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WWE Raw Review: 26.09.2016

So Clash of Champions happened and, well, it didn’t really do much to help solve the mediocreness of the Raw product recently. As usual, the matches were all well and good but the end result was lacking as the finishes were questionable at best. Now this week’s Raw had the biggest competition it has ever come against. Not only was it up against Monday Night Raw but they were also against the US Presidential debate which had a supposed audience size of 80 million people. So could Raw do its best John Cena impression and overcome the odds that it was up against? No of course not you’d have to be high to think that.

Ignoring the events that took place in the real world, let us dive back into the glorious world of wrestling and digest the show we got this week. Raw opened with the rematch from last night between newly crowned US Champion Roman Reigns and former champion Rusev. To sum the match up in a few words it would be same old shit. Seriously how many times have we seen this exact match up not only on Raw but on PPVs too. It’s just too much and if the ending of the match is any indication of the future it looks like we might be seeing plenty more of this match to come. Also Reigns no selling the chair shots is ridiculous. I mean sure the Super Reigns train has clearly been derailed somewhat but he’s still doing a lot of the superman shit he did back when he was being pushed to the moon.

The rest of the show was a mixed bag, to be honest, we get a lot of the fallout from Clash of Champions, including the resolution to the best of 7 series which as some predicted resulted in the duo of Cesaro and Sheamus now forming a tag team after Mick Foley gave yet another passionate speech about the two of them bringing out the best in each other. Now I have to stay on our beloved GM for a moment and I can definitively say that he is the worst thing about Raw at the moment. This GM role is just an absolute career low for the hardcore legend. Now I love Mick, he’s a great guy and a great wrestler but this character at the moment is just not working. All he does is get bitched out by Stephanie and all the other times he starts rambling passionately talking about how he was brought to tears by this or how he had faith in that. It’s embarrassing.

The fallout continues as we deal with the other titles on the show. Gallows and Anderson continue to be booked like utter crap in the tag team division (I don’t hate New Day at all but I have begrudgingly come to accept they will break Demolitions reign record). Charlotte is still the only woman in the Women’s division who feels like she has an actual character. I am seriously questioning why Sasha Banks is getting all these opportunities. What has she done?

Meanwhile, the cruiserweight division is still getting started but of all the title pictures it looks the most promising despite Brian Kendrick receiving a title shot for no reason like Banks. Not to sound like a hypocrite the reason I think this works for the cruiserweights is that the division is only getting off the ground so it needs to establish the major players like THE Brian Kendrick, therefore it makes sense for him to be TJ Perkins’ challenger for a while.

As for the Universal Championship, this week a whole lot of nothing happened, with Seth Rollins not being medically cleared tonight, so therefore he could not get into any fights with Kevin Owens or Chris Jericho. Though a confrontation was teased during the highlight reel, where Seth Rollins came down to the ring and threatened to attack the Universal Champion, though he was stopped by the backstage agents/security before he could get there. This lead to tonight’ main event, a Summerslam rematch between JeriKO and Enzo and Cass, and of course the team of JeriKO win. As the champion should be, I just wish Enzo and Cass could be involved in actually winning for a change.

This week’s Raw just felt messy. I get that a lot of what took place tonight was necessary to further storylines but there is a distinct lack of storytelling in many places. Why should I really be invested in Cesaro and Sheamus going after the titles? Sure they are both good wrestlers but why are these titles important to these guys in particular? This is why I and many others are just finding it so hard to get engrossed in Raw at the moment. Simply said there is really no reason to.

That being said there were some good moments in tonight’s episode. The cruiserweights once again put on a great show, Perkins vs Nese was the match of the night, and while Perkins hasn’t been able to show off much character yet he is showing charisma in the ring and is just a joy to watch. Also, we got to see other cruiserweights show off their stuff with the arrival of  Drew Gulak and Lince Dorado and seeing Enzo and Cass do something other than wrestle The Shining  Stars was a nice change of pace. Despite this lack of direction going forward, many of the talents are still able to drag their material kicking and screaming into something watchable. Obviously, people like Jericho and Owens are known for their charisma, but someone who has really impressed me as of late is Charlotte who has become the star of this Raw Women’s Division.

However, until Raw gets more focused and starts to head in a clear direction with its story it will continue to lag behind the blue brand in terms of quality and this week it will probably be in terms of viewers as well. This week gets a 5.5/10.


  • Tonight’s MVP – Charlotte
  • Match of the Night – TJ Perkins vs Tony Nese
  • Moment of the Night – Charlotte is killing her promos
  • Man, I was legit concerned for Kofi during the match. I spotted the cut straight away but his face went from 0-100 real fast
  • Cedric Alexander continues to impress me in ring
  • I feel like I could really get behind the Cesaro – Sheamus tag team if Mick Foley wasn’t doing all the talking in the feud
  • Now I’m not an idiot for still thinking Roman is the heel in the feud, right? He ruined their wedding ceremony, attacked Rusev’s wife and has repeatedly come out to interrupt his matches

Impact Wrestling: Bound for Glory card update.


TNA’s biggest PPV is only a few weeks away, and this years card is rounding out to be very strong. Bound for Glory has many intriguing stories, friendship gone bad rivalry in Moose vs. Mike Bennett. The crowning of the first ever Grand Champion; Semifinalist Aron Rex vs. Eli Drake, and Drew Galloway vs. Eddie Edwards, the winners to meet in the finals later on that night. Also, we will witness an accolade of greatness; The introduction of Gail Kim into the TNA Hall of Fame.


Kim will also get the chance to settle the score, while having the opportunity to become a 7 time Knockouts Champion as Gail Kim takes on Maria Kanellis with fan favorite Allie by her side.

Also a  Great War is upon us, as Decay defends their TNA Tag Team Titles vs. Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero. No detail have yet been given, but I suspect it will be Final Deletion part 3.


In the main event, we have the TNA World Champion Lashley vs. the  1# Contender ECIII. This title match has been long overdue, especially after the epic brawl at the press conference a few weeks ago.


So far that’s the card, hopefully we get to see DJ Z defend his X Division Title on the PPV. Heck, throw in Rock Star Spud vs. Braxton Sutter, their fued can end at the biggest show for TNA, it’s a good cool down match for the fans.

All in all, I belive this is going to be an awesome TNA PPV, new TNA stars representing a new TNA. TNA Bound for Glory is on Sunday, October 2nd live on PPV.

Impact Wrestling: Future hanging in the balance! Corgan buying entire TNA?

billy-corgan-tna-futureThere’s been a lot of speculation regarding TNA’s future. It’s no secret, bills has been accumulating, finding money just to continue to pay for Impact tapings. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? New Impact President, and part owner Billy Corgan thinks there is.

There were several reports circulating, that Corgan has been searching for investors. The Smashing Pumpkins front man made it loud and clear on Facebook that he is “the investor”, and has the money to do so.


This would  a major relief to the Panda Energy, trying to free itself from TNA after many years. Among those, who are also in the running with Corgan, are WWE, and the Sinclair Broadcasting, owners of ROH. The major obstacle for WWE is that they only want the name of TNA and it’s archive. It is know that TNA has a few investors on board with Panda Energy, Corgan, and Aroluxe. Who’s to say, if other investors had different ideas of what they want sold, and price. WWE would like to stay away for such dramas.

No need to fret, WWE interest, is just a rumor, and with the uncertainty of Sinclair Broadcasting future with ROH, the road may be clear for Corgan to purchase all of TNA. Corgan is the the best option, showing it by the vast improvements of TNA thus far. WWE would just have history repeat itself (WCW purchase), and continue to expand their WWE NETWORK archive.



Only time will tell, all I know pro wrestling needs TNA, and TNA needs more fans to realize that they are in the pro wrestling business for them. If Corgan can purchase the company, and it can reach its potential, in time we may see the first Tuesday night Wars.

WWE Backlash (2016) Review


After the brand split, WWE had two PPVs with Raw and Smackdown together – Battleground had the storyline that the matches were set before the extension while Summerslam had Smackdown and Raw matches because it was one of the big four. Now, it is time for the great experiment: Can the individual brands carry their own pay per views? It seems that after the brand split Raw got the lion’s share of the talent. However, Smackdown has been putting on a great show with the cards they’ve been dealt – in fact, because the programs of Smackdown are less padded, thus producing a better show. But filling a 2 hour television show is different from filling a major show, especially when trying to sell people on the idea that brand exclusive PPVs can work. So how did the great experiment work?

Baron Corbin vs. Apollo Crews – pre-show

This is one of the few times I’ve reviewed a pre-show match – because I rarely watch them. But this was a solid match. Both guys looked good, and proved that with a little more of a push, both of these guys have the potential to be stars – even if Apollo is a little personality challenged (and pushed from NXT to main roster too soon).

Overall rating: 3.25 Stars (Out of 5)

Becky Lynch vs. Natalya vs. Carmella vs. Naomi vs. Nikki Bella vs. Alexa Bliss – 6 Pack Challenge for the Inaugural Smackdown Women’s Championship

In the past, I would have called a match like this filler, but re-vamps to the women’s division made something like this anything but. All six women actually performed well. I was surprised at Naomi and Carmella giving good showings at Summerslam, but even Nikki Bella looked good in this match. The match format gave room for plenty of action. But it wasn’t a perfect match. The elimination format was structured a little too formulaic. The great news is that Becky Lynch FINALLY got her due. After years of this always a bridesmaid-never a bride push, the lass kicker finally won the women’s championship. It was a satisfying beginning to the show.

Overall Rating: 3.75 stars

The Hype Bros. vs. the Usos – Tag Championship Semi-Finals

This match was good but nothing special. It was something of a formulaic match, but both teams are talented enough that they could make a somewhat by-the-numbers match like this watch watchable.

Overall rating: 3 stars

The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler – Intercontinental Championship

I was concerned that this match was gonna be a lose-lose situation. Either Miz would beat Ziggler, reaffirming Dolph didn’t belong in the main event or Ziggler would win the IC tittle, killing all of Miz’s well-deserved momentum. Boy, was I happy to be wrong. First, there was a promo before the match where Miz was demanding a contract negotiation right before his entrance. The match itself was excellent – It started a little slow with some submission holds early on, but builds to a nailbiter with plenty of back and forth action and some cool spots such as a powerbomb into the ropes. Miz got the duke when Maryse sprayed Dolph with some perfume.

Miz’s storyline is that he’s making the IC title relevant again, and he’s not kidding. Ziggler and Miz had a stellar near-20 minute match instead of some 5-minute filler match, making the title look like something worth fighting for. Plus, Ziggler went down fighting so he looked like a hero even in defeat.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Or… er, Kane – No DQ Match

Randy Orton suffered a concussion (According to some sources, it was during his Summerslam match). So an impromptu match was created pitting Wyatt against Kane. Saying Bray attacked Orton at the show was a smart way of hiding Orton’s injury when he was injured right before the show. Also a good idea was Wyatt taunting Orton by claiming a moral victory by way of forfeit. Then came Kane.

Admittedly, the match was better than it had a right to be – Both men hit and kicked out of finishers. The no-DQ rule hid Kane’s limitations enough. There was an excellent table spot and some exciting reversals. But I can’t give this a glowing recommendation. First of all, it was a little clumsy in spots, especially the beginning. Also, Bray losing really put a damper on things. Bray seems to lose too many high profile matches, and losing to someone who’s been jobber to the stars for the longest time (even putting Wyatt over years ago at Summerslam) did him no favors. Granted, he lost because of an interference from Orton. Maybe as a build-up match on Smackdown, this would have been passable, but one of the company’s biggest draws just looked like a loser.

Overall rating: 3 stars (I’d bump this up at least a quarter of a star if Wyatt won.)

Heath Slater/Rhyno vs. The Usos – Tag Team Championship

This was another good but not great match. This one was a little more exciting because it had a little more story. Heath Slater’s job was on the line. A little drama can put a match like this over the edge. When the Usos are double-teaming Slater, they’re not just being cheap, they may be holding the man back from feeding his family. Heath Slater spent the longest time as a jobber, but keeping his job made a satisfying match.

Overall rating: 3.5 stars

Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles – WWE Championship

With these two, I expected a fairly solid match. After all, both are talented, creative and extremely over. These two delivered – AND HOW. Even the early portions of this match were exciting as these two hit some heavy offense early on. Dean and AJ’s styles (pun not intended but hard to avoid) gelled perfectly, with AJ being the guy who seems to know every hold in the book and Dean being the crazy like a fox oddball with just enough out of box thinking to avoid said offense. There were some wicked spots – Dean slingshotting AJ onto the post while standing on the apron. We’ve seen the rebound clothesline so often it’s one of Dean’s trademark moves in the video games, but seeing it as a rebound from the Pele kick was something else.

More than just moves, there was hardly a wasted moment in this match. The suspense was off the hook – it felt like either man could have won at either time. It felt like every time they exhausted their playbook they found a new trick to use. AJ Styles has proven himself as the best in the business (right now) but this may also be the match of Dean Ambrose’s career. Styles won, which is good and bad. On one hand, I think they should have saved that. On the other hand, I did mark out over Styles winning. Plus the company has to put these PPVs over. The message is clear “Miss brand exclusive PPVs, you could miss something like this.”

Overall rating: FIVE STARS

Overall, Backlash was a mixed bag. The show had three great matches and didn’t feel padded which Summerslam and Wrestlemania suffered from. The good stuff included a match of the year candidate, a B-title treated like an A-title and a talented lady finally getting what she deserves. The problem was that the rest of the show just didn’t feel PPV-worthy. Orton’s injury was not the company’s fault and they covered it decently enough but buried a top star for no good reason. This show demonstrated how badly Smackdown needs stars – Del Rio just quit (it’s debatable if he was gonna be a big deal anyway), Cena’s stance as a full-timer becoming borderline and Orton is injury-prone. So maybe Zayn or Neville could be traded to the blue brand. Or at least guys like Corbin could be pushed more.

Overall Backlash was a solid, albeit far from perfect show.

UFC 203 Main Card Review

So this weekend saw UFC 203 take place and we finally got to see if CM Punk had what it takes to make it in the UFC despite having no previous experience amateur or otherwise so here it is my review of the UFC 203 main fight card.

UFC 203: Miocic v Overeem

(Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

Jessica Andrade vs Joanne Calderwood – Winner Jessica Andrade by Submission

The opening fight of the night began with the pair going straight to the centre if the octagon and Calderwood was trying to use her reach advantage to keep Andrade at bay but this didn’t last long with Andrade taking Calderwood down to the ground but there was a cut to the eye of Andrade but there was no sign of where it came from. Calderwood managed to get to her feet again but not for long as she was slammed into the mat by Andrade and then was hit with some nice body shots, Calderwood was doing some good defensive work but Andrade scooped her up like nothing before slamming her into the mat again. As the pair are on the floor we are informed that the cut came from an elbow from Calderwood.

Andrade got some good side control and landed same nice shots to the ribs of Calderwood before she attempted to get up Andrade grabbed hold of Calderwood’s neck and slamming herself backwards and locking in a tight Guillotine choke hold and not letting go until Calderwood eventually taps out. It looks as thought Andrade’s decision to drop down in weight class was a good idea indeed as she dominated the fight.


Jimmie Rivera vs Urijah Faber – Winner Jimmie Rivera by Unanimous Decision

This was the most boring fight of the night with only one really good 2nd round Faber decided to try and stand toe to toe with Rivera probably not his smartest move as he has some serious knock out power.

The first round was a cagey affair with Faber trying to figure out the best way to mess up Rivera’s game plan and Rivera swinging with some wild punches looking for that one fight stopping punch.

The second round was the best of the fight both fighters took to the centre of the Octagon Faber went for a kick to the inner thigh of Rivera but managed to land a low blow and the fight was stopped while Rivera caught his breath the changing point of the fight Rivera landed a viscous leg kick to the left knee of Faber taking him clean out hitting the mat, Faber managed to get up quite quickly but his leg and knee appeared red and swollen and he was hobbling around on it. Rivera took full advantage of this and continued his assault of the same leg throughout the 2nd round Faber did a good job of masking the pain he was in as he always does when he is hurt. Towards the end of the round there was some good back and forth between the pair and Rivera caught Faber with a good right left combo before the round ended.

The third round started off with both fighters rushing to the centre of the Octagon and the pair threw some wild punches at each other with Rivera getting the better contact  of the two. Faber looked like he was out of ideas and Rivera continued to land some more kicks to the leg of Faber. Faber managed to poke Rivera in the eye and looking at the replay you could see that he hit/slapped him with an open hand causing the fight to be stopped whilst the Doctor took a look at Rivera’s eye but they agreed to let the fight cary on as the fighter said he wanted to continue. The fight continued with some more shots being thrown by the pair but again Rivera was landing the better shots and continued with the leg kicks towards the end of the round Rivera landed a god right and left combo but it wasn’t enough to stop the fight there were more punches thrown in the last 10 seconds before the fight ended.

After the fight you could here Rivera telling his corner that he could not see out of his eye. (I have checked and it has been confirmed that he has a crack behind his retina and a scratch on the white of the eye and one Doctor is not sure if or when he’ll get full vision back in the eye so we will have to wait and see.)


Mickey Gall vs CM Punk – Winner Mickey Gall by Submission

So the long awaited arrival of CM Punk finally came around after 2 years of him signing the contract and being fit enough to fight after injuries and an operation and it turns out I was right all along with how he would fair. The fight got underway and Punk threw a wild Right jab attempt at Gall which he paid dearly for as Gall slipped under it and took Punk down to the mat Gall managed to land some really heavy shots on Punk and Punk had no answer what so ever to the torrent of punches he was getting and we got to see what happens when a fighter with a high level Brown belt in Brazilian Ju Jitsu comes up against a guy with a White belt. Gall swarmed all over Punk and attempted to get a Rear naked choke locked in but failed on the first attempt it wasn’t too much longer though and Gall got it locked in forcing Punk to tap out pretty much straight away ending the fight in the first round. (An interview later on with Dana White on a follow up show has him quoted as saying that he doesn’t think Punks next fight should be in the UFC)


Fabricio Werdum vs Travis Browne Winner Fabricio Werdum by Unanimous Decision

The last time these two fought was back April 2014 with Werdum winning and Browne breaking his hand foot and injuring his ribs. Werdum tried to put the fight to bed straight from the bell by running across the Octagon and flying side kicking Browne in the face. Werdum tried to go for the ankle of Browne but missed but got straight back to work and landed a good combo of punches on Browne. Werdum tried a Spinning cartwheel kick but just missed the head of Browne. Browne then threw a punch at Werdum that was blocked with the elbow Browne then wheeled away in pain trying to call a time out which does exist in UFC so with right Werdum went after him and landed a shot to the head before the ref stopped the fight to find out what the issue was and it appeared that Browne had dislocated a finger but if the rules were stuck to the fight should not have stopped at this point and the crowd let them know it by booing. The fight got underway again and Werdum landed a good body kick on Browne the pair traded a few shots then Werdum landed a good combo to the head and Browne fell into the cage. Browne landed a good counter on Werdum before catching a kick by Werdum and throwing him to the floor. Werdum landed a big right hand that floored Browne and he then managed to gain back control and attempted to lock in a Rear naked choke but Browne managed to defend himself until the end of the round.

The second round got under way and Browne came out looking like he could not make a full fist with his right hand due to the finger injury Browne managed to knock down Werdum but he just sat in the floor as Browne threw some lack lustre kicks at him and then Werdum got to his feet. The fight slowed down a bit at this point and the crowd once again showed there annoyance by booing the fighters before the pair traded some kicks. Browne managed to land a good left jab but Werdum responded with a body kick right after, the last minute of the round was a reasonably quiet one but it the last 10 seconds Werdum tried another Cartwheel kick only to miss again.

The third round began and Browne tried to land a front lick to the head of Werdum but missed the mark. Werdum then landed a good body kick and an over hand right on Browne, the fight slowed down again before Werdum attempted a take down but was shrugged off by Browne. Werdum looked to have taken his foot off the gas and Browne looked cagey due to the injured hand, Browne attempted to high kicks but both were blocked. The last minute of the round didn’t add up to much and the buzzer went without much else happening apart from the crowd booing loudly as the fight was over.

Before the winner was announced Werdum was rubbing his eye to simulate someone crying to the crowd something was said between a corner man and Werdum and Werdum decided to throw a straight kick at the corner man there was some pushing and shoving before both corners were sent out of the Octagon and Werdum was declared the winner.


Stipe Miocic vs Alistair Overeem – Winnder Stipe Miocic by KO

The last fight of the night was for the Heavyweight title between new champion Stipe Miocic and Alistair Overeem one of the spots most decorated strikers.

The fight started off with both fighters feeling each other out and getting into there rhythm and it wads the champ who stepped up the pace first and tried to land a combination. Overeem managed to land a good shot knocking Miocic down to the ground before trying to lock in a Guillotine but Miocic managed to get out of this and started chasing Overeem around the Octagon. Miocic landed a good right hand of Overeem and you could tell that Overeem was hurt and the champ chased him around the Octagon catching him with a good right and a uppercut Overeem looked shaky and his defence looked messy wit his hands being really low. Overeem attempted a poor low kick which Mioc managed to catch the ankle get Overeem down to the ground before taking top position and landing two good hammer fists to the face of Overeem before landed some good ground and pound to the body before going to the head again and just raining punch after punch down on Overeem until eventually one found the sweet spot on the chin and knocked Overeem out cold and then landed two more shots for good measure before the ref jumped in to stop the fight.

And that about wraps up another UFC events as always for all your UFC needs stick with @Deadpool_1984 only at Skatronixxx.com

Smackdown Live – 6/9/16

Backlash is on Sunday guys, so this go home show might be a bit shaky. Then again, it can’t be as shaky as last nights Raw. While the second half was good, it took a major downward trend in the second half. Here’s hoping Smackdown is nothing but net.

No cold opening this week, as we start immediately with the opening credits. That’s a shame, since I like the cold openings, but if they don’t have the material for it then I’m glad that it isn’t being forced. We open with Daniel Bryan starting a yes chant in ring with the Smackdown Women’s title on a table behind him. He describes the rules of the six pack challenge, this is probably for the best since there’s been very little build for this match at all. He announces a women’s tag match later in the night before calling Becky Lynch to the ring. Becky admits that she thought Bryan would bring Nikki in first. This prompts Daniel to plug Total Bellas while Becky just sort of sits there. Come on Daniel, do you really have to plug it right now. Becky Lynch is able to talk about her drive before Natalya and Alexa Bliss come out to play heel. Bliss gets the highlight as she calls Bryan a Bella trophy husband.

Carmella comes out and starts ripping into Alexa for this, not sure why. She called her ‘Paulie Pocket’. Love that accent. They turn on Becky, before Becky gets backup in Naomi and Nikki and halfheartedly throw Team Heel out of the ring. Alright. That’s some ludicrously artificial heat.

A lost looking Dean Ambrose messes with the craft table and fills his coffee with some salt before stalking off. Ambrose really doesn’t fit in Smackdown. He’s too above everyone else to talk to anyone properly, but he has nothing to do by himself. His character doesn’t really fit.

Daniel Bryan fails to drop responsibilities of the women’s division on Shane just before The Miz comes out and complains about his Intercontinental championship match at Backlash, upset with Dolph’s ineligibility for the number one contenders position. Rightly so really considering all he’s went through to keep it. He can’t complain much more though, since he’s due a match tonight.

The Miz vs Apollo Crews 

Dolph Ziggler is here commentating on this match, as The Miz screams at him from the side of the ring. Dolph’s commentary seems pretty bland in comparison to Miz’s larger than life persona. Apollo Crews comes out smiling like always, oblivious to the beef going down. This doesn’t stop him from putting on his best effort, performing interesting moves and unusual reversals in response to Miz’s straight forward style. A lot of the match is ignored in favour of camera time for Dolph. An altercation with Dolph outside the ring works in Miz’s favour as he uses the dodges Apollo and whips him into the ring for the Skullcrushing finale. He leaves the title in the ring, leaving Dolph alone with it as he yells at Miz, calling him a coward. Miz proves him wrong by sending Maryse to get it. Good man.

Winner by Pinfall: The Miz

We go to the Talking Smack set as Renee asks AJ Styles (Still rocking that headband) about his ringropeitis from last week. This pisses off AJ, as he summons the man responsible for the footage’s appearance and threatens his job live on camera. ‘No one will know if I destroy your headset and blame it on you.’ Uuuuuh, sure. Logic notwithstanding, that’s some pretty good heelwork by AJ.

After a good advertisement for Connor’s Cure, Mauro starts to introduce a vignette on American Alpha before the screen goes back. Then the Smackdown opening plays. Then Mauro introduces the vignette again. Ooops. The short vignette plays before we get an Usos interview. Luckily The Usos are allowed to show some character so it isn’t a total trainwreck. They talk about their Slammy history before we go back to the ring.

Bray Wyatt interrupts Mauro with a good promo about the life of a predator and man’s evolution to combat it, leaving the predator in the dust. Bray describes himself as the evolution of man and tells Randy about how he can’t combat a god. Please let Bray win this god damn match. You can’t make him look like a loser again. Please just let him win one feud. Bray needs to be strong.

Team Face vs Team Heel

Nikki Bella is the first out for Team Face, with Naomi and Becky following. Naomi’s still stealing the show with her entrance, weeks down the line, love it so much. Team Heel can’t compare, with Bliss, Carmella and Natty following. The match is good to start with Becky’s interesting pin escape techniques and  Naomi’s good attacks. But gets a little sloppy with a strange delay in Carmella’s follow through to Becky’s roll up pin. The match gets more vicious as the action goes outside the ring, with Becky taking all the bumps for Team Face, this goes on for a while as Becky is unable to get the tag from anyone as Team Heel continues to work her. If they use this as a reason for her not getting the title on Sunday I’ll be pissed. She’s finally able to get the tag on Nikki as the match turns around. Once Carmella gets into the ring though all bets are off, as the ring descends into chaos, with all but the legal women in the ring. Carmella uses a submission move that capitalises on Nikki’s neck and gets the submission.

Winner by Submission: Team Heel

Tag Team Tournament Semi Finals: The Usos vs American Alpha

The Usos come out to a quiet crowd, allowing them to hype them up with an Uso chant.No ones really appreciated them in a long time, their entrance colouring and war dance would be more suited to heels. This comes to fruition after American Alpha come out. The Usos go for a handshake and sucker AA into a fair fight until the bell rings and they attack. This lasts about five seconds before Gable gets the pin on Jimmy. The Usos then launch another attack on AA, focusing on injuring Gable’s leg with a frog splash to the leg in particular. Maybe this’ll help Slater get a pin on Sunday (There’s no way his storyline ends at the semi finals. EDIT Shane later announced that Gable strained his MCL and now The Usos will fight the Hype Bros at Backlash for the chance to get into the finals.

Winner By Pinfall: American Alpha

We then get a response from Randy Orton on Bray Wyatt’s parable from earlier. Randy also tells a parable about a rabbit and a snake. He talks about how overconfidence will be Bray’s ending while Orton bides his time and waits to strike.

We go back to the ring as a lone Fandango explains that Tyler Breeze is away. He brings in a woman and compliments her tattoos before attempting an awkward dance with her. Her dance ends with an awkward dab. Fandango kicks her out of the ring and gets angry, demanding someone worthy comes out to dance with him. Oh my God, Fandango is Dennis Reynolds

Fortunately Kane comes out and chokeslams him, reminding us that he’s here.

Before we move onto the next match, let’s view the introduction of the Slater family, I really have no words for it. It’s perfect. With the implied incest, Slater knowing where to buy a tongue and Uncle Rhyno who doesn’t like kids. Heath is money.

Tag Team Tournament Semi Finals: The Hype Bros vs Heath Slater and Rhyno

Hopefully this week Rhyno will be able to get through this one without bleeding all over the place. That’s likely the case with The Hype Bros’ orthodox gear and style in comparison to The Headbangers last week. I like Zack’s Hype Bros ring gear, the colours seem to work for him. The match is interesting, with Slater working for most of the match with Zack before Rhyno pulls him out of the way of the Broski Boot and Gores Zack. This gives Rhyno the pin, allowing them to move on to the finals.

Winners By Pinfall: Heath Slater and Rhyno

Next up we have The Usos explaining why they turned heel earlier in the night, attributing it to how they’ve been working for the people’s respect for six years with no results (two slammies, multiple tag team titles). They’re done with that and if they’re getting no respect, they want to deserve it. Let’s see if people care in a months time.

Next up we have a meeting between Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles, with Dean offering AJ an old participation trophy from a bowling tournament. He claims that it’ll be the only trophy that AJ will gain from him. Dean then brings up the Ringropeitis incident and AJ’s haircut, causing a ‘soccer mom’ chant through the crowd. AJ brings his last trophy to attention, Cena’s armband, before dropping the bowling trophy. Dean Ambrose isn’t John Cena. Ambrose claims that he isn’t in a ring when he fights, he fights in a battlefield, refering back to when he beat Styles earlier in the year.  This leads to another Smackdown ending with dick trauma, as AJ kicks Ambrose in the junk, throws the trophy at him and Smackdown just sort of ends. Maybe we were pushed for time.

This Smackdown was a weird one, with only four matches taking place and a fixxled out ending. The highlights being Slater and Rhyno’s segments and The Uso heel turn, maybe Smackdown will be revitalised after Backlash.

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Alberto Del Rio Parts Way With WWE, Leaving Paige’s Future In Doubt


In a move that has surprised no-one (but its good to get closure), Alberto Del Rio has announced via Twitter that he and WWE have mutual parted ways … again:

The announcement comes after the Mexican Superstar was benched back in August for violation of WWE’s wellness program, during which time it was widely reported that Del Rio was waiting out the 30 Day Suspension to terminate his contract with the Pro-Wrestling Company.

Alberto (real name José Alberto Rodríguez) made his return to WWE in October last year after previously being fired due to a backstage altercation with a company employee who had made a racist joke about the wrestler.

Although this time around his departure seems on the up-and-up, Del Rio has been the bone of contention backstage regarding his unhappiness with lack of Main Event status and real-life relationship with former Divas Champion Paige.

Paige, who is currently on suspension herself, has garnered heat from her romantic relationship with Del Rio with dirt sheets and fans noting that the pair were recently split-up during the Brand Split in July. Adding fuel to the fire that Big-Wigs at WWE are unhappy about the pairing.

Since then reports have surfaced that the Total Divas star has lawyers looking into getting herself out of a 7 year contract with WWE but as-of-yet that rumour is unconfirmed.

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The NXT Review – September 3rd, 2016 – Blood Moon On The Rise

Whats Up Wrestling Peeps! With a relatively quiet week on the Main Roster, it was left to NXT to kick things into high gear.

Although he debuted in a losing effort, CWC favourite Tony Neese teamed-up with fellow WWE Network show brethren Ariya Daivari and put on a heck of show. With the Tag Team Divisions favourites TM61 (ugh … that name) in the other corner, I was hard pressed to believe that Neese and Daivari stood a chance. But as with the formers performance on CWC, I was suckered in as Neese dominated for much of the match before falling to a harsh clothesline from Shane Thorne.

At this point I’m sold on Nick Miller & Shane Thorne, so these kinda matches are superfluous in getting what I believe are the next big Babyface Tag Team to come outta NXT over with the crowd. With Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano seemingly done with developmental (?), its important to push TM61 further towards an eventual program with The Revival rather than a pointless feud with The Authors of Pain that we can all see coming.

Speaking of feuds, is it just me hoping that they push Ember Moon into a storyline with the NXT Women’s Champion Asuka soon as possible? I mean, I know its gonna happen while both of these incredible athletes are on the same show but c’mon … give me an early Christmas present all ready.

Coming off her big win at TakeOver Brooklyn II, Moon was paired with a debuting Leah Von. Unlike her first match with WWE, this time around we got see a lot more of the strength that Moon has in her arsenal. From a frickin’ sweet Butterfly Suplex to a brutal spinning Heel-Kick; Moon showed that she is a lot more than just a high-flying Werewolf.

A quick kudos on Ember’s ‘Werewolf/War-Goddess’ gimmick. Rarely do things in WWE just exist without being turned into something. Besides Tom Phillips mentioning Ember’s “Prophecy of Fire” on Twitter, subtly with regards to this aspect of her character really will come in to play when it comes to her longevity with the company.

Now of course I don’t expect that WWE plan on ‘Wolfing-out’ Ember anytime soon (Fingers so crossed on that one) but go ahead and keep mentioning those crazy-freaky-contacts and “Blood Moons” all you want. Showmanship after all is what makes Pro-Wrestling fun. Just keep it subtle and let Ember Moon do her thing.

Because what she does is great. #NXTWarGoddess

After his debut last week Steve Cutler looked to make a name for himself in the nights Main Event against none-other than the King of Strong Style himself, Shinsuke Nakamura.

Cocky Cutler may have played the big man early in the evening but the young up-start soon realised his mistake after Shinsuke went at him hard and fast. Showing why he had what it takes to force former NXT Champion Samoa Joe out of action and get the win tonight.

Unfortunately for Nakamura, Joe was healthy enough to sit at ringside for a majority of the match staking his claim on the title and hopefully a rematch in the not too distant future.

Now that I would like to see.

But until then we will have to enjoy the gift that keeps on giving which is Grumpy-Joe.

Cheer up mate! It might never happen … oh wait

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