This Week’s Fresh Music Friday’s Featured Band is Pacific Skyline!

Welcome to the latest edition of Skatronixxx Fresh Music Friday! This week we have another treat for you in the shape of a band, with a unique fusion of genres, this week featured band is Pacific Skyline!
Pacific Skyline is made up of members, Chris Cardone (Vocals), Joey Miller (Drums), Calvin Bridges (Bass) and Drew Ferguson (Guitar), as I said above these guys have a really unique sound and fusion of Electronica and Metal, I know right you wouldn’t this that those two genres would work together, but Pacific Skyline have made electronica and metal mesh together seamlessly and fan’s of both genres will love and appreciate this marriage made in heaven.  Pacific Skyline hail from Ocean Springs, Mississippi and released their EP ‘Out Of This World’ in July of this year. I don’t normally get into metal, but Pacific Skyline have managed to get my attention, not only is the sound like nothing I have ever heard before, it’s mixed flawlessly and the arrangement of instruments are just as flawless, Chris’s vocals are perfect metal vocals but he also has a really great tone and grit when he is not doing metal vocals.
The boys are hugely talented and I believe they deserve a spot in your playlist, to accomplish the fusion of two genres that let’s face it, really shouldn’t work together is a major feat and they have been able to do it so seamlessly, so I take my hat off to you boys! Remember the name Pacific Skyline, they are definitely ones to watch.
The boys were kind enough to take some time out and answers the Skatronixxx Fresh Music Friday Q&A check it below.

Skatronixxx Fresh Music Friday’s Q&A

Presh: If there was one person you could play your music too, who would it be and what?
Pacific Skyline: well there isn’t just one person we would want to play for unless only one person came to our show, we would love to play for everyone on earth and because having our music connect with people is one of the best feelings in the world
Presh: Is there a story or inspiration behind the band’s name? 
PS: well we were on a road trip across the country and didn’t have a band name at the time but we had music ready to go and just couldn’t think of anything to save our lives until we came upon California and saw the beautiful skyline and said, “what about Pacific Skyline?
Presh: For our readers who have not heard you music yet, describe your sound in five words.
PS: Mix of Edm and Metal
Presh: The fusion of genre you have are really unique, how did your sound come about?
PS: We started off as a straight EDM boy band back in 2009 then started adding guitar and real drums into the music
Presh: You Released your EP “Out Of This World” in July, it a prequel to an upcoming album? And what’s next for Pacific Skyline?
PS: It’s not really a prequel to an album but we do have some more ground-breaking music and a music video on the way in late December/early 2017

Huge shout out to the boys for being great sports, check them out for yourself and buy their EP “Out Of This World” you wont be disappointed! Find the links below, and be sure to head to their Twitter and Facebook pages and give them some love and tell them Presh sent you.


Pacific Skyline EP “Out Of This World”

Pacific Skyline Facebook Page

Pacific Skyline Twitter Account

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Stu’s Track Of The Week 23/07/16


So here we are again and it’s time for my Track Of The Week and this weeks choice comes from Asking Alexandria and the song Not The American Average from the album Stand Up and Scream which was released in 2009.

The music video for the song was not released until 2011 and is a live performance piece filmed whilst they were on there Epicentre tour.

The lyrics for the song are as follows.

1, 2, 3, 4!
(All the things that she said, was it all in my head?)

Come on, baby,
Keep it down.
Honey, hush your lips.
Clothes trailing
From the backdoor
To the bedroom
And I don’t even know your name.
Give me all you’ve got.
Make this night worth my time,
Make this worth my time (oh!)

What I would give to live this night again!
I knew when I first saw you,
You would fuck like a whore!
You’d fuck like a whore!
I can hear you scream for more! (yeah!)

Your thighs were made for cheeks to graze.
My lips, your poison,
They bring you to your knees.

Ah, come on!

Girl, get down,
It’s almost over!
Take it all the way!

You stupid fucking whore!

And after all of all my dreaming being only you,
You’re standing there, baby, oh,
The things that I could do!
Back to the wall with a drink in my hand!
Back it up, baby, ride, ride, ride!

One step too late
And I never told you (never told you)
That I can’t take
Another disappointment.
Breathing and grasping all leads to another messy ending.
Breathing and grasping all leads to another messy ending.

Ten inch!

With your back against the wall!
With your face buried in the pillow!
I see you cold!
I feel you heartless!
You stupid fucking bitch!
You stupid fucking bitch!

Fucking bitch.

As always turn up loud and bang your head and I hope you enjoy this weeks track selection and for all your alternative music needs stick with @Deadpool_1984 only at

Stu’s Track Of The Week 17/06/16


So it’s that time again for my track of the week and this week I have gone for Slipknot – Wait And Bleed. This track comes from the bands debut self titled album released back in 1999 and peaked at number 34 on the American Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks Chart. 

The meaning behind the song is as follows.

“Wait and Bleed” is about a man who keeps getting repetitive black and white dreams about laying in a bathtub full of his own blood with his wrists cut. One day, the man wakes up and sees that his dreams have become a reality, but he doesn’t want to believe it and he attempts to fall back asleep again.

There are two music videos for “Wait and Bleed”; the first, directed by Thomas Mignone, features footage of a live performance of the song filmed during the band’s appearance at Ozzfest on September 1, 1999 with the studio track overdubbed. The second, known as the “Claymation version”, depicts all nine band members as small, animated, doll-like creatures inside a laboratory inhabited by a man who is attempting to catch them. Eventually, the band cause the man to fall over and be stung by insects dropping from a jar. As the band looks over the man, Chris Fehn‘s doll covers him in fuel before seeing all 9 band members looking at him, Shawn Crahan then sets the man alight, killing him.

So here we are turn up loud and bang your head Maggots to Slipknot – Wait And Bleed

An Interview with Severed Illusions


So for my latest music interview I managed to grab some time with a local band I’m friends with called Severed Illusions. They have recently finished recording a 4 track EP so seemed like the perfect time to catch up with the band to see what they have planned next. So that’s enough from me lets get to hearing what the band have to say.


1) How did the band form?

Kyle – We were writing some heavy rap metal at Carlos’s house with myself and Hopper (former vocalist) we liked what we were coming up with and decided to get some more musicians involved. We were doing a cover of a Slayer song and decided to get Ant in on Drum duties. The first line up consisted of Carlos, Hopper and myself splitting vocal duties, I also played guitar while Ant was on drums.

Carlos – We then added Andy and Ollie who were brothers as guitarists and Kyle then moved to bass and Vocals as Hopper eventually left the band. Eventually Andy and Ollie left the band and Kyle asked Dan if he would interested in joining the band on guitar and he agreed straight away.

2) How would you describe your musical style?

Hardcore thrash metal

3) You have just finished recording you EP what is the title of the EP and when will it be released?

The EP will be called Agree to disagree, which is also the title of one of the songs from the EP. It will be released on the 22nd of April and we will be having a launch party at the White Swan in Trowbridge on the same date.


4) Who would you say is the biggest influence for the sound of the band?

Soulfly, Hatbreed, Lamb of God, Slipknot, Suicide silence, Avenged sevenfold and Whitechapel

5) If a film was made of your lives who would you want to play you and what would it be called?

Carlos – Tom Hardy

Ant – Gary Oldman

Kyle – Brandon Lee (If he was alive)

Dan – Taylor Swift (This was a band decision)

It would be called Illusions Severed.

6) If there was a cover band created of your band who would you have in the line up dead or alive?

Carlos – Jamie Jaster (Hatebreed)

Kyle – Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne)

Dan – Andy James (Sacred Mothertounge)

Ant – Joey Jordinson (Ex-Slipknot Scar the Martyr)

7) What gigs do you have lined up?

March 11th White Swan with vice squad and the blunders

19th at the 12 bells on a 5 band line up

16th of April at the old bell Warminster with Black forge

EP launch on the 22nd April at the white swan

Rock diabetes gig in October 11th at the civic hall.

8) What can we expect to see from you in 2016?

A music video trying to get some more gigs further a field to go along with the EP launch.


9) Tell are readers one fun fact about yourselves that we may not know?

We have no secrets we like to have fun and drink beers and make some noise.

10) Finally what advice would you have for upcoming musicians?

As long as you enjoy what your doing don’t worry about what everyone else thinks as long as you have a few people enjoying what your doing who cares.


You can check out Severed Illusions at the following sites.