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Studio Ghibli fans rejoice, a new Ghibli style film is on its way from the wonderful new Studio Ponoc!


Studio Ghibli the anime movie titan led by Hayao Myazaki might not be making movies like it used to but a new studio is working on something that might just fit the bill.

In a new movie based on a children’s book called the “Little Broomstick” which is called “Mary and the Witch’s Flower” in movie form we are treated to a Ghibli style adventure. It makes sense that this movie looks the way it does as a former Ghibli producer has started this studio.

The movie looks absolutely charming and tells a story of a little witch. She must deal with all sorts of terrible things just like any of the other Ghibli heroines. Even though we only got a brief glimpse of what the movie is about I am already excited. This looks to be a new generation of Ghibli style film which hopefully continues for years to come.

I have a feeling that once this movie comes out they will begin work on something else. The stories that Ghibli movies told were all about the power of women and that they can do anything. I think these types of movies need to be seen because they have this lesson entwined with the magic majesty of it all.

Watch the trailer below and tell me what you think of this new movie. Does it have the Ghibli magic in your opinion?

Pokemon Sun and Moon Series Preview


The Pokemon anime has been on TV for a long time and now is heading into its 20th season. Ash’s journey in Alola is changing things up just like the games and I think it works.

This series is based  on humor but it is clear that it can also be serious. Ash might be funnier but he still wants to be a Pokemon Master. I think this season might actually lead him to become champion of Alola since last season he got to the Final 2 in the Kalos League.

Ash arrives in Alola with his mother, her Mr.Mime and Pikachu with an egg from Professor Oak in tow. He explores the city riding a Shared and then in a Taurus driven cart with his mom.

He soon sees a Grubbin which he chases into the woods failing to catch it. Soon he sees Tapu Koko who we learn later shows up to people he finds worthy. Ash has always been seen as a worthy character in the Pokemon world.

Ash eventually learns about a Pokemon School and ends up meeting students there. He meets Lana, Mallow and Sophocles and is happy to have made friends.

He soon meets Professor Oak’s cousin and soon after has his first run in with Team Skull. After a battle between Team Skull and Ash seeing the power of Z Moves it is clear what he wants to do.

At dinner with his mom he sees Tapu Koko again and chases it. Tapu Koko has been seen by Ash many times in this episode and Ash wants to know what’s up. He finally finds Tapu Koko floating beyond a rail. Tapu Koko bestows a Z Ring upon Ash along with an Electrium Z. It is time for Ash’s Alola adventure to begin!

The second episode has Ash being given a party to celebrate him becoming  a student. After going to school and being introduced as a new student his new friends decide a party of sorts is in order. They decide to challenge Ash to different events which he really has no shot at winning.

He loses to Sophocles’ Togedemaru in a balloon popping contest when Pikachu supercharges him with electricity. Pikachu clearly can’t swim as fast as a Popplio. Even though Ash has 30 Tauros he can’t beat Kiawe in a race. The next challenge was going to be Kukui but Mallow suggests they eat first.

In this moment Tapu Koko appears and steals Ash’s hat. Ash’s hat no matter how long ago he got it is something he treasures. A few other Pokemon have stolen Ash’s hat and he’s done all he can to get it back. Ash chases Tapu Koko into a clearing and is given his hat back.

A battle between electric types ensues and Ash does well. Tapu Koko wants Ash to use his Z Move which he does, the move is so powerful it leaves a crater in the Earth and promptly breaks. Jealous of the power Kiawe thinks it is a fluke. I know Ash will show Kiawe it was no fluke when he does actually complete the Island Challenge sometime in this generation.

All I know is this series is shaping up to be great. The characters are all wonderful in their own way. The humor adds something extra but it is clear that it could very well be as serious as the Kalos journey. I can’t wait to see the rest of the series even if it is on Disney XD.

The First Global Mission for Sun and Moon was a Failure

In an effort to bring the world closer together Pokemon Sun and Moon have Global Missions. I find this idea to be a brilliant one and I think it did do something great because now we can all cry together.

The first even was for all of the Pokemon players to catch 100,000,000 Pokemon in Sun and Moon. We didn’t do that but fret not as you can get either 100 or 200 Festival Coins based on if you synced your game or not.

I have to say I think it was great that we managed to catch around 16 Million Pokemon. 

The next event which starts on December 27th will have us using Island scan. They are even going to re-evaluate the goal so it is reachable. Hope we can complete this one!

Sora is coming to the World of Final Fantasy!


In time for the release of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Sora is joining the characters of World of Final Fantasy. A nice character to have on your side for sure since he has been battling by Final Fantasy characters for a while.

He will first show up in Japan on the 12th when 2.8 is released and should also come to the west on the 24th when 2.8 comes out.

I look forward to summoning Sora to take out foes in World of Final Fantasy which is already a delight to play. I wonder what his attack will be when you summon him, clearly we are close to finding just what his power is!

Sora is arriving soon in January for Japan and a western release should follow! Keep tuned to Skatronixxx for more Popculture news!

Toonami is getting a little more Super in 2017!

Toonami the amazing block on CartoonNetwork is always a treat to watch. This block made by people for the the fans and themselves is the best.

The line up is constantly changing and that is a good thing. When one show ends it’s usually followed pretty quickly by a new show.

This coming January on the 7th, three shows are coming! First is Dragon Ball Z Kai the Final Chapters which has never been seen on American TV. This will cover the Buu saga which is a fantastic saga in the series.

Image result for Dragon Ball Z Kai final Chapter

They have also acquired the rights to Dragon Ball Z Super the true continuation of Dragon Ball Z. After the previous sequel series GT failed this will be legendary. All of the original voice actors are back in the Dub which is premiering on Toonami!

Image result for Dragon Ball Super

Also joining the block after Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans finishes it’s run is another Gundam series! Yes that is right Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn is taking over. The universe will once be saved by the Gundam!


Toonami is looking to get better and better so keep watching. Tom  and Sara are ready to fly the Vindication into the great world of amazing Anime and Cartoons!

Look forward for these shows to premiere on January 7th, 2017! As always keep checking back on Skatronixxx.com for all your Pop culture news!

Review: Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon is 20 years old and this series really has stood the test of time. This game is a testament to all the greatness of the series as well as a great start for new players.

Taking in place in the Alola region situated in what would be Hawaii, gamers are in for a tropical adventure. It really is stunning seeing how much these games have grown since Pokemon Red and Blue.

In this generation we got to choose from Rowlett, Litten, and Popplio for our main Pokemon. These Pokemon all evolve amazingly in their own way but I chose Rowlett.

Never have I ever seen such love for a starter honestly than the love people show for Rowlett. It is just really nice to see how much Pokemon still means to the world.

This game is fantastic especially since it really changes things up. There are no gyms like in its predecessors. The trials that replace gyms are actually far more intuitive. With interesting challenges and finally a boss battle of sorts I was impressed.

The story itself is also something to be lauded as it is rather deep. The two antagonists have their own vibes they bring to the game and what happens can truly be shocking. 

With all the new you might wonder if there is anything for old fans. Of course anyone who has played Pokemon will enjoy these games. But there are so many call backs to the other games. 

There are the Alolan forms which while they may not all be great are very well designed. You can also fight Red and Blue the original protagonists with updated looks. Plus if you read the text you will see many little connections to the original games. 

With a small but eclectic bunch of new Pokemon and all of the other favorite ones you can really craft a fantastic team. While I may have been a little sad about the small number of Pokemon it turned out to be alright in the end.

As someone who has been playing Pokemon since the beginning, I would definitely give this game great marks. It has a great story with amazing game changers and a wonderful cast of characters. Whether you are a new fan or an old one, play these games and enjoy an Alolan adventure.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are out now for Nintendo 3DS. Keep checking Skatronixxx.com for more reviews and pop culture news.

Final trailer before Sun and Moon! Z Moves for the starters Final Forms, Ultra beasts, and Alolan Forms!

The wait is almost over, Pokemon Sun and Moon is out on Friday for the world excluding Europe which gets the game on the 23rd. It has been a long time coming since they first announced these games and the wait has certainly been excruciating. I have been excited for this game the moment I heard about them and even before after I had played a lot of Pokemon Y and Omega Ruby.

This final trailer did not disappoint and I was super happy that it just kind of appeared before me, like a wild Pokemon. It really showed off a few  cool scenes and showed a few things that many of us fans have not seen.

The Z Moves for the final evolutions of our starters look superb. Decidueye the final form of Rowlett gets the Z Move Sinister Arrow Raid. Summoning a swarm of arrows that explode around the foe.

Incineroar gets Malicious Moonsault which turns the battle field into a wrestling ring. I know that this Pokemon is a wrestler and honestly it looks like a cool move.

Last but certainly not least Primarina gets Oceanic Operetta.This move looks quite beautiful in its execution but clearly can devastate an opponent dropping such a massive ball of water on it.

They also revealed two more of the Ultra Beasts, UB-03 Lightning and UB-05 Gluttony. I am really curious how these Ultra Beasts play into the story. I honestly have stayed away from story spoilers but to me, Lightning looks similar to Guzma and Gluttony reminds me of Hala. Though we will have to wait and see.

They also showed off Diglett and Dugtrio’s Alolan Form which both become Ground/Steel. I really have no idea how adding blond hair can add steel typing to a Pokemon. Honestly these two are pretty underwhelming though I’m sure they have their fans.

Lastly we saw that we will be gifted a Magearna, a pretty cool Mythical Pokemon.

There was also a reminder to transfer over Ash-Greninja and to accept the super special Munchlax which when it evolves will have access to Snorlax’s Pulverizing Pancake.

With so little time until the games release so many are on edge. It makes sense since the leaks of the game have really shown everything these games have to offer. While so many people wait and stay away from anything Pokemon related there are many who are already playing the games which I find unfair. Well, at least the world will soon have their copies and we can all find out for ourselves how awesome Alola appears to be!

Bravely Default’s Fourth Anniversary gifts us with a different type of game


Awhile ago Square Enix posted that they were celebrating the fourth anniversary of the Bravely Default series. I was stoked because of course seeing Bravely Third would be just really great. This series has really grown on me and I can’t wait to play more of it, on the 3DS at least.

Today they announced that a new game would be coming out at least in Japan. The fans clearly were excited by this news, but reading more about it, the words Open Beta change the whole dynamic of it all.

Now it does look like the game will look like it’s predecessors at least. It will also thankfully still be a Fantasy RPG. So at least it has that going for it.

There isn’t much to go on when it comes to this game but of course I will keep tabs on the subject. Curious what this game could be if it isn’t on a 3DS. This could be a very different game and it could honestly be worth playing. I wonder if they are working on the third game in the series as well. Could this play into the next game?

Bravely Default Fairy’s Effect comes out in 2017 for an undefined platform probably either on a Browser or for Mobile. Keep checking on Skatronixxx.com for more the best Pop Culture news out there.

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games is coming to PS4 and Vita in 2017

The Zero Escape series is a wonderful and twisted series. I have enjoyed playing all of these amazing games and so have many others.

It is no surprise that they are re releasing the first two games. 999 is totally rebuilt from the ground up and from what they have shown looks incredible. There is even English and Japanese voice acting. With such a text heavy game, voice acting will really make this game more accessible.

If you haven’t played any of the trilogy then you probably don’t know about it. This series is twisted, psychological and pretty deep. It really is worth playing so, go and get if it looks interesting.

The story of each game always involves 9 major character and a master mind who locks them in an undisclosed location. There are puzzles and multiple endings abound. People may die or live depending on your choices and you won’t see the full picture until you complete all the endings.

Really though this sounds like an amazing thing to have both of these amazing games on one disc. I do hope that I can just get 999 as I do already have copies of the other two and they look great on my 3ds. But, to play a fully fixed up 999 would be something wonderful.

The Nonary Games come out sometime in 2017. Really, if you have not had a chance to play them I highly suggest you give these games a shot when it arrives in stores!