This Week’s Fresh Friday’s Featured Band is Eeek!


Lt to Rt: Ruth, Karen, Mandy, Lucy and Danielle

It’s Fresh Friday time again music lovers, this week’s featured band is an all female band by the name of Eeek! I was lucky enough to be introduced to them last week, and let me tell you I am glad to have met them and once you hear their album your life will be all that better for it too.

Eeek is an all-gal band that hails from West Midlands in the UK, their sound is literally music to you ears, with loads of harmony-laden acoustic soul. Eeek is made up by Lucy Burton (Vocals), Danielle Wilson (Backing Vocals), Mandy Burton (Guitar), Karen Milne (Drums) and Ruth Bradney (Bass). Lucy and Danielle have the voices of angels, their vocals and harmonies are flawlessly superb, with a hint of sexy, raspy goodness, the guitars on all the tracks are phenomenal both Mandy and Ruth are crazy talented and definitely know how to make their guitars sing, and the drums on all the tracks are brilliant, Karen knows how to belt ’em that’s for sure! I love these gals, every time I listen to their album (it’s been on repeat for 2 days) It make’s me want to pour a drink and sit by my fire pit and just chill to their sounds and stare off into the fire, even in though we have started our Australian summer. Eeek’s album Love, loss and Bowling needs a top spot in your playlist, once you hear their music, you will wonder how you have been able to live without it. The gals were kind enough to do the Skatronixxx Fresh Friday’s Q&A, including Ruth who is currently travelling in Australia.


Eeek Album Cover by Jenika

Skatronixxx Fresh Friday Q&A with Eeek


Presh: How did the awesomeness that is Eeek come about?

Eeek: We like you!  Lucy and Danielle sang together for years. Mandy and Karen also played in a couple of bands together. Ruth was a friend and a charity case :). L, D, M and K were playing for another girl solo musician, this disbanded, and as we all were really good friends it was a natural progression to get a band together. We played for a couple of years without a bass player, and then one cold and frosty morning, wrapped in swaddling clothes,  a package was left on the doorstep. It was pale and ginger, asking for beer and wanting to join a band, Ruth. Eeek was born.

Ruth: Eeek were birthed from a series of space pods sent from an as yet unknown, but clearly musically advanced planet. They have each been carbon dated and are all estimated to be between 2000 (mandy) and 20 (ruth) years old.

Presh: Is there any particular inspiration behind the album Love, Loss and bowling?

 Eeek: It’s pretty much in the title. All the songs are about Love- good, bad and the ugly, Loss- death and lost love, (happy bunch aren’t we!)and bowling!

Ruth: Love, Loss and Bowling, as the name suggests, is for the most part, a concept album about the struggle for scottish independence.

Presh: What is Eeek’s creative process, and is it a collective effort?

Eeek: Songs can come from anywhere, and I truly believe that they have an existence outside of us, we’re merely vessels through which they are born ( I can hear Ruth saying “Hippy”).

But songs sometimes come out as a whole, as in See You Again, You Lose and  Turbo girl. Others may start with a lyric, melody, chord progression or riff. Lucy and Mandy get the basic acoustic version together then send a rough recording from the phone to the rest of the gals. Then we get together as a band and play it through and throw ideas around. Sometimes it all falls into place straight away, sometimes it requires a little more tlc.

Before we record with John at Woodbine Street Studios, who is brilliant to work with, we work out extra guitar lines, vocals and stuff, and any extra instrumentation, like the violin from the wonderful Joe O’Donnell, and Viola from lovely Junghee Howson.

Ruth: Ruth, the bass player would generally be singled out as the main creative force of the band, with very little input from the others.

Presh: If you could work with any artist, who would it be and why?

Eeek: Thats a hard one as there are so many amazing musicians and singer songwriters out there. Prince would have been incredible on every level, Wendy and Lisa, Kate Bush, Ani Di Franco, Patti Smith,  . We all probably would say different people, so we’d never agree anyway!

Ruth: Van Gough, or any of the post impressionist painters, because they all look like a right laugh. 

Presh: Do you each have a favourite track on Love loss and bowling if so which one?


Lucy – You Lose or Be Water

Karen – Be Water or Firestar

Danielle – You Lose (for the guitars and how it builds) or Be Water

Mandy – See You Again, as this one was written  for the old dogs that passed away, but the song could be for any ending, but with a positive “I Will See You Again”, or That Linda as the intro sounds like a troup of slow walking Elephants.

Ruth – anything makes her cry!

Ruth: I hate them all equally. No exceptions.

Presh: What’s next for Eeek? Will our ears be graced with another sensational album in 2017?

Eeek: Hmm, well Ruth has taken a year out to travel the world, Danielle has had a baby-well timed, and there are a few new songs on the boiler.

Ruth’s back in February so we will get back to it then, maybe an EP in 2017.

Ruth: 2017 will see the return of mediocre bass playing and classic bants. Likely to learn a new Stevie or Dolly cover. Almost guaranteed that will do a gig in dans lounge. Ruth will most certainly cry.

Firstly a huge shout out to gals for being such good sports and answers the questions and secondly how could you not love them after those answers! Below you will find the links to buy their album Love, Loss and Bowling, so do yourself a favor and buy the album and support an awesome indie band that makes unbelievably awesome music and be sure to Turn it Up!



Eeek’s Album:  Love, Loss and Bowling:

Twitter: @EeekFreek



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Fresh Friday Featuring Miccoli


Miccoli – Photo: Miccoli Facebook

Welcome back to this weeks Fresh Friday, this week’s feature is the very talented Miccoli! I stumbled upon this great band on twitter of all places and just instantly loved their sound. This week has an added extra as the band were kind enough to do a Q&A as well….. Lets find out more about Miccoli.

Miccoli are a British band that comprises of twin brothers Adriano Miccoli (vocal and acoustic/electric guitar) Alessandro Miccoli (piano, vocal, acoustic guitar and clarinet) and sister Francesca Miccoli (vocal, piano, and harmonica) and formed the band in 2006 in Birmingham England. Miccoli wrote, produced and recorded their own debut album “writing on rooves” and preformed some of the singles from their debut album at the O2 Wireless festival in 2006 and the following year played to a packed crowd at the Glee Club in Birmingham.

The music video for their single “Idle Stranger” was featured on VH1 and bliss TV in the UK in 2013, the music video also picked up a few awards including:

– Monthly Top Talent and Top Talent Week 22-26 – June Citizen TV 2013 – Took out 1st
– Best Of Music Category – July Citizen TV 2013 – Took out 2nd
– Top Talent Week 35-39 – September Citizen TV 2014 – Took out 2nd

Miccoli also picked up a few awards for two other music videos:

– Top Talent Week 35-39 for “Can You Hear Me” – September Citizen TV 2014 – Took out 2nd
– Top Talent Week 22 for “Magnify” – June Citizen TV 2014 – Took out 1st.

One of the bands recent singles is called ‘addiction‘ and I can tell you Miccoli are my new addiction! Not only are they exceptionally talented they also have a uniqueness that most bands today don’t have, they have the old school band sound with a modern twist and what I mean when I say old school sound is that like bands of old, you can hear every single instrument played in each of their songs. They have nailed the art of balance between music and vocals and it give you this beautiful eclectic yet nostalgic sound, which their singles – ‘Tell Me‘, ‘Undo‘ and ‘Devices‘ all feature. You need to treat your ears to Miccoli and I promise you once you hear their beautiful sound, you like me will be addicted! Below is the Q&A that Miccoli were kind enough to do for our readers.



Q&A with Miccoli


When did you start singing and songwriting?

We were all involved in music from an early age playing in orchestras at school then bands when we left school, it was around that time when we came together and started writing songs at home as we all lived together an it kind of made sense plus organising rehearsals and song writing sessions were easy.

For our readers who have never heard your music can you explain your sound in five words.

Memorable melodies with haunting harmonies.

You write your own music; where do you draw inspiration from and what is your favorite part about the process?

It sounds cliché but we draw on our own experiences in life to write about, it can literally be anything that has affected us on an emotional level in same way or another. I’d say one of my favourite parts is getting to empty your head putting it down on paper or sealing it in a melody.
Who have you always dreamt of working with and why?

We are Big fans of Fleetwood Mac that would be our first choice, they inspired us a lot listening to them growing.

Share with us your proudest moment in your career so far?

Probably having our video played on Vh1/MTV not embarrassed to say we recorded the first airing and celebrated of course with a cup of tea…Obviously.

Who is your favorite artist and what is your favorite song right now?

That’s tricky as we mainly listen to music that’s not really current or from a different era, like Fleetwood Mac we mentioned earlier but other artists like Police, Sting and Simon and Garfunkel, we are just able to relate more to this on a personal and musical level too.

Miccoli is definitely a band after my own heart, we share the love of the same artists and their music, I don’t know how I have lived without them in my playlist this long! below is the official music video for their single ‘Addiction‘ hope you guys enjoy it as much as do.


Miccoli Links




An Interview With Musician Haley Rose

Hi Readers! It’s me Skatronixxx, yes I know it’s been a while but as you know I’ve been working hard away behind the scenes, but enough about me I’m here to talk to you about a really talented musician by the name of Haley Rose.
Haley is a 17 year old singer songwriter fom Iowa, USA. I met Haley on twitter, you can find her here and as you know there’s loads of budding musicians on twitter, some good, some bad, but Haley not only had a really nice voice but seemed like a nice person as well. I mean who else who have a dedicate page on her EP for fans. That was pretty cool
I liked the fact that Haley shares my positive outlook on life and offered her an interview on our website and she accepted! So let’s find out some more about another one of our followers and friends Haley!

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Interview With ‘The Spins’


So I approached The Spins about conducting an interview for the site and they were more than happy to oblige. The band are a Pop Rock band from Roquebrune Cap-Martin, France and consist of Alessia Mattalia (drums) Mai Agan (bass) Marcello Giordano (keyboards, backing vocals) Ludovic Briand (guitar, lead vocals). So lets see what the band have to say in the interview below.

How did the band form?

Marcello: “In 2010, soon after the release of Jeff Beck’s Hammerhead, Alessia and I began to collaborate with a London based producer, who was trying to build an international project aiming to chart in the UK. For a number of reasons the project didn’t move forward, but we had the opportunity to meet Estonian bassist Mai Agan, no joke one of the best female bassist worldwide. So, when Alessia and I decided to resume the project, Mai has obviously been our first choice. Then last summer we had the chance to see Ludovic playing live at the port of Montecarlo with his Tribute to Toto. Not only his technical abilities and his own style in playing guitar but also his voice convinced us he was our man. After 4 months of pre-production made via e-mail we decided we had enough material for an EP. So we booked two weeks in Manchester at Vibe Studios and began the sessions while making a deep search to find a great female vocalist in town. During the recording sessions the resident producer Dean Glover suggested we could try with a very young but very talented female vocalist called Amy Danielle. We did it and now she’s The Spins’ lead vocalist.”

How would you describe your musical style?

Alessia: “Something in the middle of modern electronic pop and classic rock.

Your new EP is due out on the 28th of June what can we expect from the new EP? Marcello: “I’d say a concept song (Hole In The Ground, a song about a girl who could be the insane daughter of The Beatles’ infamous serial killer Maxwell), 3 wannabe chartbreakers and the title-track, that I started from the (very psychedelic) lyrics I wrote on a sleepness night and that represents our attempt to write music without thinking to charts, sounds, beats a-la-modeand so on. That’s the music as we feel it should be”


A question to Alessia – What was it like working with Jeff Beck?

Alessia: “It’s been like working with a myth who revealed to be not just an incredible musician but a passionate lover of music and a very kind man, who succeeded in making me feeling absolutely comfortable from the very beginning of the recording sessions even if I was playing with a piece of music history.”

Who would you say is the biggest musical influence on the band?

Marcello: “There is not just one musical influence. Mai comes from jazz, if you listen to the works of her modern jazz-fusion band MaiGroup you would understand how she seems to be distant from my background made of classical music, The Beatles and The Who and Alessia’s one, a deep connoisseur of the 80’s and whose drumming style has been built following the traces of Terry Bozzio, Dave Weckl, Simon Phillips and so on. I can say we have several musical influences that we try to mix and build our own unique sound.”

If you could have one guest musician to do a song with alive or dead who would it be and why?

Marcello: “Dead Freddy Mercury, alive Paul McCartney.”

Do you have any tours lined up this year?

Marcello:Yes, summer and early Autumn will be dedicated to an intensive UK tour.”

Tell our readers a fun fact about the band that they may not know?

Alessia: “One night we decided to go downtown for dinner, so we decided to eat in a kebab restaurant. After having ordered our meals, Mai and I decided to go to the toilet. When we got there I realized that there was no possibility to close the door, so I asked Marcello to come and stay in front of it until we had finished, and when he reached us he immediately burst out laughing as he realized that there was no lock at the door because the doorknob has been used to substitute the push button of the flush! Absolutely crazy.”

Can you give are music savvy readers some information on what equipment the band uses?

Marcello:Alessia’s Liberty Drums kit is made of two snares (8” and 14”), two hi-hats (one per side), 22” bass drum, four toms, one gong tom, an Axis X double pedal and UFIP cymbals. Mai uses an american Fender Jazz bass, Ludovic uses a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar, an Ernie Ball Music Man LIII electric guitar and a Cort Grand Regal acoustic guitar. I have a studio configuration (Korg M5 88 keys, an Acer laptop equipped with Windows 10, Studio One 3 Pro and a huge list of VST synths and FX) and a live one, which includes a Kawai MP9000 stage piano, a Clavia Nord C2, an Arturia MatrixBrute and a M-Audio 88 keys master keyboard connected to my laptop.”

Finally what advice would you give any up and coming musicians?

Alessia: “Difficult to say. Work with humility, keep on studying to improve your skills, never be so conceited not to accept an advice from a fellow colleague and pray that someday you will have the chance to be in the right place at the right time.”


You can check the band out at the following links

Twitter –

Facebook –

Website –

So there you have it a great interview with some great answers. As always for all your music needs stick with @Deadpool_1984 only at

Interview With Pop Punk Band ‘Wicked Bears’


So it’s time for another band interview and it’s the turn of 3 piece Salt Lake City Pop Punk Band Wicked Bears so without further ado lets jump right into the interview.

  1. How did the band form?

Casey (bass): We’ve been friends for a long time, thanks to playing in other bands and having mutual friends.I saw Nick (guitar) listening to Masked Intruder on Spotify one day during work, and I was also listening to Masked Intruder. So I texted him about it, and that was the beginning. Nick texted Ken (drums) about it, and we rehearsed a week or so later.  It’s a pretty boring story, but if there were a cooler story to tell we’d definitely use that one

  1. How would you describe your musical style?

Fast, melodic, and easy to grab a hold of. We try to play pop punk that we’d like if we were sitting in the back of your car hanging out. But if we’re sitting in your car, maybe musical style isn’t your biggest concern right now. How did these three grown men get into your car?

  1. You have released your new 6 track EP can you tell us a little bit about the recording process?

We gave ourselves a time limit. We didn’t want to spend a lot of money because money is hard to come by sometimes, so we said we’d give ourselves one weekend to record our six songs. We had them about 95% written at that point, so we didn’t need to worry about coming up with more than backing vocals in the studio. We got all the tracking done on a Saturday and Sunday. After that, the mixing and mastering took about a week, and as soon as we had the tracks ready, we put them up on Bandcamp.

  1. What shows do you have lined up to promote the new EP

We’re playing with Red City Radio on May 18th! It’s at a new venue in Salt Lake City called the Beehive Social Club. Our friends from here in Utah, Uncle Dirt, are playing as well.


  1. Who would you say is the biggest musical influence on the band?

We all grew up playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and that’s one space that gave us common ground as musicians and friends. Killer tunes and sick combos are what we grew up on. Also, Nick really loves Bowling for Soup, so if you hear some of that in there, it’s his fault.

  1. How did you come to be signed to Hidden home records?

As soon as we had our tracks ready, we put them on Bandcamp and told all our friends. We’ve only been around for about eight months, so the reception we received was unexpected. Word spread of the record, and our friend Rob at Hidden Home sent over a message on facebook, to see if we wanted to work with him. We’ve known Rob a long time now, so the relationship escalated pretty quickly. Hidden Home has been an inspiration, and a great help to us.

  1. Do you have any plans to come over and tour in the UK?

No! Not because we don’t want to, but because we’re in Salt Lake City, Utah, and that’s 7200 km away (4500 miles, for the unrefined). Our only option is a long distance relationship for now. Which can sometimes be ideal. We get to hang out with our friends on the weekend, you don’t have to worry about our schedule, we can watch american football, you can watch actual football; it will make our eventual union very sweet.


  1. Tell our readers a fun fact about the band that they may not know?

Ken owns a DVD on ska and raggae drumming called Wicked Beats . He was texting about it, and when referring to the DVD, accidentally typed Wicked Bears. When his phone exploded immediately afterward, he knew he was on to something special.

  1. Can you give our music savvy readers some information on what equipment the band uses?

Ken plays a DW collectors kit, a Sonar snare, and Zildjian K series cymbals.  Nick plays a Reverend Buckshot with a Vox AC30 amp. Casey plays a homemade bass with a Fender ‘58 split pickup, with an Ampeg SVT-3 amp head and an Ampeg 410 cab.

  1. Finally what advice would you give any up and coming musicians?

Set goals! Decide when you want things to happen, then do your best to make it happen. This whole record is a product of us deciding what we want to do, when we want it done by, and then executing on that timeline.

You can check out wicked bears new EP in its entirety free on band camp at the following link:-

You can also keep updated with what the band are up to on Facebook either by searching for Wicked Bears or following this this link:-

And finally on Twitter by searching for or clicking the link @WickedBears

An Interview With American Actress Erin Stegeman


It’s time for another interview on , this time we chat with ‘modern day triple threat’, Erin Stegeman. She can act, write and produce films and was previously a stand up comedienne.

Erin is one of our followers on our twitter account and I approached her for an interview after reading her bio. I thought her wide array of talents would be an interesting read for you. After a couple of emails and getting to know Erin an interview was agreed.

Let’s find out some more about another insanely talented and awesome member of our #SkatFamily Erin Stegeman !


1) Wow you’re certainly a triple threat, can you tell us how you got into acting and film making?

A: Well thank you. I’m so honored to hear that! It’s a weird adjustment to really sink into this idea of multi-tasking because, for a long time, I felt like I was pretty crappy at most of those things. I never studied screenwriting or film directing formally, so most of my training has been on set literally doing it. I’d write and perform plays with the neighbors. I always wanted to do everything back then too, mostly because I was the oldest and I was a ten-year old with a vision! The kids all revolted one day and called me bossy. I believe they’re all in computer science jobs anyway…

So my mom put me in piano, dance, theater – anything to keep me from running around the house and dancing in the living room next to breakable objects. I’m from the Midwest, and I was a class clown for sure, but sort of nerdy and introverted, and I was also a bit of an athlete. I felt really unclear as to what I was – there was a lot of pressure back then (and still today) to be defined by what you do and like. I loved a lot of things – which can appear unfocused and indecisive, especially when it came time to pick a major in college and then pick an area in the entertainment industry to pursue. When I was strictly acting in NYC and LA, I was miserable. Even though I loved performing, there was something missing for me. Being happy was an uphill battle. Then, one day I just decided to start doing more things that I truly enjoyed, whether they were acting-related or not. I started experimenting with Twitter and writing. I quickly fell in love and opportunities began to come easily. I found a comedic voice, but also a reunited love of genre content. Instead of fighting the divide I started blending it all. Now I approach things project to project as opposed to this title of what I do. It’s much more from a place of “how can I best serve this idea?”, which feels more like who I am.

There was this moment though in college – I was presenting a scene for my theater directing class, and I had selected one of the witch sequences from MACBETH. I added a dance routine, the Harry Potter theme song, special effects, modernized it, and made Macbeth a female…I just went all out. To this day one, it’s still of the best moments of my life. When that scene ended, I knew I wanted to direct. I still have the feedback sheet from my professor from that.

2) You are well known from ‘Once Upon A Time: The Rock Opera’, can you tell us how you got involved with the project and how the idea came about? Also are you a fan of the TV show?

Back when the show first aired, a few friends from Facebook started posting the show’s poster on my feed and asked if that was me. I had literally just dyed my hair back to blonde from red after being compared to Emma Stone at every single audition. Life is super ironic and you just have to go with it. I checked out the show and became addicted quickly…it was around season 2, I had just started writing and Youtube was booming. I wanted to do something, so I came up with this idea of these fairytale characters not yet seen on OUAT in a 12 step support group in Storybrooke, led by Emma. It was written, shot, and up in less than a week. We had an amazing response to the video which allowed us to make a few more episodes. I want to be clear – this wasn’t poof and now life is easy! It meant launching social media, networking in the once community, and taking daily actions to stay relevant. But, I loved it, so it was easy to stay motivated.

I started exploring making short films and wanted to go in a different direction with the series. I love films like ROCKY HORROR and DEVIL’S CARNIVAL, that are much more of an audience experience, sort of merging movies with convention culture. I wanted to mirror the same, so we decided to go with a rock opera. I had no clue how to write music and even hired another director because I’d never done a feature. As fate and scheduling would have it, I ended up doing both.

3) You even got to perform at Comic-Con what was that like and did you see many famous faces watching your performance?

COMIC-CON WAS AMAZING. Truly a bucket list experience. I don’t think it sunk in for us until we all went back to our rental house afterwards. My cast just sat in the living room together and we kept saying, “one milestone down”. You can’t really beat singing songs you wrote, on a pirate ship, with your best friends, in front of a shit ton of people in cosplay. I owe it all to my friend Brandon, who I met at another con. He invited us to perform and I will never be able thank him enough for that opportunity. I love when I go to other cons and people come up and say, “I saw you perform at Comic-Con!” That’s nerd gold.

4) Your first short film you wrote and directed was ‘Meet The Tweeds’ how did this come about?

Honestly, I was so jealous of my husband and his friends who were making all these horror films and having a lot of success with them, that I sort of invited myself to the party. We both have a lot of connections in the horror space, but I had never written anything. So I saw an opportunity to get a team together and possibly get some exposure. I love sickly dark comedies and satire, which is essentially what it was – this super conservative family who eats children.

The night we shot it, I thought I was going to die. It was so unbelievably difficult for me, and I was miserable. It’s very technical compared to directing theater, and when you have a lean mean team and you’re the weak link – it’s just awful. My husband sliced his arm open on set, we had 3 kid actors, we went way overtime…I thought for certain I would never direct again. Then it went up on Dread Central’s home page on Halloween, and I thought I just need to keep practicing. Maybe it will get better. Honestly it’s still awful, but enjoyable-awful.

5) You have a background in journalism, how did you find this prepared you for your very versatile career?

I was that kid that preferred to do essays instead of multiple choice growing up. Journalism was very natural for me. I had already been blogging on my personal site for about a year when I was offered a couple gigs with LA WEEKLY and THE HOLLYWOOD JOURNAL through friends of friends. The LA WEEKLY stuff was focused on reviewing web series, which absolutely trained me for everything. I interviewed successful creators, saw what they did versus others, started to cultivate relationships at YouTube and at Sundance, and really learned everything behind the scenes of content creating. I was unattached to the job, so networking became fun again. I highly recommend sinking your teeth, however you can, into the world you want to be a part of. I interviewed celebrities that I would NEVER have the courage to approach, but because I had this fancy PRESS badge on, it gave me courage…and contacts for future projects.

6) Is it true you have been in over 50 commercials? If so could you tell us what some of these were for?

I’ve not been in 50 commercials – just a handful, but I have been in over 50 films, shorts, and tv shows. I’m currently the customer in that musical commercial for Amazon Prime. That was one of those incredible coincidences because I filmed that just a couple days before shooting the rock opera. Such a learning experience – I don’t think I ever left the set.

7) What’s this I heard about you winning a ‘Pig Roast Pie Eating Championship’????

My agent made me take that off my resume lol. At my college (Stephens College in Columbia, MO) the theater majors spend one summer in Okoboji, IA, performing at a local theater. It’s a crazy experience – I even wrote a screenplay about it. To break up all the stress, the theater puts on this festival called the OKOBOJI PIG ROAST. You can enter with a team and compete in these ridiculous obstacles. One of my events was pie-eating contest. I’m like a really fast eater. Impressively fast. It’s been a concern to my parents on numerous occasions. I freakin nailed this. You compete with a teammate and mine started to vomit – it was a whole cherry pie, which is the worst kind of pie. So I picked up the slack and won by a landslide. My husband (although not at the time) was on another team and he and his partner didn’t even make it through. I bring that up from time to time. My team won the entire event and I got MVP – also one of my favorite life moments.

8) What can we expect to see from you in the 2016?

The Rock Opera will be doing a screening and convention tour in the spring and early summer ( Depending how that goes we may extend into early fall. I’ve partnered with another production company and we’re rebranding my YouTube channel (erinstegeman), so you can expect more sketches and content that expand past OUAT at a higher production value. My company is slated to direct a Sci-fi pilot this year as well, and I’m in pre production on two features – a psychological thriller and a horror fairytale musical. Aiming to start shooting the first in the late fall/winter. I have seriously never been this busy, but I honestly love every second of it. It’s been over ten years in the making to have a year like this, so I’m just gonna drink a lot of green tea and enjoy the ride.

9) Tell our readers one fun fact about yourself that they may not already know?

I love these questions and can never think of anything remotely cool enough. I climbed into the chamber of a volcano on my honeymoon. I’m a certified personal trainer. My aunt dated Brad Pitt. I didn’t get cast in any musicals in college. I see ghosts (seriously).

10) Finally what advice would you have for an upcoming actress?

I think the biggest hiccup for me was trying to be like everyone else. Be a Kate Winslet type, be a funny girl, lose 20 pounds, be younger….but YOU are a brand new thing, it’s evolutionary. Spend time really getting to know yourself. There’s no rush – I’ve had more success in my 30s than in my 20s. Have a ton of fun. Give up the diet. Self-improvement is a total myth. There’s only self-discovery – which is presenting to the world who you’ve always been. And it is so, so powerful. When you can really tap into that, there’s no stopping you.


Wow what an interview! I for one wish Erin all the best and am sure the musical will be a huge success. If they are lucky enough to tour the UK I for one will be there supporting them!

Check out Erin’s personal webpage on and find out more about the ‘Once Upon A Time: Rock Opera’ including where to buy tickets and tour dates on  on

Don’t be shy go say hi and follow ‘Once Upon A Time: Rock Opera’ on Twitter @ouatspoof and Erin’s personal account on Twitter at @erinstegeman and tell her ‘Skatronixxx sent me!’

An Interview with Severed Illusions


So for my latest music interview I managed to grab some time with a local band I’m friends with called Severed Illusions. They have recently finished recording a 4 track EP so seemed like the perfect time to catch up with the band to see what they have planned next. So that’s enough from me lets get to hearing what the band have to say.


1) How did the band form?

Kyle – We were writing some heavy rap metal at Carlos’s house with myself and Hopper (former vocalist) we liked what we were coming up with and decided to get some more musicians involved. We were doing a cover of a Slayer song and decided to get Ant in on Drum duties. The first line up consisted of Carlos, Hopper and myself splitting vocal duties, I also played guitar while Ant was on drums.

Carlos – We then added Andy and Ollie who were brothers as guitarists and Kyle then moved to bass and Vocals as Hopper eventually left the band. Eventually Andy and Ollie left the band and Kyle asked Dan if he would interested in joining the band on guitar and he agreed straight away.

2) How would you describe your musical style?

Hardcore thrash metal

3) You have just finished recording you EP what is the title of the EP and when will it be released?

The EP will be called Agree to disagree, which is also the title of one of the songs from the EP. It will be released on the 22nd of April and we will be having a launch party at the White Swan in Trowbridge on the same date.


4) Who would you say is the biggest influence for the sound of the band?

Soulfly, Hatbreed, Lamb of God, Slipknot, Suicide silence, Avenged sevenfold and Whitechapel

5) If a film was made of your lives who would you want to play you and what would it be called?

Carlos – Tom Hardy

Ant – Gary Oldman

Kyle – Brandon Lee (If he was alive)

Dan – Taylor Swift (This was a band decision)

It would be called Illusions Severed.

6) If there was a cover band created of your band who would you have in the line up dead or alive?

Carlos – Jamie Jaster (Hatebreed)

Kyle – Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne)

Dan – Andy James (Sacred Mothertounge)

Ant – Joey Jordinson (Ex-Slipknot Scar the Martyr)

7) What gigs do you have lined up?

March 11th White Swan with vice squad and the blunders

19th at the 12 bells on a 5 band line up

16th of April at the old bell Warminster with Black forge

EP launch on the 22nd April at the white swan

Rock diabetes gig in October 11th at the civic hall.

8) What can we expect to see from you in 2016?

A music video trying to get some more gigs further a field to go along with the EP launch.


9) Tell are readers one fun fact about yourselves that we may not know?

We have no secrets we like to have fun and drink beers and make some noise.

10) Finally what advice would you have for upcoming musicians?

As long as you enjoy what your doing don’t worry about what everyone else thinks as long as you have a few people enjoying what your doing who cares.


You can check out Severed Illusions at the following sites.






An Interview With T.ELI-$HA


Howdy! Today I interviewed a young up an coming rapper from Perth, Western Australia. T.ELI-$HA a 16 year old Zimbabwean/Australian who is focused on telling stories about life and spreading a positive message through his music, as well as expressing himself as an artis and is produced by Fugitive Beats. His song “Being Real” is on the Australian digital radio station Tripplej Unearthed and can also be found on Soundcloud.

Get on it… 2 thumbs up


T.ELI- $HA’s Interview 

1) Where are you from?

I was born in Harare Zimbabwe, where I lived till I was 8. I know live in Perth, Western Australia.

2) When did you start rapping? 

Started rapping around the age of 8 but it was just to my favourite rappers back then nothing serious, around 9-10 is when i started writing music and expressing myself.

3) What made you decide to go into the music industry?

Music I feel is just my natural calling ever since a young age, I knew it would be my destiny to speak to the masses using music and rap. From wanting to be President to being a rock-star and at the age of 10 I finally decided that rap was my calling after being inspired by a couple of artists.

4) If you could compare yourself to an already established artists, who would that be and why?

I think its hard to compare me because I don’t like placing myself into just one sub genre of hip-hop music, I like to focus on telling stories so I guess you could compare me to J.Cole and Kendrick in that way. I also want my music to make people feel good so I’ll leave the comparing to my fans and or haters.

5) What message do you hope you’re listeners will take away from your songs?

I just try spread positivity in all my music, I just really want people to feel good about being themselves. Using music I hope to tell stories about my past, things I have seen and been through and hopefully make the world aware that life isn’t just about ourselves.

6) Who are your Influences?

I have so many! Lil Wayne  is probably the person that inspired me to rap back in the days of Cater IV and such projects, but Drake is the rapper I wanted to resemble when it came to flow etc…. Now having grown up my biggest influences are J. Cole, Kendrick, 2Pac, Asap Rocky, 50 cent, Jay-Z , Hopsin etc….

7) What do you hope to accomplish throughout your career?

I just hope to be able to inspire at least one person. That would mean the world to me, obviously I would like to be able to continue making music till my time on this earth is out…. So yeah hopefully  I can impact people in this world who need it in a positive way, Make people aware of problems and show them the world is a much bigger then them and I, also that I have a long and fruitful career.

8) Do you have any projects in the works ie up coming gigs? 

I’ve got a lot of really deep and personal music that I am working on too so keep a look out for that, I will try to release new music every month so follow my Soundcloud and my twitter.

9) Is there any advice you’d like to give to young aspring rappers like yourself? 

I wish you all successful and bright futures, just keep working hard and make music that is imporant to you and is real to you and I guarantee someone out there will be listening. Don’t be afraid to reach out especially Australian singers, producers and other rappers.




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Interview With Simon Pimpernell From Dirty Public


**NOTE FROM SKATRONIXXX** I set our writer Deadpool_1984 a challenge.  I put him in charge of the music content of site as I know that he has a vast knowledge of all genres of music. One of those challenges was to see if he could arrange an interview with some of the bands he knew.

One of the first ones to respond was a band called Dirty Public.  Mission accomplished! Let’s find out a bit about Dirty Public .


1) How did the band form?

Bassist Bertie and myself (Singer/Guitarist Simon) have known each other since we were young lads and met original singer Terri Gorham at school. I then met original drummer Jason Balecke at work and we decided to meet for a jam. Eventually we entered a battle of the bands competition, which we won, despite it being our first ever gig. Several line up changes later we began gigging more and more regularly and Jeremy Rosier, our long time producer joined on lead guitar and backing vox duties.

2) How would you describe your musical style to the casual listener?

We try to do a mixture of songs that range from short sharp punk rock through to moody slow burners and chilled acoustic tracks. Music for different moods! But I’d class us as an Indie Rock band I guess

3) So you have been around for a while in the local music scene do you have any plans to do shows a bit further a field?

Yes we are always up for playing somewhere new. We’ve played all sorts of places from pubs, clubs and local festivals, to even gigging in a soft play center!

4) Who would you say is the biggest influence for the sound of the band?

Probably myself lol

5) If a film was made of your lives, who would you want to play you all and why? And what would it be called?

It would be a modern ‘carry on’ film with slapstick and disaster around every corner haha. Carry on gigging!

Pimp 2


6) If you could add a new member to the band either dead or alive who would it be and why?

George Martin was known as the fifth Beatle as he was so important to the sound and structure of their song, and as I’m a Beatles maniac I’d go for him!

7) Do you have any tours lined up soon? If so are you going on tour with anyone else and where can we expect to see you play?

Currently booking gigs up as we speak, check our fb page for the latest.

8) What can we expect to see from you in the 2016?

More music, more gigs and hopefully no line up changes!

9) Tell our readers one fun fact about yourselves that they may not already know?

Jeremy Rosier has worked for the 80s legend that is Midge Ure over the years, ranging from playing guitar and synths to guitar tech duties.

10) Finally what advice would you have for upcoming musicians?


So there you have it! You can follow and listen to Dirty Public on the below links.




An Interview With Musician Samantha Scarlette

It’s another one of the #SkatFamily talented members Samantha Scarlette

It’s time for another interview, this time it’s the turn of multi-talented and multi-awesome Samantha Scarlette, Samantha is another one of my verified tweeps who, I reached out to for an interview and she accepted! I love it when people are up for itnerviews 🙂

After a few back and forth emails and getting to know Samantha I found her to have many multi talented layers, but that’s enough from me. Let’s find out about musician, fashion designer, all round awesome lady Samantha Scarlette 🙂


1) How did you get into music?

I watched far too much MTV as a kid. Back when the M still stood for music. I’d watch TRL every afternoon and envisioned myself on there getting interviewed by Carson Daly or having the #1 music video. Unfortunately that will never happen as MTV did away with TRL (and music programming all together) in 2008…. Sometimes when I’m in Times Square I go up to the second level of the Aeropostale store… There’s weird observation room in the north east corner of the store in front of the picture windows, most people don’t realize it but that room is where MTV studios/TRL was. So I’ll sit in there and think of all the amazing talent & performances that came through there.

2) How would you describe your musical style to the casual listener?

I refer to myself as a soft grunge artist. I started doing this before soft grunge was actually considered a music genre; I was shocked to recently find out this is a real genre now mainly defined by tumblr & 90’s imagery. My first EP, “Into The Darkness” had a definite grunge influence; especially on songs like “The Demon”. My album “Violent Delights + Violent Ends” had less of a grunge vibe to it and more of a goth rock bent. Lyrically my stuff has always had a gothic imagery as I’ve always tried to evoke darkness. The only song with a grungy vibe on the album is “Death Of A Dream”, it was definitely Pearl Jam inspired. When figuring out what tempo to record it (“Death Of A Dream”), Hiili (Hiilesmaa, the producer on “Violent Delights + Violent Ends”) and I actually like were looking up what tempo “Alive” (Pearl Jam) was in. Haha My next album that I plan to record very soon, which is tentatively titled “My So-Called Life” will return to the grunge/90’s alt influenced sound. I’ve pretty much exclusively listened to early 90’s rock for the past year or so. I also associate myself with being soft grunge based on my imagery. The clothing I wear and music videos are based on a 90’s esthetic. All my music videos, though shot in HD are made to look like film grain in post production(it’s way too expensive to shoot on film). My music video for “Forgiven Sins (From Dusk To Dawn)” is probably the best example of this. I got the idea for that video after constantly seeing these super old RHCP videos on while on the treadmill at the gym.

 Let’s check out Samantha in action now

3) I heard you also produce a line of clothing can you tell us more about this?

MK-ULTRA 90! The name comes from the alleged government mind control program MK-ULTRA and the 90 is because I was born in 1990. Right now it’s mostly t-shirts with tarot card/satanic/illuminati imagery on it, accessories and marabou feather robes (the one out of place item). People freak out thinking I actually worship Satan; I don’t believe in God let alone the devil. To me wearing a Leviathan cross, unicursal hexagram or a pentagram is no more evil than wearing a shirt with a pumpkin on it. There is no power to it. Anyway I hope to expand out to a fuller range of actual clothing items, it just takes a lot more capital to do so.

 Samantha knows her fashion for sure

4) is it true you have EVERYTHING pierced? If so what’s your favourite piercing and why?

Not everything. I’ve had my ears (I used to wear plugs), septum, nose, lips, labret, nipples, naval, and an unmentionable. I’ve had all of them done multiple times; I get bored and take them out. Currently I only have my nipples & naval pierced. I guess those are my favorites. I’m not really a fan on facial piercings. Septum are fine because you can wear them hidden & they don’t scar. Most facial piercings really scar. Also I don’t suggest unmentionable piercings, the benefits are a myth.

5) If a film was made of your life, who would you want to play you and why? And what would it be called?

I’d totally play myself like how all the rappers did in those early 00’s fictionalized biopics like “Get Rich Or Die Trying” and “8 Mile”. I’d want it shot like a Sofia Coppola film with a rad soundtrack of 90’s music. Or maybe something really avant-garde and film it like Nosferatu or some silent epic. Name wise the movie of my life would be called “The Shining”.

6) If you could duet with any one person dead or alive who would it be and why?

I don’t know. Honestly. That’s really a hard question. I always see myself singing alone on records. I’d rather collaborate with a skilled guitarist or something rather than a vocalist.

7) Do you have any tours lined up soon? If so are you going on tour with anyone else and where can we expect to see you play?

No. Right now I’m looking at recording another album. Maybe I’ll tour for that. Touring is extremely expensive though.

8) What can we expect to see from you in the 2016?

I have a music video for “Gothic Queen” coming out probably in a week or two. That should be the last single from “Violent Delights + Violent Ends”. I’m going to start recording “My So-Called Life” soon. I wrote all the songs last year. I’ll be doing more stuff with my clothing line. More music videos when the cd comes out. Also I’m hoping to start my paranormal radio show/podcast back up sometime this year, I’m looking for a live format where I can take call in’s.

 A woman of many talents is our Samantha

9) Tell our readers one fun fact about yourself that they may not already know?

I’m half Nigerian.

10) Finally what advice would you have for an upcoming musician?

Find a different profession if you can…


There you go readers, Samantha Scarlette

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