An Interview With T.ELI-$HA


Howdy! Today I interviewed a young up an coming rapper from Perth, Western Australia. T.ELI-$HA a 16 year old Zimbabwean/Australian who is focused on telling stories about life and spreading a positive message through his music, as well as expressing himself as an artis and is produced by Fugitive Beats. His song “Being Real” is on the Australian digital radio station Tripplej Unearthed and can also be found on Soundcloud.

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T.ELI- $HA’s Interview 

1) Where are you from?

I was born in Harare Zimbabwe, where I lived till I was 8. I know live in Perth, Western Australia.

2) When did you start rapping? 

Started rapping around the age of 8 but it was just to my favourite rappers back then nothing serious, around 9-10 is when i started writing music and expressing myself.

3) What made you decide to go into the music industry?

Music I feel is just my natural calling ever since a young age, I knew it would be my destiny to speak to the masses using music and rap. From wanting to be President to being a rock-star and at the age of 10 I finally decided that rap was my calling after being inspired by a couple of artists.

4) If you could compare yourself to an already established artists, who would that be and why?

I think its hard to compare me because I don’t like placing myself into just one sub genre of hip-hop music, I like to focus on telling stories so I guess you could compare me to J.Cole and Kendrick in that way. I also want my music to make people feel good so I’ll leave the comparing to my fans and or haters.

5) What message do you hope you’re listeners will take away from your songs?

I just try spread positivity in all my music, I just really want people to feel good about being themselves. Using music I hope to tell stories about my past, things I have seen and been through and hopefully make the world aware that life isn’t just about ourselves.

6) Who are your Influences?

I have so many! Lil Wayne  is probably the person that inspired me to rap back in the days of Cater IV and such projects, but Drake is the rapper I wanted to resemble when it came to flow etc…. Now having grown up my biggest influences are J. Cole, Kendrick, 2Pac, Asap Rocky, 50 cent, Jay-Z , Hopsin etc….

7) What do you hope to accomplish throughout your career?

I just hope to be able to inspire at least one person. That would mean the world to me, obviously I would like to be able to continue making music till my time on this earth is out…. So yeah hopefully  I can impact people in this world who need it in a positive way, Make people aware of problems and show them the world is a much bigger then them and I, also that I have a long and fruitful career.

8) Do you have any projects in the works ie up coming gigs? 

I’ve got a lot of really deep and personal music that I am working on too so keep a look out for that, I will try to release new music every month so follow my Soundcloud and my twitter.

9) Is there any advice you’d like to give to young aspring rappers like yourself? 

I wish you all successful and bright futures, just keep working hard and make music that is imporant to you and is real to you and I guarantee someone out there will be listening. Don’t be afraid to reach out especially Australian singers, producers and other rappers.




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