Our History


Skatronixxx.com is the brain child of twitter user @skatronixxx . Who is Skatronixxx, well if I told you that I’d have to kill you haha, only joking 😉 Let’s just say I’m a nerd-geek-dweeb, I  always have been and always will be.

Journalism is something that always interested me from a young age, but due to health reasons, I was unable to pursue that at university level. I put that dream on hold and on the back burner and decided to study television technology and production until my health reasons again re-appeared that forced me to leave university.

So to summarise I’m a nerd-geek-dweeb with a background in television production and an interest in journalism. Sounds like a good mix for a pop culture website right? Well if you also consider that I used to be a literary agent and publicist for Skatronixxx Jr’s mum who is a ya author, that’s another box to tick.

Journalism skills? Check! Television skills? Check! Publicist skills? Check! But what to do with them? Hmmm well I toyed with the idea of writing a blog for years but never really had the confidence to do so, until I re-evaluated my life in early 2015 and decided to give it a go. I mean why not, you only live once. At least that way if I fell flat on my arse (that’s UK slang for bum, my foreign readers!) and failed spectacularly I would have known, but if I hadn’t tried this is something that would have haunted me for years.

So in January 2015 the original http://www.skatronixxx.com or skatronixx.com version 1 was born! The website was very basic, it was more a labour of love, combining my interests and skills. I didn’t commit to it 100% at the time due to a marriage break up and other life issues but I kept at it and produced a series of blogs.


The old skatronixxx.com website, you were a pain in the arse but I miss you *sniff*

I continued writing a series of blogs up until October 2015 when I realised that due to an increase in popularity for my blogs, I needed to reach out and get another writer, otherwise the site was going to fail just as it was starting to pick up. I reached out to a writer I had seen on another site who was a friend of a friend. I liked his style, we had similar interests and goals and thought he would compliment me on site. This was @mitch_rated 


@mitch_rated came on board and immediately was able to produce what I wanted to but sadly did not have the time to do. A series of blogs on a regular basis, with up to date pop culture news.

We continued to write together, with me doing the interviews and featured articles and @mitch_rated writing the news and other featured articles, it was working well, but I realised there were other areas we could capitalise on and these were books! Yes books! I set out to find a book reviewer/blogger for the site. The serach wasn’t easy but in December 2015 I was able to find someone who’s writing style matched that of mine and @mitch_rated and that was FranPan .


So we now had an interviewer/website manager/editor, news reporter/deputy editor and book reviewer, there was no doubt that the site was growing, but there was a problem the site was growing but the website was suffering from slow laggy performance. Changes had to be made. Skatronixxx.com didn’t need to evolve it HAD TO evolve, otherwise it was going to fail and I wasn’t going to let that happen.

In December 2015 after learning from the experience of my friend Joey Adams had from raising funds on IndieGoGo I decided to give it a try. I decided to set up a fund raising page with a series of perks for people who contributed. The campaign was to last 60 days, it was one of the most nervous times of my life. Would the site fail, would it survive. Only time would tell.


As the funding campaign reached it’s end in February 2016 , funds were raised the only question was what to do with them! Due to the sites performance issues a decision was made and that was to upgrade the site.

So in February 2016 I migrated the content over to the site that you see now, the new and improved http://www.skatronixxx.com or the skatronixxx.com version 2.



In early February 2016 after many, many, MANY long months of searching, we secured our first YouTuber for the site in the form of The Little Librarian aka Aly. Aly caught my eye not only because of her mutual interests but also her upbeat personality and awesome videos.  Aly is going to work with us providing content not only in article form but in the form of YouTube videos too. Welcome to the gang Aly !


On 8th of February 2016 the new site went live and we further added to our ranks with the addition of someone I have known for quite a while, our new UFC and music writer Stu aka Deadpool_1984 . Stu was looking for something to do in his spare time and he had sent he site and was impressed and was wanting to give writing a go. I noticed that Stu had talent and knowledge in areas that I had wanted to bring to the site for a while and I think this will be yet another awesome addition to the team. Plus with a beard like this, how could you argue!




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