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WWE Roadblock: End of the Line Review


Well, it’s alright, riding around in the breeze… Yeah, I have a feeling Traveling Whilbury’s references won’t go over well with the WWE Universe.

New Day vs. Cesaro/Sheamus – Tag Team Championship

The New Day commemorated their record breaking championship reign with a hilarious promo about confusing Roadblock with… something else. The match was exciting – the New Day pulled their usual trickery but with no luck. There exciting spots such as Cesaro AND Kofi reversing Monkey Flips by landing on their feet. There was one nerve-wracking spot where Big E went for the Big Spear – after Big E landed on his head this summer, I got nervous. Luckily, it didn’t look like he got hurt. New Day showed some clever teamwork when Woods took a Brogue Kick for Kingston. The ending was truly creative. Playing off the odd couple storyline, Cesaro reached for the tag and seemingly faked out Sheamus. Cesaro took a Trouble in Paradise, but the ref couldn’t make the pin. Since Sheamus was still the legal man, he pulled a Brogue Kick and won the tag titles. A combination of playing these characters’ colorful personality, good storytelling and innovative ringwork made this a great spectacle.

Overall rating: 4.25 (Out of 5) stars

Braun Stroman vs. Sami Zayn

The stipulation for this match was that Sami Zay didn’t have to pin Stroman, he only needed to last 10 minutes. This has been a good story so far, with plucky underdog Zayn not only wanting to beat the monstrous Stroman, but now Foley has threatened him with a trade to Smackdown to light his fire. The 10 minute stipulation was added when Stroman boasted that nobody could last two mintues with him.

This match started off okay with Zayn in control, but once it devolved into Stroman beating Zayn up, the match started losing steam. This made sense with Stroman needing to look like a monster, but it felt like Stroman would hit Zayn… then hit him again… and hit him again… However, there was a unique level of suspense with the clock constantly clicking against Zayn. Foley came out and tried to throw in the towel for Zayn but Zayn refused. The action picked up, especially with Stroman crashing through the barricade. Zayn finally gained the upper hand with a Heluva Kick and… the match ended as the clock ran out. Look, I get the story, but the lack of a pinfall/submission really took away the satisfaction of Zayn’s win. There’s a right way to do this sort of this, but this felt off.

Overall rating: 2 stars

Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins

This was one of the matches I was really looking forward to. Rollins and Jericho are two of the best in the business (and coincidentally two guys I’ve met). The crowd was a little lukewarm, despite both men clearly being over (there were dueling Jericho and Rollins chants). The match was evenly contended with cool spots such Rollins and Jericho attempting springboard moves at the same time but Jericho landing the dropkick. Other cool spots included Jericho countering the Pedigree into a Walls of Jericho. Another highlight was Rollins attempting the Pedigree with a series of reversals from Jericho and Rollins, that ended in Jericho performing a hurricanrana. Kevin Owens interfered on Jericho’s behalf, but this backfired when the distraction caused Rollins to sneak in a win.

Overall rating: 4 stars

TJ Perkins vs. Rich Swann vs. Brian Kendrick – Cruiserweight Championship

This match was passable but felt pointless. There were some cool spots such as Swann performing a double hurricanrana on Kendrick AND Perkins. The match was alright but lacked drama. Swann won and retained the championship.

The real news was the return of Neville. Neville laid waste to all three men, thus turning heel. It is odd that the fans cheered the new heel laying waste to three fan favorites. Maybe they’re as happy to see him (in a good spot no less) as I am. If Neveille’s heel turn seems odd, remember he was good at playing smug as NXT champion.

Overall rating: 2.75 stars

Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte – Iron (Wo)Man Match for the Women’s Championship

This feud has been maligned for the two women seemingly playing hot potato with the championship. Although I feel the title has changed one/two times too many, the feud has been intense, both women have looked like a million bucks and the championship is looking important. As for the match itself, it was another classic from these two. The two held off any pinfall just long enough to build suspense. The match also worked as a whole – The early parts where the two were pacing themselves were alright and it made things pay off when Charlotte played frustrated that she couldn’t keep Sasha down. These two proved their worth by filling the full 30 minutes with exciting action. (Points for a great Sasha Banks match that didn’t seem like she was gonna kill herself – she appears to doing those outside dives much safer now.)

The tie was a mixed bag – on one hand, how it was performed felt a tad forced. On the other hand it added a ton of drama to this match. The two seemed so desperate for this title that they were just willing themselves to continue. This has been billed as the end of Charlotte and Sasha Banks’s final match, and what a note to go out on.

Overall rating: 4.25 stars

Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns – Universal Championship

This was another match I was looking forward to – Reigns and Owens are two of the best brawlers in the company. I was waiting forever for them to feud because I figured their styles would click like peanut butter and jelly. I was… half-right. For the most part, this was a wild brawl. Impressive spots included Owens performing a standing front-flip leg drop, and Owens splashing Reigns through a table. Owens’s mid-match trashtalking was always fun – highlights included Owens asking Reigns “If you’re so tough, why didn’t you put your title on the line?” and mocking Reigns’s trademark taunt. The two kept the flow of the match going, and the crowd was invested.

However, the ending kind of killed it. After the night teased that Jericho and Owens were splitting, Jericho came out and attacked Kevin Owens… only so he’d get disqualified and retain his title. The ending felt like a huge cop out. To be fair, the action after this was exciting with Rollins coming to the rescue. First they double powerbomed Jericho through the German announce table. Then they went up the ramp and bombed Owens through the English announce table. The two demonstrated good team chemistry (which makes sense since they were a stable mates from 2012-14) with just a fist bump saying more than their words could.

Overall, this match had a lot of solid action but had a “This could have happened on Raw” vibe.

Overall rating: 3.75 stars

Roadblock: End of the Line fell into the good but not great category. Comparisons between this and TLC feel inevitable. While Roadblock technically had more good matches, it also had more bad stuff. Also, TLC all around felt more satisfying all around.

Autopsy reveals WWE Chyna’s cause of death


The wrestling world was quieted for a moment the day that legend Chyna had passed. This was such a shocker since the woman was in fantastic physical fitness and still very young.


Though it was suspected that this was not done from natural causes, the autopsy now has confirmed these allegations. Finding both drugs and alcohol in her system, and stating it was the combination of these two as the cause of death.


This may not come as much of a surprise to a lot of wrestling fans however. There have been news reports of Chyna having drug and alcohol problems after leaving the WWE and hooking up with one of her co-star wrestlers.


Most of us however choose not to remember her as such, but the WWE Women’s Champion. She was bold, fearless and could kick some major arse both guys and girls alike. No one would dare mess with her in or out of the ring. ^_^


Below I linked one of my favorite Chyna video below, the one when she arm-wrestles Vince McMahon! Please enjoy and remember her at her greatest and not her worst.


WWE: Edge was to put Christian over in final storyline?

  • What’s good to all my wrestling geeks out there. Im here with another Pro Wrestling Beat, cause the Beat goes and on dig it.


This Pro Wrestling beat gives us an insight on WWE Hall of Famer Edge, and his final storyline. As we all grew to love Edge (Adam Copeland) from his Brood days to infamous TLC matches there was one man always by his side, his on air brother and real life BFF Christian (William Reso).

In the height of Edge’s career, fate dealt a harsh blow. In 2011 Copland was forced to retire due to an neck injury. Following Wrestlemania 27, Edge with one year left on his contract and wanted to fulfill that obligation, unfortunately doctors said otherwise. This left speculation on what if Edge was able to compete after Mania.

Copland shed some light on the situation. Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Adam stated what the WWE originally had in stored for him.

“We did have a tentative plan to go forward once Alberto Del Rio and I were through our program. Christian would have cost me the title to Del Rio, and then we would have moved on and done our thing” Copeland added “I thought he would retire me at WrestleMania That’s how I wanted to go out. I wanted to do the favor, drop the title, and then have Christian be the cause – then spend the final few months of my career wrestling my lifelong best friend, and really have him go off in a great heel direction once I retired ”

So idea was for Edge to drop the title to Del Rio with aid of Christian, leading to a final fued between the two. If fans remember the on screen falling out they had due to Edge’s success. Edge wanted to go out putting his best friend over, cause we remember for a time Christian was bumped to the mid-card level while Edge was went on to win the WWE World Title 11 times.

Copeland wanted to to put Christian over as a major heel in their final matches possibly doing the favor (letting Christian win) to possibly thrust him into main event status and Edge could retire.


The idea was clearly scrapped as Edge retained the title over Del Rio at Wrestlemania 27. The following Monday on Raw, Edge announced his retirement. During the emotional speech Egde gave us the harsh reality of life as WWE wrestler even breaking kayfabe stating Christian was his best friend instead of brother (Which we already knew but still.) There’s was noting WWE could do nor Edge, explaining that doctors diagnosed him with Cervical Spinal Stenosis. If taken any more bumps the injury could be paralyzing, even fatal doctors stated. Edge finally dropped the title on the following episode of Smackdown.


For more Pro Wrestling news being WWE, TNA, Lucha Underground get on the Pro Wrestling Beat here at Pop Culture Pipe Bomb cause the Beat goes on and on Dig!!!

WWE To Crown first ever UK Champ in a 16 man tourney.

Oh yeah and the beat goes on even though I’ve been gone my wrestling geeks the beat goes on baby. If you haven’t heard then you been under a rock in the deepest and darkest parts of the world.


Triple H continues to take WWE into the future. First with NXT , then crowning a new Cruiserweight champion since 2007 in T.Perkins this pass summer in the Cruiserweight Tournament. That success lead to 205 Live. Now,  Mr . Levesque he’s earned that respect has done it again with the UK Championship Tournament.

Starting in January of 2017, the WWE has found 16 of the UK’s finest wrestlers to     compete      for      the      inaugural United Kingdom Championship. Having this   tournament   will   give   the   title legitimacy compared to the European Championship made for the British Bulldog in 1997.

Triple H made the announcement earlier this  Thursday   in   the   O2    arena   in London.   On   stage   with   UK’s   best Triple H revealed the new title (which looks too sweet). Also introducing the combating members.


Finn Bàlor was in attendance stating that this will “supercharge the United Kingdom and Irish wrestling scene” adding, “it will bridge the gap between independent wrestling and the WWE something that has never been done before”. Bàlor’s role is much deeper than aiding Triple H in this history making press conference, Bàlor will be doing commentary along with NXT GM, Legendary William Regal, and UK’s own and ROH veteran Nigel McGuinness.

At the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool during the weekend of 14 and 15 January 2017, a new champion will be crwoned. Here are the 16 challengers with two alternates competenting for the gold: Seven, Wolfgang, Tyson T-Bone, Tyler Bate, Jordan Devlin, Roy Johnson, Joseph Conners, Jack Starz, Pete Dunne, Tiger Ali, Tucker, Sam Gradwell, James Drake, HC Dyer, Saxon Huxley, Dan Moloney, Chris Tyler, and Ringo Ryan.

That’s the news my dudes l, I want to try something different if you guys let dig. I want to to know what you guys think of Triple H running WWE. I want your honest opinions on the matter. Can he take the WWE into the future or is it doomed to fail. I’m Danny Finnz with the Pro Wrestling Beat… Dig It!!!

The King Has Left The Building! Has Jerry Lawler Parted Ways With The WWE?


The King has left the building, controversial figure and WWE Hall Of Famer Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler  has reportedly parted ways with the WWE. But why has he left his home for the past 20 years (on and off) ? Rumor has it, it is due to a pay dispute with the higher ups in the company.

WWE higher up Kevin Dunn made the decision to pull Jerry from WWE’s pre-shows. It is a well known fact that Jerry was on a very hefty deal and despite WWE making more money this year than last year, the decision has been made to invest in youth and trim the deadwood to make room for the likes of Corey Graves and Mauro Ranallo.

Although I will be sad to see Jerry leave if it is indeed true, I for one am excited at the prospect of seeing Corey and Mauro get even more air time. But could the WWE have not offered Jerry a cheaper deal, I mean yes he has been around forever but he has more talent at commentary in his little finger than the whole of David Otunga (Sorry David).

Failing that there is always TNA, with TNA’s spiritual home of Memphis being the same as Jerry could we see a partnership in the future? Well I for one would be excited to see him alongside ‘The Pope’ and Josh Matthews.

WWE TLC 2016


After the Raw brand inherited Hell in a Cell, it seems only fair that Smackdown Live inherited TLC. Smackdwon’s roster has felt thin compared to Raw – especially with Cena’s absence (Like him or not, it’s hard to argue that he adds a ton of marquee value to the brand). Smackdown easily has the superior weekly show, but expectations are different from weekly shows and PPVs.

The pre-show featured a 10 man tag match which seemed to be an excuse to get some people on the undercard on the “show.” Despite some cool spots from American Alpha, there was little to talk about. On to the main show:

Bray Wyatt/Randy Orton vs. Heath Slater/Rhyno

I like Heath Slater and I loved his Cinderella story, but I feel that James Ellsworth stole his thunder as Smackdown’s resident lovable loser (though after tonight’s show, he may reclaim his “throne”). This match was alright – there were some cool spots such as Luke Harper taking a Gore for Orton. The only problem was that this match was too short. The Wyatts have the tag titles and we saw the end of Slater’s rags to riches story so it was fair to expect more than 6 minutes. Still, it is nice to see Bray Wyatt FINALLY hold some gold (or rather silver) after being with the company for three years.

Rating: 2.75 Stars (Out of 5)

Nikki Bella vs. Carmella – No DQ match

This match had a weird stipulation where there were no disqualifications… but the two women could still get counted out. The match was still decent, but not great. Points have to be deducted for an awkward opening segment. Much of the match was built around Carmella working Nikki’s injured leg – with the no DQ stipulation, that provided some brutal spots. However there was some wild action with Nikki spraying Carmella with a fire extinguisher and an impressive diving kick from Nikki. Not a stone classic, but for what it was, this was entertaining.

Rating: 2.75 stars

After the match, Carmella revealed Natalya was the one who attacked her at Survivor Series. Although I found the plot twist predictable as a sunset, it’s a passable storyline. But I bring this up because there was a bizarre juxtaposition: After said revelation, there was a video package showing Natalya helping a man with an engagement. So they follow revealing Natalya as viscous assailant with a video package of showing that she’s a sweetheart? I get that these are characters and fans are smart enough to realize this, but could you imagine watching Die Hard and seeing a video package of Alan Rickman’s charity work after he killed someone? I also get Kay Jewelers was the sponsor, but maybe these video packages could have been placed better.

Dolph Ziggler vs. the Miz – Ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship

One of the defining feuds on Smackdown finally comes to an end. After two big Smackdown matches and two big PPV matches – including one of the matches of both men’s careers – changing up the stipulation with a ladder match felt necessary. Much like the previous match, this match suffered in the beginning. Even with an impressive satellite DDT onto the ladder from Ziggler, the opening parts of this match felt awkward. Once Miz and Ziggler got into the ring, they picked up the pace. Noteworthy spots included Miz pulling several running dropkicks into the ladder, a Skullcrushing Finale into the ladder. Miz won the match after punting Ziggler in the family jewels and retrieving his championship. After the match, Miz cut another excellent promo where he sardonically dedicated his win to Daniel Bryan and declared himself and Maryse the only winners in the arena.

Rating: 4 stars

Baron Corbin vs. Kalisto

If not the best match of the night, this may have been the sleeper match of the night. Baron Corbin has been getting X-pac heat (undeservedly in my 0pinion) and hopefully this is the match that will elevate him. Even the apathetic crowd was eventually won over with some wicked spots. Chairs matches tend to be underwelming but these two were creative. There were some ridiculous spot such as Corbin hurling Kalisto into a set of chairs like a bowling ball. Corbin performed a Deep Six both onto the floor and into a pile of the chairs – the spot that one the match. Corbin won the match and looked like a legit heel for the first time.

Rating: 3.75 stars

Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch – Tables match for Women’s championship

I will do my best to be objective about this match, but please remember I am not just a journalist, I am a human being too! Table stipulations tend to work better in tag matches because in singles matches it’s usually people not getting put through tables or an excuse for Dusty finishes. However Lynch and Bliss did a great job building suspense by just barely escaping the table – such as kicking it out of the way just in the nick of time. There were some creative spots such as Becky using the table to give her extra leverage in the Dis-Arm-Her. Alexa gave Becky a DDT onto the table edge (luckily nothing happened to Becky’s beautiful face – or else this may have gotten an automatic minus five). The match came to an end when Bliss bombed Lynch into the outside table, t0 (shed tear) win the women’s championship. Becky cut a post-mast promo saying she was unhappy but would persevere.

Star Rating: 3.5 stars

Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles – WWE Championship for the WWE Championship

Setting this match up as the feud-ender seemed like a smart move after how long these two have feuded and how many (usually excellent) matches they’ve had – both on PPV and free TV. The two had proven what they could do with regular matches so letting them have a stipulation match like this was a smart move. I was surprised when I learned this match was a half hour because the pacing was fairly brisk. There were some insane spots such as Ambrose dropping Styles onto seated chairs – with AJ flipping mid-air. Styles pulled a wicked 450 splash to a tabled Ambrose outside of the ring. Ambrose returned the favor with an elbow dive off the ladder into an announce table.

The end came when James Ellsworth interfered seemingly on Dean’s behalf. Ellsworth turned on Ambrose in a swerve that – even though I saw it coming – still felt right. I am curious to see how it will turn out.

Overall rating: 4.5 stars

I was tempted to rank TLC lower, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how great it was. The show felt like it was missing a certain spark, but most matches were good – with the tag match being the surprising weak link (and the chairs match being the surprise hit). The various TLC/TLC variation matches made this show worthwhile. The right people won in every match and there was no filler so TLC comes recommended – especially as the best Smackdown PPV (so far).

WWE Survivor Series 2016 Review


Survivor Series is second only to Wrestlemania in WWE’s oldest PPV… and it’s often the most underwelming. That’s not saying Survivor Series is a bad PPV – events like 1998, 2007 and especially 2002 are examples of how good the November event can be. However, after years the traditional Survivor Series match has began to feel like more of an obligation. There have been moments of true inspiration – see the epic 2014 Team Cena vs. Team Authority (no seriously, see it. It’s good). However, usually it seems like an excuse to put random mid-carders on the show.

This year is different – with the brand split, the company is focusing on a big Smackdown vs. Raw motif. It is an unusual mix as both sides have heels and faces intermingling so we have very few battles of good vs. evil – “heroic” Seth Rollins isn’t gonna conquer the evil Kevin Owens when they’re on the same team. But there is still a dynamic. Can these people who don’t normally like each other function as a team? Now really is the time to do this sort of thing: We’ll probably see drafts in the future so this is the time where we really have guys defined as Raw Smackdown guys. And with the brand split fresh in people’s minds

Plus we have the much ballyhooed (but mostly maligned) return of Goldberg. Also this show has to live in the shadow of the nearly flawless NXT Takeover: Toronto. For the sake of fairness I’m not gonna compare this show to that utter masterpiece.

Team Smackdown (Becky Lynch, Naomi, Natalya, Alexa Bliss, Carmella) vs. Team Raw (Sasha Banks, Bayley, Charlotte, Alicia Fox and Nia Jax)

As recently as two years ago, I would have called a match like this filler or a bathroom break match. With these talented women, this match is anything but filler. Before the match, former team captain Nikki Bella was attacked and replaced by Natalya. Time will tell whether this was all story or if it was to cover a real injury. I wouldn’t have minded Nikki Bella in the match since I think she’s improved and a match with this many women would have covered her, but I do think Natalya’s a trade up.

This was a pretty solid match. They did the thing where the women on both teams didn’t always get along. One highlight was when Nia Jax laid waste to Naomi outside the ring and let her just get counted out. What put this moment over the top was the way Jax just stood there, gloating over what she did. I was surprised to see how early Banks was eliminated, but also grateful that she didn’t do anything to shorten her career. The final moments came down to Becky needing to defend herself against Charlotte and Bayley – probably the best choices for survivors. Even in defeat, Lynch looked amazing (in more ways than one) as she fended off both women before being defeated by Bayley. Charlotte and Bayley celebrated before Charlotte beat up Bayley. This works as it makes Bayley look good by being the one who wins the match but setting up a feud between her and Charlotte

Overall rating: 3.5 stars (Out of 5)

Sami Zayn vs. The Miz – Intercontinental Championship

This was another good match. It kind of lacked drama because it didn’t quite have the drama of the previous Ziggler/Miz matches. There was a fun blend of Zayn’s more indie style with Miz’s more traditional style. This match was also fun because there was an atmosphere where man could have won. Both men also showed off their in-ring trash talking: Zayn taunted Maryse while Miz mocked Daniel Bryan’s taunts. I was worried we’d see Montreal rehash #9,823 in wrestling. But instead we saw a repeat of Austin/Undertaker from Cold Day in Hell ’97. Maryse wrang the bell while Zayn had Miz in a submission hold, tricking Zayn into thinking he won, only for Miz to sneak in a dirty pin. I disliked this at first, but the more I think about it, the more I liked Miz’s chicanery.

Overall rating: 4 stars

Team Raw (The New Day, Sheamus/Cesaro, Enzo and Big Cass, The Shining Stars, The Club) vs. Team Smackdown (Rhyno/Slater, The Hype Bros., American Alpha, Breezeango, The Usos)

Before the match, The New Day and Enzo/Cass did their usual promos. I bring this up because Big Cass claimed that he was running on Tim Horton’s coffee so he wouldn’t run out of energy. I’ve had Tim Horton’s coffee, and I can honestly say that’s not energizing anyone.

I was happy to see Breezeango in a high profile match. The match began with them playing fashion police – with hats, shades and tickets. Then they were almost immediately eliminated. So much for those two being treated like a big deal… Then the New Day was eliminated! On one hand, I kinda disliked that these guys who have been losing a lot (plus I’m a fan) were beaten so quickly, but I did like the “this can happen to anyone” vibe this match created.

This match had some insane action. Pretty much every team (that wasn’t eliminated early) got their big moves/spots in. This match would have earned high praises if just for that, but the last few minutes put this over the top. The last teams were Cesaro/Sheamus and the Usos. These last few minutes were an absolute nail-biter where it felt like either team could have taken it home. Cesaro pulled a big swing on Jey Uso that went on for an almost comical amount of time. There were dozens of moments where I thought one of these guys had it but their partner made the save or they just narrowly made a kickout. Cesaro won it for Team Raw with a sharpshooter. Cesaro and Sheamus have been doing an alright odd couple story, but have retreading Miz/Sandow with both asking for cheers and Sheamus receiving boos.

Overall rating: 4.5 stars

Brian Kendrick vs. Kalisto – Cruiserweight Championship

The story going into this match is that if Kaliston won, he would not only win the Cruiserweight championship, but the entire division would be moved to Smackdown. The match was pretty with both men gaining their finishers. Sadly, the crowd was inexplicably disrespectful during this match. The most noteworthy spot was when Kalisto performed a Spanish Fly of the apron. It looked amazing, but I hope he never e-e-ever does that again.

The match ended when Baron Corbin interfered and attacked both men. Hmmm, ruining a good match to make things about himself? Corbin apparently played the role of the crowd. I was ticked because I dislike seeing inconclusive matches at PPVs, but I’m hoping this leads to bigger things for Corbin. I feel like the man has a good look, good gimmick and is decent in the ring, but hasn’t gotten over because he’s directionless.

Overall rating: 3 stars

Team Smackdown (AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Shane McMahon) vs. Team Raw (Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, Braun Stroman)

If a match is going to go on for nearly an hour, people are going to expect something special. Did this match deliver? And how! It should be no surprise that a match with this much talent delivered. Shane and Stroman seem like the outliers, but Shane can do some crazy stuff (as we’ll find out) and a multi-man match like this can hide Stroman’s limitations. This match got off on the right foot – normally in long matches, guys would have to pace themselves in the beginning – which makes sense, they wouldn’t want to tire themselves out late in the match. However, with all these men being able to take turns, the action started off fast.

This match was filled to the brim with great spots. Owens eliminated everyone with a top rope cannonball. Shane performed the elbow drop on Stroman to the announce table. Stroman’s elimination was one of the most entertaining. He tried to re-enter the ring only to get caught by James Ellsworth – for a comedy spot in a big match, that was well-done. One of the best and most worrisome spots was when Roman countered Shane’s coast-to-coast into a spear. That was awesome. Less awesome was that Shane seemed legit injured. There was an awkward moment where Roman had Shane pinned but the ref stopped the count and Shane was declared eliminated.

Dean Ambrose was the first guy eliminated. I have to credit that they did this without making him look weak. Ambrose was caught up in fighting with Styles. This distraction allowed Stroman to pin Ambrose. Dean didn’t look like a loser, he just looked hot-headed. This opened the door later for Ambrose to return and form a mini-Shield reunion when he, Reigns and Rollins performed the triple powerbomb on Styles. This lead to the elimination of Styles – again, taking one of the top stars out of the match without making him look like a loser.

I have to hand out a demerit here and there for a few things. There was a moment where Owens got himself DQ’d for using the list of Jericho as a weapon. It seemed absurd for the Universal Champion to get eliminated in what felt like a glorified comedy spot. Jericho was eliminated almost immediately after because he was torn up at seeing his life work destroyed. This match showed the right way to do comedy spots and how to have big names eliminated – this was definitely the wrong way to do that. There were some laspses in logic, such as the way people seemed to be out of the ring for an eternity without getting counted out, but I’m willing to put on my suspension of disbelief glasses for that sort of thing.

The end of the match was exciting when Orton took Reigns’s spear for Bray Wyatt so Wyatt could get the win for team Smackdown. This match was just a perfect storm of great wrestling and great drama with nary a dull moment to be found.

Overall rating: 4.75 stars

Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar

So here it is, after years of speculation, after their notoriously disappointing Wrestlemania match, after a month of buildup, these two finally meet. And it ends after a two spears and a jackhammer.

I admit I was upset at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how clever this was. First of all, I must admit I HATE the idea of any PPV ending with a squash match, but this kind of worked. First of all, Goldberg was known for squashing people in micro-matches: That was his thing. Second, I was honestly dreading this match. In his prime, Goldberg was exciting, but the man was not the best worker in his hayday and the man is not a spring chicken anymore. Combine that with Lesnar’s growing apathy (more on that later), and this match was looking to be a disaster. So yeah, by making this a short squash, at least it didn’t have time to get boring. Lastly, it was kind of satisfying. George Carlin once said he wanted to see a big climatic fight where the guy just got beaten up, and there was something cool about seeing someone go in, crush the other and leave.

Some may wonder if this is gonna make Lesnar look bad. I don’t think it makes him look bad from a kayfabe story – He’s been a monster for so long and if booked right, he could be an even bigger monster. However, I don’t think this is gonna improve his reputation of being lazy. I heard through the grapevine it was his idea to get crushed by Goldberg to make him look good. I’m sure the prospect of making bookoo money without really doing anything swayed his opinion.

Overall rating: 2 stars (Look, it was satisfying, but it was still a squash match)

Overall, Survivor Series was a great show. There were two match of the year candidates. There were some weak moments – but the end of Kendrick/Kalisto was hardly a dealbreaker and Goldberg/Lesnar was satisfying in its own way. Survivor Series may now be neck-and-neck with Royal Rumble as best (non-NXT) PPV of the year. Between this and Takeover: Toronto, WWE may have presented the most entertaining weekend of wrestling one could ask for.

The NXT Review – November 16th, 2016 – ‘While The Cats Away’

Whats Up Wrestling Peeps! With NXT TakeOver Toronto mere days away. It meant that as the Main Event Cats made their quest to the land of a thousand Maple trees (or we can just call it Canada). It was down to the talented mice of the Yellow Brand to entertain the masses and they did a decent job.

With Billie Kay at ringside, it was the Venus Flytrap of NXT Peyton Royce’s job to finish off Liv Morgan after their attack on the scrappy-underdog last month. It was a job that Royce unfortunately wasn’t able to finish as Kay had to save her lackey only to follow-up with yet another beat-down from the Mean Girl’s Alliance.

After Morgan inadvertently managed to get Aliyah the win last week, she tried to return the favour by trying to save her new cohort, only to fall victim to that pretty sweet head thrust into Billie Kay’s knee. A Tag Team move that better stick around if these Women stay together for much longer. A possible that seems bleak at best, especially now that Ember Moon has inserted herself smack-bang in the middle of this fracas.

Royce & Kay better find a third Tag Team Member and Fast! Because Ember Moon has her glare set on Emma & Dana Brooke Mark II.

Urgh, seriously?? I thought we got rid of Elias Samson. It’s probably my fault though, I jinxed the whole damn thing when I pondered the other day as to the whereabouts of ‘The Drifter‘. Because, you know, he drifts. So I guess he drifted his way back into NXT.

I don’t mean to hate because actually I don’t think my (and others) lack of interest in Samson is in any way down to him. But when WWE picks up right where they last left off with this guy – in yet another squash match – you really start to lose hope that there is anything else to this gimmick.

Tonight’s Main Event was pretty dope to be honest, so dope in fact that I was expecting we’d see this at Toronto.

That being said, It’s okay that we didn’t given that Andrade Cien Almas NXT debut was subsequently met with a non-push. So when we saw Cien turn Heel against a mega over Cedric Alexander, I finally felt like we had a feud worthy of both these guys talent going forward. But it also means you’ve got to build upon it.

With TakeOver’s schedule before WWE’s Big Four PPV’s (not forgetting Full Sail only TakeOver’s and Tours) there will be plenty of opportunities for this pair to show off, assuming Alexander is still in one piece after Cien’s nasty domination.

Lets hope so.


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