Daredevil Ep. 24 – .380 Review


There are different kinds of Daredevil episodes. There episodes with plenty of action as well as episodes that serve as transitions to bigger stories. This manages to be both.

Much of the episode focuses on Frank Castle/The Punisher as he teams with Karen to track down the man who murdered his family. Some of the scenes with the Punisher flesh out his personality a little more. We’ve seen moments that reveal there’s more to him than just being damaged and aggressive. He jokes around a bit – it’s a caustic sense of humor, but it is a sense of humor. He shows a casual/chatty side when he’s advising Karen on how to buy a gun. However, we do see the expected Punisher action when he confronts the Blacksmith. Castle doesn’t go for the kill right away as he wants the Blacksmith to admit to his crimes.

Picking up from the previous episode’s cliffhanger, Dardevil is trying to fight off the Hand. This starts with the beginning of the episode with an intense fight scene where Daredevil protects the hospital. Daredevil and Castle eventually cross paths, with Daredevil finally beginning to think that Punisher’s vigilante justice might be a necessary evil to fight off the impending threat of the Hand. However, Castle warns him that if he goes the Punisher route, there’s no going back. It’s a good scene that shows just how far Daredevil is willing to go and how far gone the Punisher already is.

Even when this episode slows down to take a breath, the dialogue scenes are still exciting. A scene where Daredevil interrogates an older Hand affiliate while she’s painting bears weight. There’s a great subplot about Claire where she stands up to her hospital for putting profits ahead of patients’ safety. Claire has always been a great character, and this further reminds us of how strong she is. We also catch up with a revived Elektra who shows she is not slowing down in straight-up murdering someone in cold blood. The episode ends on another big cliffhanger with Elektra confronting Stick. We’ve already established both of these are people not to mess with.

Overall, this was a great episode – Almost every major character had a moment to shine. It continued the story with excellent action, suspense and drama, all while raising the stakes considerably.


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