapped mother in Lenny Ambrahamson’s The Room.

With the Academy already declaring a major reshuffling in how film and performers are nominated, starting with broadening the diversity of the members who vote. It will be interesting to see if a major ceremony such as The Oscars will be able to reflect a wide demographic of audience members that go the cinema every week.

Of course, time will tell.

Maybe even Star Wars will get a look in next year … Just Saying

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Bisping Vs Silva UFC London Fight Review


So the main event of the evening was Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping VS Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva scheduled for five 5 minute rounds.

Round 1

Bisping came out looking like the hungrier fighter with an attempted head kick followed by a leg kick. Both missed but he quickly followed up with two punches that landed and another leg and head kick, which again, did not hit the target. A flurry of punches were then thrown by both fighters. Silva caught Bisping with a shot that wobbled him but he quickly replied with a shot of his own which rocked Silva. The bell sounds and Silva tries to embrace Bisping for a good first round however Bisping did not like this and pushed Silva away from him.

Round 2

The second round begins and Bisping starts the round off by pushing Silva back to the cage. Silva is just stood against the cage trying to lure Bisping in to doing something stupid so he can take advantage of a rash move. Eventually, Silva lands a right hook on Bisping and he replies with a left and then right kick on Silva. Silva goes to swing a punch but Bisping gets there first and connects with a right left combination which drops Silva to the mat. Bisping takes full advantage of this and unleashes some ground and pound on Silva who is then saved by the bell.


Round 3

Silva comes out for round three and takes more control of the octagon this time. Bisping throws a few punches all of which are slipped by Silva, who in turn, lands a leg kick on Bisping. Bisping attempts a front kick that is caught by Silva who follows up with a head kick which connects. Bisping replies with a good jab and after a brief exchange loses his mouthpiece. Referee Herb Dean picks this up from the floor and lets the fight continue as the round is almost over. Bisping is distracted by this and asks Herb Dean for his mouth piece back and Silva takes full advantage landing a flying knee perfectly. This floors Bisping and cuts him open just as the buzzer goes to end the round. Silva, somewhat prematurely, runs off celebrating like he has won the fight ending up on top of the cage, but Herb Dean soon reminds him that the fight is not over and the corners franticly get there fighters ready for round 4.

Round 4

Bisping still looks dazed at the start of the round but manages to charge forward during an exchange of punches. He is caught with a low blow so the fight is stopped to allow him time to recover. Once resumed, Bisping forces Silva back up against the cage and throws an array of punches. Silva stands there trying to taunt Bisping and only seems interested in looking for the big finish. Both fighters throw punches and Silva is accidently caught in the eye with an outstretched finger for which Herb Dean calls a time out to allow Silva time to recover and for the doctor to check him over. The fight resumes and Bisping predictably pushes Silva back up to the cage again and lands a left and right jab. Silva replies with a right hook, left straight and uppercut combination.

Round 5

The final round gets under way and Silva attempts a high kick, which is partially blocked by Bisping, and quickly follows up with another head kick that definitely has Bisping rocked, but Silva can’t apply the finish. Herb Dean calls time to have Bisping’s cut assessed by the doctor. Bisping signals that he wants to continue and the fight gets back under way. Silva throws a viscous front kick that wobbles Bisping and is followed by two knees but this still doesn’t finish the fight. Bisping attempts a take down but is denied by Silva who catches him with a knee. After a few more exchanges and the fight comes to an end and we go to the judges score cards.


Bisping wins the fight by unanimous decision 48-47 by all three judges.


The NXT Review – Feb 24th

NXT Logo

Whats up Wrestling Peeps!, how you doin’, and how about that Fastlane huh? Yeah well, least said about that the better. But something I do want to talk about is NXT and of course Mr William Regals decision to place Sami Zayn and Samoa Joe in a 2-out-of-3-fall Match next week to definitively find the #1 contender.

Okay two things. I’m down with this, I love this style of match because almost-always it comes down to the wire or one man decides to take a chair to the skull (or back, PG Era and all) as Alberto Del Rio did this Sunday past. Oops … I mention Fastlane, my bad. No actually, your bad WWE. What a me’h PPV.

But secondly, can you imagine how pissed Joe must be by now. Like Kevin Owens, this man is a Prize Fighter whose time in TNA can be best described as wasted (sorry Joe), underused (again, sorry Joe) and worst yet, overlooked (eek!). So this is his chance to show NXT (and the larger WWE audience) that he is finally in a company that perhaps will utilise his talents.

Talking of talent, we got a balls-out-amaze-balls match with American Alpha showing that the young-studs can not only put on a show but have fun doing it. Have to say, I’m so bias when it comes to these two teams. The Alphas have quickly become my favourite Tag Team on the yellow brand but my black-heart has a soft spot for Blake & Murphy. And Heels in general to be honest, I mean Damn!, they just have more fun no? Well perhaps not as much as Chad Gable who was trolling Blake & Murphy every chance he got, much to the dismay of Alexa Bliss.

Oh Alexa Bliss *Heart Sign* Why are you not on my Tv more often?

Sorry, got distracted there. So American Alpha won, of course, which puts them on track to face Dash & Dawson but given that we were shown footage of the NXT Tag Team Champs beating on Enzo & Cass outside the performance centre. The young-guns will have to bide there time for now as Team SAWFT will get a crack at the titles first.

Talking of Tag, our main event was the ladies, picking up where they left off when Eva Marie and Nia Jax decided to be totes-emosh-killers and layeth the Heel-slam on Bayley and Carmella after their NXT Women’s Title Match.

Early on the besties got the upper hand but Eva and Nia soon stuck two fingers up to the audience to steal a win … and I couldn’t be happier. Okay … don’t be haters but theses are the sort of wins that Eva needs to be picking up because despite what the crowd say. All-Red-Everything has improved in the ring.

That being said. I go back to what I mentioned two weeks previous, Eva Marie isn’t ready for Bayley. No way, now how. But put her in feud with someone on her level like Carmella and both women will be able to shine. We all know that Nia is there as a crux for Miss Total Divas but I don’t think she needs it. Given the chance, she may surprise us all.

Lastly but not leastly (is that a word?), we see Regal informing NXT Champion Finn Balor that he will face Adrian Neville next week. Sorry what was that? Its just Neville now! Oh okay … can’t it be like a Superman thing. When he is on the Main roster pretending to be superhero he is ‘Neville’ yet on NXT he is allowed to be a legit badass. WWE saids no?

F@*K it! Adrian Neville makes his return to NXT next week.

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Due to the recent expansion of the site I have brought in someone as head Television Reviewer but as we are looking to take the big boys on we are looking for people to contribute so we can not only take them on but over take them, as such I am looking for people who have a keen interest in the following shows and are able to write WEEKLY reviews to DM me on twitter and let me know!:-


  • Banshee
  • Dr Who
  • Lucha Underground
  • Lucifer
  • Orphan Black
  • Supernatural
  • Teen Wolf

We are also on the lookout for the following positions:-

  • WRESTLING WRITER – To cover shows such as WWE Raw, Smackdown, ROH, TNA, Lucha Underground …


Here at http://www.skatronixxx.com we are always on the look out for talented people with a passion for writing to join us here on the site. it doesn’t matter if you’re an old hat or a newbie, we accept all peeps! That’s why I’m please to announce that the site is looking for the following positions:-

Games Reviewer – I’m glad to announce that the position of Games Reviewer has been filled by Matt!

Movie Reviewer – I’m glad to announce that the position of Movie Reviewer has been filled by Rich!

If you’re interested let me know on twitter by sending me a direct message to my account @skatronixxx

The Little Librarian Has An Exciting Announcement!!