Pop Culture Pipe Bomb Is NOW LIVE!!!

The team at Skatronixxx are proud to announce that for 2017 we have had a re-brand and we are now POP CULTURE PIPE BOMB.


Head over to www.popculturepipebomb.com now for our new updated site.

‘Are You Ready For Your Daily Pop Culture Explosion’ ???

Crochet the cutest AT-AT


Oh I love to crochet, some one my fav things I have made was my Sonic Screwdriver (shocker), a R2D2 hat and the Spiderman doll that’s missing its arms. (don’t ask, long story). I feel that I may need to purchase this pattern found recently on ETSY for the worlds cutest AT-AT.

The seller of this amazing pattern is Krawka, and going for just $4.88. Its pretty good-sized, standing at 10.2 inches tall and just cute as buttons. I will be purchasing this pattern and making my own to enjoy, and trust me, there will be pictures when I am done. ^_^


Doctor Who Season 10 Trailer


After the whirlwind of excitement from the holidays and the Doctor Who Christmas special we were blessed to get the newest trailer for Doctor Who season 10. Oh and what a fantastic ride this season is going to be…


The trailer opens with Bill (the newest companion) talking about what she will be experiencing with the guitar playing Timelord, and it appears she may be to much for this Doctor to handle. Full of questions and sass, this companion is just what he needs for this journey. Calling him Doctor What instead of Doctor Who, She will be running with him through all space and time and encounter some new enemies along with old foes.



This trailer gets you all pumped up, ready for the next season and to meet our new companion Bill. (To bad we have to wait until spring to see it…) Oh well, enjoy this trailer below, and until then, just go watch all the past seasons and Doctors until our new ones comes, that what I do. ^_^


Doctor Who Puppet – 12 days of Christmas

“On the Earth days of Christmas, my Timelord gave to me…”


Oh this hit the spot. With the Doctor Who Christmas special just days away, I have been extremely anxious for Christmas night so I can see that guitar playing, angry eyebrow rocking Timelord.


The 12 Doctors of Christmas song is very fun; show casing all 12 Doctors regenerations and their special “quarks” they brought with their characters. The song is sort of in tune with the 12 Days of Christmas, with a bit of tweaking to make it more rock, which I love, (Carol of the Bells by Metallica is my fav Xmas song. If you have not heard this, go listen now and thank me later.)


Please enjoy this wonderful video and watch it as many times as needed until Christmas and the next Doctor Who episode is on, I know I will have this baby on repeat. ^_^


Funko Pop releases Star Wars trailer


Funko is at it again, taking their adorable Pop figures and turning them into a fun short animation. This time they delve into the world of Star Wars!


The animation is of Han Solo on the back of a Tauntaun riding in the snow like in the Empire Strikes Back movie. Funko is promoting their newest figures to join the POP family in this sweet little short video.


Please enjoy this video as much as I have, I just love how Funko plays with their toys. It makes me want to take my Baby Groot and Doctor Who characters and turn them into animated videos….. But I won’t, because that may be weird for a woman of my age to be playing with the toys I collect… I’ll leave them in their boxes, and just stare at them…. I love my toys….. Ok enjoy the show!! ^_^


Nerdy Crafty Time with Brenda


Hey there! With the Holidays just days away, I figured I should get in one more craft time holiday style, and since Christmas is so close, this one just seemed fitting because it’s for the last minute shoppers and crafters like myself… (Which reminds me, I still have to get something for my dad…)



Below is a wonderful video done by Milica Begecki, who shows us how to do some last minute fandom gifts. These gifts look like fun to create and don’t seem to hard either. She makes a stranger things clock, Doctor Who bookshelf ends, Pencils with catch phrases on them from different TV shows, and Sherlock and Supernatural Candles, plus how to make your own phone case, and a couple more fun ideas…. This is brilliant and I know I would love these from anyone who made them for me.


Please enjoy the video below and if you make any of these, please send me a picture. I would love to see how or what you did. ^_^


First Emoji movie teaser trailer.


Of course they are making an emoji movie… Hilarious!!!

The trailer opens with the “Meh” emoji talking about the movie, its absolutely silly. The movie is directed by Tony Leondis, who started his career as a story artist in famous films like Prince of Egypt and the Lion King.

The movie takes us into the world of the Emojis in our phone, we get to see what its like to be part of their world, and for them to be part of ours. (I can’t wait to see how the Poo emoji lives!) The movie is set to come to the big screen in the summer of 2017, and will be starring T. J. Miller; an outsider emoji, Llana Glazer; Jailbreak and James Corden; Hand emoji.

Enjoy this preview below and let me know what you think! ^_^


Deadpool battles Venom in another Marvel Funko animated short


Marvel and Funko have done it again, and like the Baby Groot and Rocket animation they did, this video is created with Funko Pop figures!

Below is the third and final adaptation of the Marvel/Funko mini videos and is called “Chimichangas” starring the merc with the mouth Deadpool as he battles the symbiote Venom. The screen opens with Venom being a nuisance on a bridge and that’s where he encounters Deadpool in his Chimichanga truck. Will Deadpool defeat Venom? Will the Chimichangas be saved? Will his butt still look amazing in that red suit? All these questions will be answered in the video below. Enjoy ^_^


Nerdy Craft Time with Brenda


Hey all welcome back! Today I am going to show a video on some Harry Potter DIY Holiday Decor!! (YAY)


This video below has some super easy projects that don’t take a lot of imagination (thankfully) or money to make. The young lady who shows us these awesome fun projects calls her channel BrynnsAdventures and apparently has an obsession with the Harry Potter, (don’t we all.)


The things you will need for these projects are:


Ferrero Rochets chocolates (YUM)


Hot glue gun (or any strong glue)


Plain gold ball ornaments


Feathers (thin ones)

Brown card stock paper


Mod Podge

Whole punch

Printer and computer

Clear plastic ornaments


Ok you guys, have fun. If you make any of these please send me a pic so I can see all you awesome work!! ^_^  beautyplus_20160925102305_fast



Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot are featured in a short animated film.


Looks like two of the heroes from GOTG get to venture off on their own little mission in this mini animated short, Staring Baby Groot and Rocket Raccoon, as vinyl Pop figures!



Marvel and Funko, who decided it would be fun to make mini films with Pop figurines, did this wonderful little short. They already released one mini film done earlier this year starring Spider Man and are in talks about their next project for a Deadpool one as well.


In this film, Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot have to escape the evil clutches of the Collector, (bum bum bum). This is so adorable guys; I mean it just makes you smile. Please enjoy this very short, animated film and let me know what you think. I am currently looking at my baby Groot Christmas Pop! I sure hope he is happy here….. ^_^