Sheep Among Wolves/CROWN Split EP Release


So I was approached by Rob from Hidden Home Records about doing a release on his band Sheep Among Wolves split EP with UK hardcore band CROWN and was only happy to oblige with his request.

This project has been in the works for over a year between the two bands and will be a joint release from Hidden Home Records and Local Colour Records and will be release to the general public on the 29th of May. I have been lucky enough to have given it a listen already and like what I have heard so far we have Sheep Among Wolves who are an Indie/Punk band and CROWN who are a Hardcore band so it’s a nice contrast in musical styles.

You can check both bands out at the following links

Sheep Among Wolves








Hidden Home Records



Local Colour Records





Interview With Pop Punk Band ‘Wicked Bears’


So it’s time for another band interview and it’s the turn of 3 piece Salt Lake City Pop Punk Band Wicked Bears so without further ado lets jump right into the interview.

  1. How did the band form?

Casey (bass): We’ve been friends for a long time, thanks to playing in other bands and having mutual friends.I saw Nick (guitar) listening to Masked Intruder on Spotify one day during work, and I was also listening to Masked Intruder. So I texted him about it, and that was the beginning. Nick texted Ken (drums) about it, and we rehearsed a week or so later.  It’s a pretty boring story, but if there were a cooler story to tell we’d definitely use that one

  1. How would you describe your musical style?

Fast, melodic, and easy to grab a hold of. We try to play pop punk that we’d like if we were sitting in the back of your car hanging out. But if we’re sitting in your car, maybe musical style isn’t your biggest concern right now. How did these three grown men get into your car?

  1. You have released your new 6 track EP can you tell us a little bit about the recording process?

We gave ourselves a time limit. We didn’t want to spend a lot of money because money is hard to come by sometimes, so we said we’d give ourselves one weekend to record our six songs. We had them about 95% written at that point, so we didn’t need to worry about coming up with more than backing vocals in the studio. We got all the tracking done on a Saturday and Sunday. After that, the mixing and mastering took about a week, and as soon as we had the tracks ready, we put them up on Bandcamp.

  1. What shows do you have lined up to promote the new EP

We’re playing with Red City Radio on May 18th! It’s at a new venue in Salt Lake City called the Beehive Social Club. Our friends from here in Utah, Uncle Dirt, are playing as well.


  1. Who would you say is the biggest musical influence on the band?

We all grew up playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and that’s one space that gave us common ground as musicians and friends. Killer tunes and sick combos are what we grew up on. Also, Nick really loves Bowling for Soup, so if you hear some of that in there, it’s his fault.

  1. How did you come to be signed to Hidden home records?

As soon as we had our tracks ready, we put them on Bandcamp and told all our friends. We’ve only been around for about eight months, so the reception we received was unexpected. Word spread of the record, and our friend Rob at Hidden Home sent over a message on facebook, to see if we wanted to work with him. We’ve known Rob a long time now, so the relationship escalated pretty quickly. Hidden Home has been an inspiration, and a great help to us.

  1. Do you have any plans to come over and tour in the UK?

No! Not because we don’t want to, but because we’re in Salt Lake City, Utah, and that’s 7200 km away (4500 miles, for the unrefined). Our only option is a long distance relationship for now. Which can sometimes be ideal. We get to hang out with our friends on the weekend, you don’t have to worry about our schedule, we can watch american football, you can watch actual football; it will make our eventual union very sweet.


  1. Tell our readers a fun fact about the band that they may not know?

Ken owns a DVD on ska and raggae drumming called Wicked Beats . He was texting about it, and when referring to the DVD, accidentally typed Wicked Bears. When his phone exploded immediately afterward, he knew he was on to something special.

  1. Can you give our music savvy readers some information on what equipment the band uses?

Ken plays a DW collectors kit, a Sonar snare, and Zildjian K series cymbals.  Nick plays a Reverend Buckshot with a Vox AC30 amp. Casey plays a homemade bass with a Fender ‘58 split pickup, with an Ampeg SVT-3 amp head and an Ampeg 410 cab.

  1. Finally what advice would you give any up and coming musicians?

Set goals! Decide when you want things to happen, then do your best to make it happen. This whole record is a product of us deciding what we want to do, when we want it done by, and then executing on that timeline.

You can check out wicked bears new EP in its entirety free on band camp at the following link:-

You can also keep updated with what the band are up to on Facebook either by searching for Wicked Bears or following this this link:-

And finally on Twitter by searching for or clicking the link @WickedBears