Pop Culture Pipe Bomb’s 2016 Indie Cover Band of the Year


With the fat man in the red suit’s arrival imminent, I thought its best I pull my finger out and announce PCPB’s 2016 Indie Cover Band of the Year. You might want to sit down for this! Are you sitting down? Righto, this year’s Pop Culture Pipe Bomb’s 2016 Indie Cover Band of the Year goes to…. building the suspense a little…. Sugar Rush Rocks!!!


Congratulations guys, you guys have more talent, integrity and professionalism than more adults I know oh and let’s not forget how humble they are, in this day and age it’s a quality to have. Mark my words, these kids are going sky-high, it is only a matter of time. I really look forward to what they have in store in 2017, hopefully, some studio time? These guys are crazy talented and I can only imagine how mind-blowing they would sound in a studio. For those that didn’t catch Sugar Rush Rocks Fresh Music Friday Article here is a little background on these DIY kids with amazing talent, I will include the FMF article in the links.


Who is SRR?

SRR are made up by Paige Nickole (Vocals), RJ Hill (Drums), Jake Brightman (Bass), Michael Sebastian (Lead Guitar), Joey Fattore (Rhythm Guitar) and I don’t mind telling you they put some professional musicians and singers to shame, you should also know that these talented kids are all under the age of 18, Yes I said 18. They jam and practice after school and they are booked solid most weekends and also play a lot of festivals. SRR more than delivers our Indie Band of the Year, I look forward to following your success now and in the future. Also, a special mention must go to the parents, behind every good kid is an exceptional parent. Head to their FB, Twitter and YouTube page and give them some love and tell them Presh sent you. Sending you all at team SRR a safe and wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year from me and the rest of the team at Pop Culture Pipe Bomb.



Fresh Friday’s Featured Artist – Sugar Rush Rock (SRR)

SRR Facebook

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Thank you all for the support throughout 2016, without you guys this year wouldn’t have been nearly as fun! Wishing you all a safe and wonderful Christmas and a kick ass 2017. Love to you and yours from Queensland, Australia! Presh xx #TurnItOn #TurnItUp



This Week’s Fresh Music Friday’s Featured Band is Pacific Skyline!

Welcome to the latest edition of Skatronixxx Fresh Music Friday! This week we have another treat for you in the shape of a band, with a unique fusion of genres, this week featured band is Pacific Skyline!
Pacific Skyline is made up of members, Chris Cardone (Vocals), Joey Miller (Drums), Calvin Bridges (Bass) and Drew Ferguson (Guitar), as I said above these guys have a really unique sound and fusion of Electronica and Metal, I know right you wouldn’t this that those two genres would work together, but Pacific Skyline have made electronica and metal mesh together seamlessly and fan’s of both genres will love and appreciate this marriage made in heaven.  Pacific Skyline hail from Ocean Springs, Mississippi and released their EP ‘Out Of This World’ in July of this year. I don’t normally get into metal, but Pacific Skyline have managed to get my attention, not only is the sound like nothing I have ever heard before, it’s mixed flawlessly and the arrangement of instruments are just as flawless, Chris’s vocals are perfect metal vocals but he also has a really great tone and grit when he is not doing metal vocals.
The boys are hugely talented and I believe they deserve a spot in your playlist, to accomplish the fusion of two genres that let’s face it, really shouldn’t work together is a major feat and they have been able to do it so seamlessly, so I take my hat off to you boys! Remember the name Pacific Skyline, they are definitely ones to watch.
The boys were kind enough to take some time out and answers the Skatronixxx Fresh Music Friday Q&A check it below.

Skatronixxx Fresh Music Friday’s Q&A

Presh: If there was one person you could play your music too, who would it be and what?
Pacific Skyline: well there isn’t just one person we would want to play for unless only one person came to our show, we would love to play for everyone on earth and because having our music connect with people is one of the best feelings in the world
Presh: Is there a story or inspiration behind the band’s name? 
PS: well we were on a road trip across the country and didn’t have a band name at the time but we had music ready to go and just couldn’t think of anything to save our lives until we came upon California and saw the beautiful skyline and said, “what about Pacific Skyline?
Presh: For our readers who have not heard you music yet, describe your sound in five words.
PS: Mix of Edm and Metal
Presh: The fusion of genre you have are really unique, how did your sound come about?
PS: We started off as a straight EDM boy band back in 2009 then started adding guitar and real drums into the music
Presh: You Released your EP “Out Of This World” in July, it a prequel to an upcoming album? And what’s next for Pacific Skyline?
PS: It’s not really a prequel to an album but we do have some more ground-breaking music and a music video on the way in late December/early 2017

Huge shout out to the boys for being great sports, check them out for yourself and buy their EP “Out Of This World” you wont be disappointed! Find the links below, and be sure to head to their Twitter and Facebook pages and give them some love and tell them Presh sent you.


Pacific Skyline EP “Out Of This World”

Pacific Skyline Facebook Page

Pacific Skyline Twitter Account

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Fresh Friday’s Featured Artist – Sugar Rush Rock (SRR)


Welcome to another edition of Fresh Friday, this weeks featured artists are an up and coming young band by the name of Sugar Rush Rocks!

I stumbled across these guys this week while I was scouring the internet for indie artists to feature and was blown away at their talent and thier ages! The world need to know who Sugar Rush Rocks because this is just the start and I foresee big things in there future.


So who are Sugar Rush Rocks……

Band members are: Vocals: Paige Nickole, Drums: RJ Hill, Bass: Jake Brightman, Lead Guitar: Michael Sebastian, Rytham Guitar: Joey Fattore, they hail from the South NJ/Philly area and range in age from 13 -16 years-old. SRR cover rock classics and do an awesome job, their vocalist Paige has an amazing voice and has got some real talent and can certainly hit those notes and don’t get me started on the boys, the way they play those instruments, you would think they have been playing for 20 odd years! They blow me away and listing to them makes me incredibly happy!

SRR cover the greats in rock and roll including, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, The Beatles, Cheap Trick, Pat Benatar and Radio Head to name a few, although they don’t have an album (yet!) they do play live gigs. I look forward to buy their album one day! Sugar Rush Rock are definitely a band to watch!!  SSR were kind enough to do a Q&A for Skatronixxx.com which you can check it out blow along with some videos of their gigs, you will find more vids on their YouTube channel


Sugar Rush Rocks Q&A

P. Describe SRR in five words.

SRR. Unique, Focused, Motivated,  Friends, Dedicated.

P. When did the band form and what was the inspiration for the band’s name?

SSR. Sugar Rush Rocks was formed in 2012. When we came up with the name we just thought we are kids rocking out like were on a “Sugar Rush.”

P. Who are your major musical influences?

SRR. Our influences are: Tom Keifer, Dave Grohl, Paul McCartney, John Bonham, Beatles.

P. What has been your most memorable band moment?

SRR. The first time we played together live we were so nervous and awkward around each other. We are so close now and became so close in such a short period of time. Looking back it seems strange that we ever felt nervous around each other.

P. What’s the song writing process like for SRR?

SRR. We usually figure out the rhythm, add layers followed by vocals.



Sugar Rush Rocks Website

Sugar Rush Rocks Facebook Page

Sugar Rush Rocks Twitter Account

Fresh Friday Featuring Miccoli


Miccoli – Photo: Miccoli Facebook

Welcome back to this weeks Fresh Friday, this week’s feature is the very talented Miccoli! I stumbled upon this great band on twitter of all places and just instantly loved their sound. This week has an added extra as the band were kind enough to do a Q&A as well….. Lets find out more about Miccoli.

Miccoli are a British band that comprises of twin brothers Adriano Miccoli (vocal and acoustic/electric guitar) Alessandro Miccoli (piano, vocal, acoustic guitar and clarinet) and sister Francesca Miccoli (vocal, piano, and harmonica) and formed the band in 2006 in Birmingham England. Miccoli wrote, produced and recorded their own debut album “writing on rooves” and preformed some of the singles from their debut album at the O2 Wireless festival in 2006 and the following year played to a packed crowd at the Glee Club in Birmingham.

The music video for their single “Idle Stranger” was featured on VH1 and bliss TV in the UK in 2013, the music video also picked up a few awards including:

– Monthly Top Talent and Top Talent Week 22-26 – June Citizen TV 2013 – Took out 1st
– Best Of Music Category – July Citizen TV 2013 – Took out 2nd
– Top Talent Week 35-39 – September Citizen TV 2014 – Took out 2nd

Miccoli also picked up a few awards for two other music videos:

– Top Talent Week 35-39 for “Can You Hear Me” – September Citizen TV 2014 – Took out 2nd
– Top Talent Week 22 for “Magnify” – June Citizen TV 2014 – Took out 1st.

One of the bands recent singles is called ‘addiction‘ and I can tell you Miccoli are my new addiction! Not only are they exceptionally talented they also have a uniqueness that most bands today don’t have, they have the old school band sound with a modern twist and what I mean when I say old school sound is that like bands of old, you can hear every single instrument played in each of their songs. They have nailed the art of balance between music and vocals and it give you this beautiful eclectic yet nostalgic sound, which their singles – ‘Tell Me‘, ‘Undo‘ and ‘Devices‘ all feature. You need to treat your ears to Miccoli and I promise you once you hear their beautiful sound, you like me will be addicted! Below is the Q&A that Miccoli were kind enough to do for our readers.



Q&A with Miccoli


When did you start singing and songwriting?

We were all involved in music from an early age playing in orchestras at school then bands when we left school, it was around that time when we came together and started writing songs at home as we all lived together an it kind of made sense plus organising rehearsals and song writing sessions were easy.

For our readers who have never heard your music can you explain your sound in five words.

Memorable melodies with haunting harmonies.

You write your own music; where do you draw inspiration from and what is your favorite part about the process?

It sounds cliché but we draw on our own experiences in life to write about, it can literally be anything that has affected us on an emotional level in same way or another. I’d say one of my favourite parts is getting to empty your head putting it down on paper or sealing it in a melody.
Who have you always dreamt of working with and why?

We are Big fans of Fleetwood Mac that would be our first choice, they inspired us a lot listening to them growing.

Share with us your proudest moment in your career so far?

Probably having our video played on Vh1/MTV not embarrassed to say we recorded the first airing and celebrated of course with a cup of tea…Obviously.

Who is your favorite artist and what is your favorite song right now?

That’s tricky as we mainly listen to music that’s not really current or from a different era, like Fleetwood Mac we mentioned earlier but other artists like Police, Sting and Simon and Garfunkel, we are just able to relate more to this on a personal and musical level too.

Miccoli is definitely a band after my own heart, we share the love of the same artists and their music, I don’t know how I have lived without them in my playlist this long! below is the official music video for their single ‘Addiction‘ hope you guys enjoy it as much as do.


Miccoli Links