Debbie Reynolds, Mother of Carrie Fisher, Dies One Day After Daughter


We thought the worst was behind us, but 2016 had one more tragedy in store for our hearts.

In a cruel twist, Debbie Reynolds was rushed to the hospital early on the morning of December 28. She was reported to have had a stroke one day after learning of her daughter’s passing.

Mrs. Reynolds passed away later that day. She was 84.

She’ll be best remembered for her role as Kathy Selden in Singin’ in the Rain alongside Gene Kelly.


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Original Character to Make Appearance in 2017’s War for the Planet of the Apes

The character of Nova makes her return

Hey, Planet of the Apes fans! Deven B here to fill you in on another tidbit of developing news on 2017’s War for the Planet of the Apes.

During the first few seconds of the trailer (which I’ve so graciously provided for you), you’ll notice Caesar glances over at a little girl riding with Maurice (the Orangutan).

That’s one of the easter eggs that movie-runner Matt Reeves says you’ll get in the newest installment of the Planet of the Apes reboot.

The little girl is named Nova, and Reeves goes on to mention that Nova will actually play a big role.

Nova is a throwback but Reeves promises she isn’t there just to impress fans of the original films. When asked about how he’ll use Nova, Reeves comments

“She’s [Nova] is a pullback to his [Caesar’s] empathy and – for lack of a better word- his human side.”

Reeves also says that Nova will be part of a “greater mystery” involving the major characters.

Other Easter Eggs?

The first two films of the reboot have seen very few references to the original film series which starred the late, great Charleton Heston.

If you can recall, the character of Nova served as the romantic interest of Taylor (Heston) but was killed off in the second film, Beneath the Planet of the Apes. Sorry if I totally just spoiled that for you, but it won’t ruin the movies, I promise.

The original trailer for the new film was released in early December. War for the Planet of the Apes follows the critical and commercial success of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014). The

The new installment stars Andy Serkis who’s joined by Woody Harrelson in a villainous role. The film also stars Steve Zahn and Judy Greer. It arrives in theaters on July 14, 2017.

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UPDATE: Carrie Fisher Dies, Aged 60.

This is an update to the original story:

Carrie Fisher has passed away. In a statement issued on behalf of Fisher’s daughter, Billie Lourd, the family spokesman said:

“It is with ba very deep sadness that Billie Lourd confirms that her beloved mother Carrie Fisher passed away at 8:55AM this morning.”

BBC confirms Fisher passed away after complications from a heart attack suffered mid-flight from London to Los Angeles on December 23rd.

2016 has sucked so far for celebrities and fans of celebrities and we received a scare from Carrie Fisher on Friday.

We’ve lost so many of our childhood heroes this year that I’m starting to seriously get scared for the few that are left. Just yesterday, George Michael passed away…on Christmas Day of all days. The first thing I did was think of the song Last Christmas (I listened to it earlier in the day) and thought to myself, “WTF 2016? WTF!” I spend the rest of Christmas Day drinking wine and singing Careless Whisper to myself, a slight tear in the corner of my eye.

Carrie Fisher Finally In Stable Condition

Turning to the point of this post, let’s update everyone on literal Amercian (if not the world) Pop Culture royalty, Princess Leia herself.


As you may or may not know, Fisher was rushed to the hospital Friday after landing in Los Angeles. She suffered what her family is calling a “medical emergency” during the flight from London to Los Angeles.

Early reports announced Fisher had suffered a heart attack onboard which is why she was taken to the ICU immediately upon landing. As the story has developed the status of the emergency has been downgraded (at least semantically) to a “medical emergency”.

That term can mean anything from being shot to having a heart attack to being choked by the large guy sitting behind you. Given Fisher’s history, it’s not hard to fault the initial media reports for speculating on the heart attack.

Time reported that Fisher was “aggressively treated” by medical personnel upon arriving at the airport.

Her mother, famed actress Debbie Reynolds, has been keeping us up to date on Fisher’s condition via Twitter.


As many of our readers know, Fisher rose to fame playing Princess Leia in the Star Wars series along with Mark Hamill‘s Luke Skywalker and Harrison Ford‘s Han Solo. But Fisher has also had a very successful career outside of the Star Wars franchise as an actress, author, screenwriter, and producer.

She was in the cult favorite Shampoo in 1975 as well as the late ’80s classics The Burbs (1989) and When Harry Met Sally (1989).

Possibly her greatest work outside of Star Wars was penning the book, Postcards From the Edge, a semi-autobiographical novel about a popular actress trying to piece herself together after a drug overdose. The book was immensely popular and was adapted to a screenplay by Fisher herself. The film would go on to garner critical and fan success while gaining Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine awards nominations.


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Bryan Fuller Would Like to Do a Silence of the Lambs Miniseries


If you are like me and a huge fan of TV series Hannibal, then this will come as welcome news, since it been a year since NBC’s Hannibal ended. Showrunner Bryan Fuller has plans to revive the series, using the most infamous story in the Hannibal Lecter arsenal. Fuller told Blumhouse’s “Shock Wave “ podcast this week that he’d like to revive Hannibal to a miniseries to do his version of Silence of the Lambs. “I think the film adaption is the perfect movie, but there are a lot of interesting nook and crannies to explore in a television series,” he says. ” I hope we get to tell the story.”


But don’t get to excited just yet my friends, this is just what Fuller would like to do, at this stage, no network has come to the party to bankroll a Hannibal revival yet, but surely someone will come to the party right? At the moment everyone involved is all tied up with other projects, Huge Dancy is playing a cult leader on Hulu’s The Path; Mads Mikkelsen is starring in Marvel, and Star Wars movies and Fuller had to ditch CBS’s new Star Trek series as he was flat out with Starz’s American Gods.


Jody Foster as Clarice Starling 

Fuller believes that a short-run miniseries would work out well for everyone: ideally, for the cast, it would be as a miniseries, here and there. Let’s do 6 to 8 episodes of that and do 6 to 8 episode over here. And do it as an irregular thing.” All we need now is to find the perfect Clarice Starling.. Who do you think would be the perfect Clarice if the miniseries get’s bankrolled? Personally, I think Evan Rachel Wood, would be a perfect fit for Clarice Starling.


Evan Rachel Wood – My pick for Clarice Starling 

Let’s all hope that Fuller’s miniseries will come to fruition however in saying that I would have high expectations for miniseries, being a fan of all the Hannibal Lecter movies and the recent TV Series, they would have to knock it out of the park in a big way.

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What We Know So Far About BBC’s Sherlock Season 4


BBC has officially confirmed that Sherlock’s premiere episode ‘The Six Thatcher’s‘ will grace our screens on January 1st, 2017 and according to it will air at 8:30 pm. I don’t know about you guys but I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the New Year.

The Lying Detective‘ will air the following Sunday January 8th, ( a great way to top off my birthday) and ‘The Final Problem‘ will be airing on January 15th.


This season looks to be quite dark, with the trailer starting with more sketchy footage of Moriarty (Andrew Scott). Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) says “something is coming … Maybe it’s Moriarty, maybe it isn’t” Which leads us to believe that Sherlock is not totally against his arch-nemesis somehow returning. In the trailer we also see hospital staff wheeling out a body. Could this just be a red herring to throw us off the scent? I guess we will soon find out. We also see a lot of Toby Jones, who promises “endless fun” however, Sherlock doesn’t seem enthused about the “endless” part. Ms Hudson (Una Stubbs) tells Mycroft (Mark Gatiss) to “get out of my house, you reptile” what has he done this time? Take a look at both trailers below



The Six Thatcher’s‘ will be loosely based on the Doyle story ‘The Adventure Of The Six Napoleons‘, which features Lestrade and plaster busts of the French military leader being smashed in search of the hidden pearl.

The Lying Detective‘ will be likely based on ‘The Adventure Of The Dying Detective‘, in which Culverton Smith (Tony Jones) the season 4’s villain will feature.

The Final Problem‘ will get its own cinema screening across the UK and Ireland for one night only on Sunday 15th January at 9 pm at participating cinema chains including Cineworld, Odeon, Picture House, Vue, Empire, Omniplex Showcase and Everyman which will coincide with the episode airing on BBC One.


The tone of season 4 is consistently dark and has been described as devastating emotional upheaval focused on Sherlock and John (Martin Freeman) being forced to confront consequences. Moffat told EWWe’re certainly going to put the through the mill.” Toby Jones was announced as the villain for season 4 in May and will be playing Culverton Smith, who in the original story is a vile man who uses his knowledge of deadly tropical illnesses to try to murder Sherlock. To catch him in the act Sherlock must pretend that he is actually infected and slowly dying from the disease, and refuses to allow an increasingly distressed Watson treat him. We will also see another new cast member Sacha Dhawan, who will play a character named AJ.

As a huge Sherlock fan with a collection of all the original Sherlock Adventures and The Murder Rooms – The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes (which I highly recommend watching) I’m looking forward to watching the darkness of season 4 unfold.

Sherlock Season 4 will air January 1st 2017 on BBC One at 8:30pm

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Doctor A-Who-Ooo! Ducktales And Doctor Who Mash Up Lands

Doctor A-Who-Ooo! Ducktales And Doctor Who Mash Up Lands

Ok I’m gunna be the first to admit that I’m not the youngest guy but I’m also not the oldest either. I grew up in the late 80’s and early 90’s aka the ‘Goldern Era Of Cartoons’ and Ducktales was one of my favourite tv shows of that era. I have fond memories of myself and my older brother often dancing round the front room to the intro of Ducktales, heck I even danced to it with Skatronixxx Jr when I was researching this article. Don’t believe me how catchy it was? Check it out below.

See I told you it was damn good,  *Life is like a hurricane here in Duck Burg* sorry I got a lil off topic here *Ducktales A-Woo-Ooo* It won’t happen again, well actually I can’t make that promise 😉

So when the news of a Ducktales reboot came out I was psyched, I was even more psyched when the news came out that one of the best Doctor Who actors ever David Tennant would be voicing Scrooge McDuck. You see other than cartoons my next childhood passion was Doctor Who, it started with my late Grampy who helped build a Doctor Who exhibition at Longleat. Yes my Grandad rebuilt a Tardis and K9  he was a true ledge. So you can imagine how much of a Doctor Who fan I was, it was in my family blood to do so.

Then I saw this and my psyched-meter exploded off the charts!

The video is by YouTubers The Axis Of Awesome,  are you as psyched as me for the reboot of Ducktales? Let me know by commenting below!

First Look at New Archie Inspired TV Series Riverdale


Riverdale is an upcoming drama series based on the characters by Archie Comics. It has been ordered to series by The CW, the series is written by Archie Comics‘ chief creative officer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and executive produced by Greg Berlanti and is expected to air on January 26th, 2017, coinciding with the Archie character’s 75th anniversary. Ok, let’s learn a little more about the cast of Riverdale

The Main Cast

K.J. Apa as Archie Andrews – “An intense, conflicted teen, a boyish high school sophomore who got pumped over the summer working construction and now juggling the interest of several girls, as well as trying to balance his passion for writing and performing music – against the wishes of his father and his football coach.”

Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones – “A Philosophical bent heart-throb who was once the best friend of Archie, who is still dealing with the rift that came between them.”

Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge – “An intelligent, confident, silver-tongued high school sophomore. Veronica returns to Riverdale from New York, eager to reinvent herself after a scandal involving her father.”

Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper – “A sweet, smart, eager-to-please and wholesome girl with a long time crush on her best friend, Archie. She is tired of being the perfect daughter, student, sister, etc., so she turns to her new friend, Veronica, for life advice—much to the consternation of her emotionally brittle mother.”

Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom – “A rich, entitled, and manipulative girl who recently lost her twin brother in a mysterious accident.”

Ashleigh Murray as Josie McCoy – “A gorgeous, snooty, and ambitious girl who is the lead singer for the popular band Josie and the Pussycats.”

Luke Perry as Fred Andrews – “Archie’s father, who owns a construction firm that he hopes his son will take over one day.”

Ross Butler as Reggie Mantle – “Archie’s long-time nemesis & town prankster.”

Casey Cott as Kevin Keller – “A popular high school student who’s openly gay.”

Marisol Nichols as Hermione Lodge – “Veronica’s mother.”


The Recurring Cast

Mädchen Amick as Alice Cooper – “Betty’s mother, who is the editor of the local paper. She is a perfectionist who places exceedingly high expectations on her daughter.”

Olivia Ryan Stern as Tina Patel – “The super-smart little sister of Archie Comics character Raj Patel, Tina has been described as an Indian Veronica. Tina is one of Queen Bee Cheryl Blossom’s best friends (along with Ginger Lopez).”

Cody Kearsley as Moose Mason – “Archie’s jock friend.”

Daniel Yang and Major Curda as Dilton Doiley – “The smartest kid in town.”

Irie Hayleau as Valerie Brown – “The songwriter, bassist, and backup vocalist for the popular band Josie and the Pussycats.”

Ashanti Bromfield as Melody Valentine – “The drummer for the popular band Josie and the Pussycats.”
Sarah Habel as Ms Grundy – Riverdale High’s young music teacher who had a forbidden relationship with Archie.

Shannon Purser as Ethel Muggs – Ethel has a major crush on Jughead in the comics, but on Riverdale, Ethel will find herself in a romantic relationship with someone very different and will also be drawn into a friendship with Veronica and Betty after they team up for a revenge plot on Archie’s rival Reggie.

Robin Givens as Sierra McCoy – Mayor of Riverdale and mother of Josie McCoy.

Skeet Ulrich as FP Jones – The leader of the Southside Serpents, a gang of criminals that live and operate on the fringes of Riverdale. He also has a mysterious connection to Jughead.

Raúl Castillo as Oscar – Oscar is a serious and successful songwriter from New York who is a visiting professor at Riverdale’s Carson College who agrees to audition Archie in the hopes of possibly mentoring the aspiring singer-songwriter.

Tiera Skovbye as Polly Cooper – The older sister of Betty, and the daughter of Alice and Hal Cooper.

Lochlyn Munro as Hal Cooper – The father of Betty and Polly, and the husband of Alice Cooper.

Molly Ringwald as Mary Andrews – The mother of Archie, who left two years ago to follow her dreams, but returns to Riverdale in her family’s hour of need. She not only reconnects with Archie and her husband, Fred but also her former high school friends Hermione and Alice.
Jordan Calloway as Chuck Clayton

Tom McBeath as Smithers – The butler for the Lodge family.


Members of the cast and the executive producers attended the San Diego Comic-Con where they premiered the first episode “Chapter One: The River’s Edge” Riverdale is a subversive take on Archie, Betty, Veronica, and their friends, while exploring the surrealism of small town life – the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale’s wholesome facade. From what I have watched it looks really  promising folks, definitely one to make on the calender. You can check out the latest trailers below


Riverdale will air on January 26th 2017 on The CW

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We Have The Latest News and Trailer’s for Twin Peaks Season 3


First of all I have to tell you that I am very so very excited about Twin Peaks Season 3! I have watched Twin Peaks that many times the dvds almost worn out, the series is created by Mark Frost and David Lynch and have to stress that this is not a remake, it is in fact a continuation of the original series, which originally aired on ABC from 1990 to 1991 which make it even more exciting.

Originally it was announced that Twin Peaks would return as a miniseries on Showtime in 2016 however, it was later delayed to 2017 and we are told that many of the original cast members will return for the new series and in April 2016 the entire cast was revealed

Returning Cast:

Mädchen Amick as Shelly Johnson
Dana Ashbrook as Bobby Briggs
Phoebe Augustine as Ronette Pulaski
Richard Beymer as Benjamin Horne
Catherine E. Coulson as The Log Lady
Julee Cruise as The Roadhouse Singer
Jan D’Arcy as Sylvia Horne
Sherilyn Fenn as Audrey Horne
Miguel Ferrer as Albert Rosenfield
Warren Frost as Dr Will Hayward
Harry Goaz as Andy Brennan
Andrea Hays as Heidi
Gary Hershberger as Mike Nelson
Michael Horse as Tommy “Hawk” Hill
David Patrick Kelly as Jerry Horne
Sheryl Lee as Laura Palmer and Maddy Ferguson
Peggy Lipton as Norma Jennings
Bellina Martin Logan as Louise “Birdsong” Budway
David Lynch as Gordon Cole
Kyle MacLachlan as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper
James Marshall as James Hurley
Everett McGill as Ed Hurley
Walter Olkewicz as Jacques Renault
Kimmy Robertson as Lucy Moran
Wendy Robie as Nadine Hurley
Marvin “Marv” Rosand as Cook at the Double R Diner
Carlton Lee Russell as Jumping Man
Harry Dean Stanton as Carl Rodd
Charlotte Stewart as Betty Briggs
Al Strobel as Phillip Michael Gerard
Carel Struycken as The Giant
Russ Tamblyn as Dr Lawrence Jacoby
Ray Wise as Leland Palmer
Alicia Witt as Gersten Hayward
Grace Zabriskie as Sarah Palmer


New Cast For Twin Peaks:

Alon Aboutboul
Jane Adams
Chrysta Bell
Monica Bellucci
Jim Belushi
Ronnie Gene Blevins
John Billingsley
Michael Bisping
Brent Briscoe
Wes Brown
Gia Carides
Vincent Castellanos
Michael Cera
Richard Chamberlain
Bailey Chase
Candy Clark
Scott Coffey
Frank Collison
Grace Victoria Cox
David Dastmalchian
Jeremy Davies
Ana de la Reguera
Laura Dern
Neil Dickson
Hugh Dillon
Cullen Douglas
Francesca Eastwood
Eric Edelstein
Josh Fadem
Jay R. Ferguson
Sky Ferreira
Patrick Fischler
Robert Forster
Meg Foster
Mark Frost
Pierce Gagnon
Brett Gelman
Balthazar Getty
Grant Goodeve
Hank Harris
Ernie Hudson
Caleb Landry Jones
Ashley Judd
Jesse Johnson
Robert Knepper
David Koechner
Jay Larson
Nicole LaLiberte
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Jane Levy
Matthew Lillard
Bérénice Marlohe
Josh McDermitt
Derek Mears
James Morrison
Christopher Murray
Don Murray
Sara Paxton
Max Perlich
Trent Reznor
Ben Rosenfield
Tim Roth
Rodney Rowland
Elena Satine
John Savage
Amanda Seyfried
Tom Sizemore
Bob Stephenson
Jessica Szohr
Ethan Suplee
Lauren Tewes
Jodi Thelen
Sharon Van Etten
Eddie Vedder
Naomi Watts
Karolina Wydra
Charlyne Yi
Madeline Zima

Shooting wrapped up in mid-April 2016 and we can expect it to grace our screens in the first-half to mid-year, closer to the early side of the mid-year 2017.

Let’s take a look at the synopsis in Mark Frost’s book The Secret History of Twin Peaks (which I have just purchased) as it might provide us with some ever welcome clues

Twenty-five years after Dale Cooper’s investigation of the murder of Laura Palmer, the FBI gets hold of a box it won’t divulge the provenance of. In the box is a huge dossier. A female FBI agent is tasked to analyse all the documents inside, and everything related to the strange town of Twin Peaks. She also has to determine the identity of the person who compiled the dossier. Along the way, she discovers secrets about the lives of the town’s residents, but also investigative reports from Dale Copper, who has since vanished, newspaper clippings, and autopsy report and the other classified information. So what has happened since the death of Laura Palmer and why has an anonymous “archivist’ compiled such a thorough dossier on the town of Twin Peaks and it’s origins?


We can expect more episodes then the original series had, although the exact number of episodes have not been officially confirmed just yet, however, Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer) and Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne) told fans at Crypticon Seattle that we can expect an 18-episode season. If you have not seen the original Twin Peaks or it has been a long time since watching it, I would highly recommend you catch up and familiarize yourself ready for Twin Peaks Season 3 in 2017. Check out the latest teaser and trailers below.



Pop Culture Pipe Bomb will keep you updated on all things Twin Peaks, I will also be recapping Twin Peaks Season 3 each week.

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We Look at Lucifer Season 2 & What We Know So Far



Lucifer is currently on its winter break at the moment but there is no shortage of speculation for what the rest of Season 2 will hold. The mid-season episode ended with a huge revelation, that Chloe (Lauren German) isn’t just a normal human, in fact, she is that special that her existence had been orchestrated by god.

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe have had a special bond from the beginning of the series. Lucifer has never been able to bring out her deepest and darkest desire. Lucifer can make humans admit what they really desire, but this trick doesn’t work on Chloe and this intrigues Lucifer. We have seen so far this season that Lucifer is feeling more for Chloe than ever before. Mother dearest Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) is planning to use this knowledge and is prepared to use Chloe to get what she wants and that is to get everything back.


**Spoilers Ahead**

The winter teaser for Lucifer’s Season 2 Premiere, shows Chloe’s life could be in danger and based on the spoilers revealed by Idry Mordovich (showrunner), God was the one who granted the couple’s wish for a child because he wanted to put Chloe in Lucifer’s path. Modrovich refers to Chloe as the miracle since she is the result of God’s work and he has designed her to be immune to Lucifer’s charms. Mordovich also says at the end of the Season 2 the last four episodes are going to be completely standalone, and they plan to make them flashback to Lucifer first arriving in LA. But we may also find out how Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) carried out God’s plans to help a couple conceive Chloe in the standalone episodes. The true identity of Chloe will set the tone for the rest of Season 2, but it is Chloe’s bleeding nose that sends Lucifer into a spin, her bleeding nose could very well put her life in danger as seen in the trailer below  when Chole says “it won’t stop bleeding.” At this stage we still don’t know the exact plan that God has for Chloe but all will be revealed in time.

I’m very interested to see where the rest of Season 2 will take us when it resumes in January.  Pop Culture Pipe Bomb will keep you up to date on all things Lucifer as it comes to hand. Check out the teaser for Lucifer SN02 EP11 -‘Stewardess Interruptus’ below.

Lucifer Season 2 is set to return on FOX, Monday 16th January 2017 at 9 p.m. EST

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Bates Motel Season 5 What We Know So Far


It feels like years since my last bates Motel review, but the good news is our pasty white little psychopath will be back very soon there’s talk of it most likely premiering in March 2017.

 What We Know So Far

  • Marion Crane from the original film will be appearing in multiple episodes and Singer Rihana will portray the iconic part
  • Sam Loomis and Lila Crane will also appear in the final season
  • Isabelle McNally will play Madeleine Loomis
  • There will also be a new sheriff in town, Brooke Smith will play the new Sheriff Jane Greene
  • Kenny Johnson returns for the final season.
  • Freddie Highmore is writing a few episodes for season 5 as well directing an episode.

Now from what I can gather Season 5 will be even darker than previous seasons as we watch Norman Bates lose control of his mind and transform from somewhat normal teenager to the most prolific serial killer in the history of movies. Rihanna will appear in multiple episodes, I really  hope the show will re-enact  Marion Crane’s  infamous shower scene, that has become one of the most talked about and iconic moments in the film.



Vera Farmiga will also reprise her dead character, Norma Bates. This season we will see norman the tightly wound psychopath start to unravel, with vision of his dead mother doing chores around the motel, in his warped little mind he believes his mother is very much alive and it has been promised by the producers that will see these bone-chilling moments played out in the entire 10-episodes of Season 5


While I am super excited for Bates Motel to be back, it is also bittersweet with this being the final season, I am-am going to miss my little psycho. To the entire cast and crew, thank you for the last 5 seasons, you are all brilliant in your own right and in my eyes talented legends who brought one of the best and my favourite horror films back to life. My hat goes off to you all. Bates Motel will go down as my favourite horror TV Series of all time.

We will keep you updated on all things Bates Motel as they come to hand, so keep your eyes peeled folks!

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