Pop Culture Pipe Bomb’s Indie Album of The Year 2016



I have had the pleasure of writing about some awesome Indie bands and artists this year, however, there are one particular band and their album stand out in my mind, and that is why Pop Culture Pipe Bomb’s Album of The Year goes to the crazy talented gals of Eeek for their album Love, Loss and Bowling! Eeek are and all female acoustic soul band hailing from the midlands and New York, the album was recorded over several years and is truly a labour of love. with harmonies I don’t even think angels could replicate, the guitars and drums on the album are absolutely superb and really sound amazing.



Eeek is made up by Lucy Burton (lead Vocals), Danielle Wilson (Backing Vocals), Mandy Burton (Guitar), Karen Milne (Drums) and Ruth Bradney (Bass). I listen to Love Loss and Bowling at every chance I get and I’m sure my neighbours think it is the only music I own.  I love the fact that every track tells a story, it’s not just random lyrics thrown together and I also love the fact that every single track has a different sound. Love Loss and bowling make me feel happy and chilled, I put it on, I sit back and unwind with a glass or two of Canadian Club and dry and all the stress is but a distant memory. Eeek have also been nominated for PunkAid/Teen Clash Awards for Indie Artist of The Yeah! so please make sure you keep an eye out for when the voting commences and vote for this awesome bunch of gals!



I highly recommend Love Loss and bowling and it would make a great Christmas gift for a loved one or friends, so support this wonderfully talented bunch of gals by buying their album. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2017. We will also keep you updated on all things Punk4MentalHealth and the Teen Clash Awards news.



Buy Love, Loss & Bowling here




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This Week’s Fresh Friday’s Featured Band is Eeek!


Lt to Rt: Ruth, Karen, Mandy, Lucy and Danielle

It’s Fresh Friday time again music lovers, this week’s featured band is an all female band by the name of Eeek! I was lucky enough to be introduced to them last week, and let me tell you I am glad to have met them and once you hear their album your life will be all that better for it too.

Eeek is an all-gal band that hails from West Midlands in the UK, their sound is literally music to you ears, with loads of harmony-laden acoustic soul. Eeek is made up by Lucy Burton (Vocals), Danielle Wilson (Backing Vocals), Mandy Burton (Guitar), Karen Milne (Drums) and Ruth Bradney (Bass). Lucy and Danielle have the voices of angels, their vocals and harmonies are flawlessly superb, with a hint of sexy, raspy goodness, the guitars on all the tracks are phenomenal both Mandy and Ruth are crazy talented and definitely know how to make their guitars sing, and the drums on all the tracks are brilliant, Karen knows how to belt ’em that’s for sure! I love these gals, every time I listen to their album (it’s been on repeat for 2 days) It make’s me want to pour a drink and sit by my fire pit and just chill to their sounds and stare off into the fire, even in though we have started our Australian summer. Eeek’s album Love, loss and Bowling needs a top spot in your playlist, once you hear their music, you will wonder how you have been able to live without it. The gals were kind enough to do the Skatronixxx Fresh Friday’s Q&A, including Ruth who is currently travelling in Australia.


Eeek Album Cover by Jenika

Skatronixxx Fresh Friday Q&A with Eeek


Presh: How did the awesomeness that is Eeek come about?

Eeek: We like you!  Lucy and Danielle sang together for years. Mandy and Karen also played in a couple of bands together. Ruth was a friend and a charity case :). L, D, M and K were playing for another girl solo musician, this disbanded, and as we all were really good friends it was a natural progression to get a band together. We played for a couple of years without a bass player, and then one cold and frosty morning, wrapped in swaddling clothes,  a package was left on the doorstep. It was pale and ginger, asking for beer and wanting to join a band, Ruth. Eeek was born.

Ruth: Eeek were birthed from a series of space pods sent from an as yet unknown, but clearly musically advanced planet. They have each been carbon dated and are all estimated to be between 2000 (mandy) and 20 (ruth) years old.

Presh: Is there any particular inspiration behind the album Love, Loss and bowling?

 Eeek: It’s pretty much in the title. All the songs are about Love- good, bad and the ugly, Loss- death and lost love, (happy bunch aren’t we!)and bowling!

Ruth: Love, Loss and Bowling, as the name suggests, is for the most part, a concept album about the struggle for scottish independence.

Presh: What is Eeek’s creative process, and is it a collective effort?

Eeek: Songs can come from anywhere, and I truly believe that they have an existence outside of us, we’re merely vessels through which they are born ( I can hear Ruth saying “Hippy”).

But songs sometimes come out as a whole, as in See You Again, You Lose and  Turbo girl. Others may start with a lyric, melody, chord progression or riff. Lucy and Mandy get the basic acoustic version together then send a rough recording from the phone to the rest of the gals. Then we get together as a band and play it through and throw ideas around. Sometimes it all falls into place straight away, sometimes it requires a little more tlc.

Before we record with John at Woodbine Street Studios, who is brilliant to work with, we work out extra guitar lines, vocals and stuff, and any extra instrumentation, like the violin from the wonderful Joe O’Donnell, and Viola from lovely Junghee Howson.

Ruth: Ruth, the bass player would generally be singled out as the main creative force of the band, with very little input from the others.

Presh: If you could work with any artist, who would it be and why?

Eeek: Thats a hard one as there are so many amazing musicians and singer songwriters out there. Prince would have been incredible on every level, Wendy and Lisa, Kate Bush, Ani Di Franco, Patti Smith,  . We all probably would say different people, so we’d never agree anyway!

Ruth: Van Gough, or any of the post impressionist painters, because they all look like a right laugh. 

Presh: Do you each have a favourite track on Love loss and bowling if so which one?


Lucy – You Lose or Be Water

Karen – Be Water or Firestar

Danielle – You Lose (for the guitars and how it builds) or Be Water

Mandy – See You Again, as this one was written  for the old dogs that passed away, but the song could be for any ending, but with a positive “I Will See You Again”, or That Linda as the intro sounds like a troup of slow walking Elephants.

Ruth – anything makes her cry!

Ruth: I hate them all equally. No exceptions.

Presh: What’s next for Eeek? Will our ears be graced with another sensational album in 2017?

Eeek: Hmm, well Ruth has taken a year out to travel the world, Danielle has had a baby-well timed, and there are a few new songs on the boiler.

Ruth’s back in February so we will get back to it then, maybe an EP in 2017.

Ruth: 2017 will see the return of mediocre bass playing and classic bants. Likely to learn a new Stevie or Dolly cover. Almost guaranteed that will do a gig in dans lounge. Ruth will most certainly cry.

Firstly a huge shout out to gals for being such good sports and answers the questions and secondly how could you not love them after those answers! Below you will find the links to buy their album Love, Loss and Bowling, so do yourself a favor and buy the album and support an awesome indie band that makes unbelievably awesome music and be sure to Turn it Up!



Eeek’s Album:  Love, Loss and Bowling:

Twitter: @EeekFreek



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Fresh Friday’s Featured Artist – Show Me Island


Welcome back to another stellar edition of Fresh Friday’s, this week’s featured artist is the band Show Me Island. The band just released their new album Ring Around & Run on the 6th Aug so let get to know a little more about Show Me Island.

Show Me Island is a ska band from Salt Lake City, Utah, the band formed in 2011 and their musical style is Influenced by an assortment of ska, reggae, and soul revival which has tastefully transitioned their sound into a widely appreciated genre within itself. So lets me the members of Show Me Island

Lauren Hoyt – Vocals
Nick Felming – Guitar
Ken Vallejos – Drums
Christian Lucy – Keys
John Hoang – Bass
Devon Wooley – Trombone
Clark Holzworth – Trumpet
David Hillyard – Saxophone Tracks 2, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12.


Show Me Island where have you been all my life? I have had Ring Around & Run on repeat for a week, Lauren’s vocals are spot on and her voice has a stunningly beautiful uniqueness to it, like that of Amy Winehouse, it’s full of soul. The guys on the instruments are just unbelievably talented and they have the hit the sweet spot nailed the balance between vocals and music. Their music and sound is infectious and before you know it, the music has taken control of your body and you are taping away. If this music doesn’t get into your soul then my friend you are missing out! (currently getting my groove on to Show Me Island in my arm-chair).


The album features a broad range of sounds from deep undertones of reggae to soul infused ska with modern flair, they have four albums including the new release, Ice Cold Water (2011), MV:MMXII (2012), Show Me Island (2013) and Ring Around & Run (2016).

Guys, I think you will love them as much as I do once you hear the soulful reggae! So check out Show Me Island give them some love and buy their new album ‘Ring Around & Run’,  Show Me Island is definitely one for your playlist. Links for Show Me Island are below.

Show Me Island Q&A

Decribe Show Me Island in five words.

Ska, reggae and dark meme

When did the band form and what was the inspiration for the bands name?

We formed in the summer of 2011 with a typical story of most members coming from other various local ska bands. The name came from our bassist, John. He was watching Futurama  and Hermes said, “I’m from Jamaica, the show me island!” So, I don’t think he wasted any time in suggesting it as the band name and here we are!

Who are your major musical influences?

Each member has a little bit of a different taste in music but all share a love for some form of ska. So the influences range from Amy Winehouse, the Specials to Westbrown Train, Metallica and more!

What has been your most memorable band moment?

Okay, so, we got asked to open for The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. While filled with excitement, we got some shirts made so we had something to sell at the big show. The design wehad was pretty much a circle with Show Me Island written on the inside and as for shirts, we thought a gray shirt with another shade of grey ink would look cool… That sounds kind of cool, right? Well, we get the shirts back and unless you looked at them juuuust right, it looks like a shirt with a big dark dot right in the middle. We still bring them to the show beacuse it’s all we got. Before the show, Dicky Barrett, the frontman of the Bosstones comes to say hi and asks if we have any shirts. (Side note – nicest guy, 10/10 would meet again) We show him the shirts and he just starts laughing. “This is straight out of Spinal Tap, “he said, “gotta get some new shirts for the Bosstones show, I hope they look good!” After a few minutes of laughing with us (at us?), he brought a shirt and we got  this photoand a fun story. We have much better shirts now, check them out at ShowMeIsland.com


What’s the song writting process like for Show Me Island?

Our song writing process is a collaborative effort. We usually start with a chord progression or sometimes a melody and work from there. Once we have a skeletal version of the song, Lauren will start writing lyrics and melodies and we build the rest around that. 

Here is a little teaser for you:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShowMeIsland/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShowMeIsland

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/showmeisland/ Website/

Bandcamp: http://showmeisland.com/