People of Earth: S1 Ep3 “Acceptance”


The mystery deepens and the aliens get…well they seem to be getting wackier and wackier. This show is unique in that the aliens are not the super intelligent lifeforms  aliens are normally portrayed as. In People of Earth they’re more of the show’s comic relief…

Another note about the show: this is highbrow comedy. It’s written with the sarcastic personality in mind. If you’re sarcastic and like jokes that are more than slapstick, this show will definitely entertain you.

What happened last week?

Episode 2 went into a bit more detail on members of Starcrossed. We found out Chelsea (Tracee Chimo) and Kelly (Alice Wetterlund) had really…really…REALLY “close encounters” with one of the aliens. Quotes around “close encounters” cause you know how they got close…wink, wink, nudge, nudge…

I think you know what I’m trying to say.

We also found out who/what Ozzie’s (Wyatt Cenac) old boss, Johnathan Walsh (Michael Cassidy), is. The episode ended on a cliffhanger.


We pick up with Gina (Ana Gasteyer) arriving home after her shocking accident with the Reptilian named Kurt (Drew Nelson). When she calls the police department to report the accident, Office Glimmer (played by the talented and underappreciated H. John Benjamin of Archer and Family Guy) tells her that it was just a raccoon. It was Glimmer who took of things at the scene of the accident at the end of Ep2.

Glimmer immediately reports the accident to WalshWalsh has to go report the accident to his superiors.


In the next group meeting, we get to hear Richard’s (Brian Huskey) story of how his wife was captured by aliens and how he’s trying to find her. He tells of how the aliens tried to message him. In reality, we see that the “message” is actually a petition for divorce. Richard refuses to accept it as real, though.

Outside, Gerry (Luka Jones) shows up after 6 days of being in jail. It turns out he tried to call Gina to bail him out, but it was the night of her accident so she missed getting his one phone call (I didn’t know they still did that one phone call thing). Gerry immediately notices her car starts to see the similarities between Gina’s accident and Ozzie’s accident.

Leave it to Gerry, the imbecile of the group, to pick that up.

Meanwhile, Richard has to go to a mediation between him and his wife. Ozzie offers to go with him. On the way, Richard warns Ozzie of how weird things might get. It seems he just won’t admit the divorce is real.

On the way there, Ozzie starts hallucinating that he’s seeing his younger self. He’s still freaking out about what’s going on in his life, too.

Alien comedy break


The aliens are trying to figure out what to do with Kurt the Reptilian. It’s in these little asides with the aliens that we can really feel Conan O’Brian’s influence on the script. Remember, Conan’s one of the show’s executive producers.

The Mediation

As the mediation is set to begin, an increasingly confused Ozzie is trying to figure out why Beacon is so important and weird to him.

While they wait, we get to see a bit more of Richard’s once happy relationship and his version of the abduction of his wife. But was it real?

Right now, we still don’t know if Richard is crazy or not; or who’s an alien and who isn’t. So Richard’s insistent rants about his wife’s abduction could be true.

Gerry, Yvonne, and the Hawthorne Road mystery

Gerry is out on Hawthorne road looking for clues to Gina’s accident. Yvonne (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) shows up and together they notice fresh tar laid in the shape of a body at the same spot Gina says she hit the “raccoon.”

They begin to strongly suspect Gina might have hit an alien and that the accident is being covered up.

The Mediation, Part 2

So, funny story, Ozzie wasn’t really supposed to be at the mediation but Richard tells the mediator Ozzie is his lawyer so he can stay.

Richard is not handling things well. He makes a scene that embarrasses himself and his wife. But he finally signs the divorce papers, or does he?

Turns out, all he did was write the reptilians a special message from the bottom of his heart.


The Next Starcrossed Meeting

The next day at the group meeting, Richard tells the group he really did sign the papers. They can’t believe he actually did it. As they’re about to congratulate him for moving forward, Debbie (his ex-wife) shows up. Despite her anger, he vehemently refuses to sign. We also find out that Debbie (Amy Landecker) used to be a member of Starcrossed.

During a break, Yvonne tells Gerry that she looked into the court records to find out about Gina’s accident. There was nothing reported. So there really is a covered up!

Ozzie tries to get Debbie to calm down. Ozzie just wants’s to know what happened on the camping trip. He’s still skeptical about the aliens and is trying to get to the bottom of things.

We hear Debbie’s version of the trip. It wasn’t as romantic as Richard’s. It turns out she was very unhappy in her marriage to him. Apparently, she asked Richard for a divorce while on the trip, just before she really…was…abducted!

Ozzie’s shocked. She doesn’t seem to want to admit the truth of the abduction. In her opinion, she doesn’t think anyone will ever find out what the truth is, so she’s decided to move on.

Richard was hiding and heard the whole conversation. Disheartened after hearing her, he finally signs the papers.

Back in the group, he’s broken but seems to have a new theory. He now thinks Debbie has really been a Reptilian the whole time.

Alien comedy wrap up


It’s starting to become apparent that most of the episodes are going to end with a hilarious look into alien life. This episode ends with the funeral of Kurt the Reptilian. It’s funny, the aliens have been watching the humans for so long that they’re starting to feel like humans. They’re also starting to enjoy human things.

BTW, has anyone noticed yet that the Grey Alien’s head looks like a hairy, male scrotum?

As we fade out, the Grey Alien comes across a clue to who killed Kurt the Reptilian and vows to find the person and get revenge.

My take on this episode?

First thing’s first. There’s an awesome version of “Ring of Fire” at that plays over the closing credits, so that was cool.

By now the stories of the aliens and the group members are starting to weave together and I’m personally getting more curious. What really happened to Ozzie? What really happened to Richard and his wife, Debbie? What’s going to happen to Gina?

Guess we’ll find out in Ep4. See ya there!


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