Fresh Friday Featuring Miccoli


Miccoli – Photo: Miccoli Facebook

Welcome back to this weeks Fresh Friday, this week’s feature is the very talented Miccoli! I stumbled upon this great band on twitter of all places and just instantly loved their sound. This week has an added extra as the band were kind enough to do a Q&A as well….. Lets find out more about Miccoli.

Miccoli are a British band that comprises of twin brothers Adriano Miccoli (vocal and acoustic/electric guitar) Alessandro Miccoli (piano, vocal, acoustic guitar and clarinet) and sister Francesca Miccoli (vocal, piano, and harmonica) and formed the band in 2006 in Birmingham England. Miccoli wrote, produced and recorded their own debut album “writing on rooves” and preformed some of the singles from their debut album at the O2 Wireless festival in 2006 and the following year played to a packed crowd at the Glee Club in Birmingham.

The music video for their single “Idle Stranger” was featured on VH1 and bliss TV in the UK in 2013, the music video also picked up a few awards including:

– Monthly Top Talent and Top Talent Week 22-26 – June Citizen TV 2013 – Took out 1st
– Best Of Music Category – July Citizen TV 2013 – Took out 2nd
– Top Talent Week 35-39 – September Citizen TV 2014 – Took out 2nd

Miccoli also picked up a few awards for two other music videos:

– Top Talent Week 35-39 for “Can You Hear Me” – September Citizen TV 2014 – Took out 2nd
– Top Talent Week 22 for “Magnify” – June Citizen TV 2014 – Took out 1st.

One of the bands recent singles is called ‘addiction‘ and I can tell you Miccoli are my new addiction! Not only are they exceptionally talented they also have a uniqueness that most bands today don’t have, they have the old school band sound with a modern twist and what I mean when I say old school sound is that like bands of old, you can hear every single instrument played in each of their songs. They have nailed the art of balance between music and vocals and it give you this beautiful eclectic yet nostalgic sound, which their singles – ‘Tell Me‘, ‘Undo‘ and ‘Devices‘ all feature. You need to treat your ears to Miccoli and I promise you once you hear their beautiful sound, you like me will be addicted! Below is the Q&A that Miccoli were kind enough to do for our readers.



Q&A with Miccoli


When did you start singing and songwriting?

We were all involved in music from an early age playing in orchestras at school then bands when we left school, it was around that time when we came together and started writing songs at home as we all lived together an it kind of made sense plus organising rehearsals and song writing sessions were easy.

For our readers who have never heard your music can you explain your sound in five words.

Memorable melodies with haunting harmonies.

You write your own music; where do you draw inspiration from and what is your favorite part about the process?

It sounds cliché but we draw on our own experiences in life to write about, it can literally be anything that has affected us on an emotional level in same way or another. I’d say one of my favourite parts is getting to empty your head putting it down on paper or sealing it in a melody.
Who have you always dreamt of working with and why?

We are Big fans of Fleetwood Mac that would be our first choice, they inspired us a lot listening to them growing.

Share with us your proudest moment in your career so far?

Probably having our video played on Vh1/MTV not embarrassed to say we recorded the first airing and celebrated of course with a cup of tea…Obviously.

Who is your favorite artist and what is your favorite song right now?

That’s tricky as we mainly listen to music that’s not really current or from a different era, like Fleetwood Mac we mentioned earlier but other artists like Police, Sting and Simon and Garfunkel, we are just able to relate more to this on a personal and musical level too.

Miccoli is definitely a band after my own heart, we share the love of the same artists and their music, I don’t know how I have lived without them in my playlist this long! below is the official music video for their single ‘Addiction‘ hope you guys enjoy it as much as do.


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