Interview With ‘The Spins’


So I approached The Spins about conducting an interview for the site and they were more than happy to oblige. The band are a Pop Rock band from Roquebrune Cap-Martin, France and consist of Alessia Mattalia (drums) Mai Agan (bass) Marcello Giordano (keyboards, backing vocals) Ludovic Briand (guitar, lead vocals). So lets see what the band have to say in the interview below.

How did the band form?

Marcello: “In 2010, soon after the release of Jeff Beck’s Hammerhead, Alessia and I began to collaborate with a London based producer, who was trying to build an international project aiming to chart in the UK. For a number of reasons the project didn’t move forward, but we had the opportunity to meet Estonian bassist Mai Agan, no joke one of the best female bassist worldwide. So, when Alessia and I decided to resume the project, Mai has obviously been our first choice. Then last summer we had the chance to see Ludovic playing live at the port of Montecarlo with his Tribute to Toto. Not only his technical abilities and his own style in playing guitar but also his voice convinced us he was our man. After 4 months of pre-production made via e-mail we decided we had enough material for an EP. So we booked two weeks in Manchester at Vibe Studios and began the sessions while making a deep search to find a great female vocalist in town. During the recording sessions the resident producer Dean Glover suggested we could try with a very young but very talented female vocalist called Amy Danielle. We did it and now she’s The Spins’ lead vocalist.”

How would you describe your musical style?

Alessia: “Something in the middle of modern electronic pop and classic rock.

Your new EP is due out on the 28th of June what can we expect from the new EP? Marcello: “I’d say a concept song (Hole In The Ground, a song about a girl who could be the insane daughter of The Beatles’ infamous serial killer Maxwell), 3 wannabe chartbreakers and the title-track, that I started from the (very psychedelic) lyrics I wrote on a sleepness night and that represents our attempt to write music without thinking to charts, sounds, beats a-la-modeand so on. That’s the music as we feel it should be”


A question to Alessia – What was it like working with Jeff Beck?

Alessia: “It’s been like working with a myth who revealed to be not just an incredible musician but a passionate lover of music and a very kind man, who succeeded in making me feeling absolutely comfortable from the very beginning of the recording sessions even if I was playing with a piece of music history.”

Who would you say is the biggest musical influence on the band?

Marcello: “There is not just one musical influence. Mai comes from jazz, if you listen to the works of her modern jazz-fusion band MaiGroup you would understand how she seems to be distant from my background made of classical music, The Beatles and The Who and Alessia’s one, a deep connoisseur of the 80’s and whose drumming style has been built following the traces of Terry Bozzio, Dave Weckl, Simon Phillips and so on. I can say we have several musical influences that we try to mix and build our own unique sound.”

If you could have one guest musician to do a song with alive or dead who would it be and why?

Marcello: “Dead Freddy Mercury, alive Paul McCartney.”

Do you have any tours lined up this year?

Marcello:Yes, summer and early Autumn will be dedicated to an intensive UK tour.”

Tell our readers a fun fact about the band that they may not know?

Alessia: “One night we decided to go downtown for dinner, so we decided to eat in a kebab restaurant. After having ordered our meals, Mai and I decided to go to the toilet. When we got there I realized that there was no possibility to close the door, so I asked Marcello to come and stay in front of it until we had finished, and when he reached us he immediately burst out laughing as he realized that there was no lock at the door because the doorknob has been used to substitute the push button of the flush! Absolutely crazy.”

Can you give are music savvy readers some information on what equipment the band uses?

Marcello:Alessia’s Liberty Drums kit is made of two snares (8” and 14”), two hi-hats (one per side), 22” bass drum, four toms, one gong tom, an Axis X double pedal and UFIP cymbals. Mai uses an american Fender Jazz bass, Ludovic uses a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar, an Ernie Ball Music Man LIII electric guitar and a Cort Grand Regal acoustic guitar. I have a studio configuration (Korg M5 88 keys, an Acer laptop equipped with Windows 10, Studio One 3 Pro and a huge list of VST synths and FX) and a live one, which includes a Kawai MP9000 stage piano, a Clavia Nord C2, an Arturia MatrixBrute and a M-Audio 88 keys master keyboard connected to my laptop.”

Finally what advice would you give any up and coming musicians?

Alessia: “Difficult to say. Work with humility, keep on studying to improve your skills, never be so conceited not to accept an advice from a fellow colleague and pray that someday you will have the chance to be in the right place at the right time.”


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