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Daredevil Ep. 24 – .380 Review


There are different kinds of Daredevil episodes. There episodes with plenty of action as well as episodes that serve as transitions to bigger stories. This manages to be both.

Much of the episode focuses on Frank Castle/The Punisher as he teams with Karen to track down the man who murdered his family. Some of the scenes with the Punisher flesh out his personality a little more. We’ve seen moments that reveal there’s more to him than just being damaged and aggressive. He jokes around a bit – it’s a caustic sense of humor, but it is a sense of humor. He shows a casual/chatty side when he’s advising Karen on how to buy a gun. However, we do see the expected Punisher action when he confronts the Blacksmith. Castle doesn’t go for the kill right away as he wants the Blacksmith to admit to his crimes.

Picking up from the previous episode’s cliffhanger, Dardevil is trying to fight off the Hand. This starts with the beginning of the episode with an intense fight scene where Daredevil protects the hospital. Daredevil and Castle eventually cross paths, with Daredevil finally beginning to think that Punisher’s vigilante justice might be a necessary evil to fight off the impending threat of the Hand. However, Castle warns him that if he goes the Punisher route, there’s no going back. It’s a good scene that shows just how far Daredevil is willing to go and how far gone the Punisher already is.

Even when this episode slows down to take a breath, the dialogue scenes are still exciting. A scene where Daredevil interrogates an older Hand affiliate while she’s painting bears weight. There’s a great subplot about Claire where she stands up to her hospital for putting profits ahead of patients’ safety. Claire has always been a great character, and this further reminds us of how strong she is. We also catch up with a revived Elektra who shows she is not slowing down in straight-up murdering someone in cold blood. The episode ends on another big cliffhanger with Elektra confronting Stick. We’ve already established both of these are people not to mess with.

Overall, this was a great episode – Almost every major character had a moment to shine. It continued the story with excellent action, suspense and drama, all while raising the stakes considerably.

It’s Captain Ameri-No, Wait…The Patriot! – Jeffrey Mace To Suit Up In Agents of SHIELD?


Episode ten of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD may be about to add yet another superhero to its roster. The tenth episode of the long-running ABC series is entitled The Patriot; its synopsis reads:

  • Coulson and Mack discover a shocking secret about Mace, which leaves all of S.H.I.E.L.D. in a dangerous position.

Given the episode title, it seems likely that this ‘shocking secret’ is Jeffrey Mace’s past as comic-book hero The Patriot, especially when he was the man inside the Patriot costume in the Marvel Comics Universe. In the comics, Mace worked as a news reporter at the Daily Bugle and was inspired by Captain America to take up super heroics. He carried a titanium shield reminiscent of Steve Rodgers’, however unlike Captain America, The Patriot had no superpowers – so no super soldier serum. The Patriot was first introduced in The Human Torch #4, in Spring 1941.

Whether Marvel will directly follow the character’s origins is unclear, although it seems likely given that it wouldn’t take a great deal of explanation.

Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC in the U.S. on 10th January 2017, with the tenth episode broadcasting a week later on the 17th January. Its return date in the UK is still unclear, although episode ten likely won’t air over here until March 2017 at the earliest.

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Lightsaber Vigils Held for the Late Carrie Fisher


Star Wars fans came together in Anaheim, California to mourn and remember the late great Carrie Fisher. Her passing has shaken us all and she will be missed. The fans gathered to honor Ms Fisher with a well deserved Lightsaber vigil this past Wednesday.


“It was a random thing. I decided that I think we should be paying homage to her and a lightsaber vigil was very fitting” Said Jeff Rowan who organized the send off. And apparently they were not the only ones who felt this was important; a few hundred gathered in Disney, in addition to movie chain Alamo Drafthouse, which held a lightsaber vigil as well.


The videos are heartwarming and sad. Just hits you straight in the feels and the tears may come so grab your tissues before you watch these. ^_^


Emma Watson sings, “There is Something There” from Beauty and the Beast

This movie I am so excited for. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies, and knowing that we get to see this wonderful tale in live action is super exciting. Emma Watson, who I find to be perfect for such a strong female part, plays the role of Belle. Her as Hermione in the Harry Potter world definitely shows that she is perfect for Belle.


This last Thursday it was leaked out of her singing the song of “There is something there” on the Jack Morrissey (producer) instagram page, and I can say she sounds amazing. Her voice matches the song very well and sounds like the original singer Paige O’Hara from the 1991 animated version. But apparently we aren’t hearing it come from her on set, but from a doll that someone else recorded it off of. A fan in fact did this at a store, put it on an instagram page to which then Jack Morrissey took this and shared it… Kinda weird but neat.

Anywho, here is the clip I took from youtube, and I hope you guys can hear it ok. The song sounds a bit muffled but you can tell it’s our Emma. Enjoy ^_^

Red Hood Vengeance

Fan film starring yours truly as the Joker

Crochet the cutest AT-AT


Oh I love to crochet, some one my fav things I have made was my Sonic Screwdriver (shocker), a R2D2 hat and the Spiderman doll that’s missing its arms. (don’t ask, long story). I feel that I may need to purchase this pattern found recently on ETSY for the worlds cutest AT-AT.

The seller of this amazing pattern is Krawka, and going for just $4.88. Its pretty good-sized, standing at 10.2 inches tall and just cute as buttons. I will be purchasing this pattern and making my own to enjoy, and trust me, there will be pictures when I am done. ^_^


Carrie Fishers General Leia to be bigger role in Star Wars Epidode VIII


The world is still in morn after feeling the blow of losing such a great movie icon as Carrie Fisher. It was announced that her role as General Leia in the next Star Wars movie Episode VIII will be more predominant that that in Rogue One.

For Episode VIII, Leia had a larger role, we’re told, and her daughter Billie Lourd also is in that film as well as in Force Awakens. How Lucasfilm will deal with the loss of one of the most beloved female characters in any franchise is not known however, and the company is remaining mum”

 Well it sounds like we get to give her a proper send off with this next Star Wars chapter, though the theater may not have a dry eye in the building during the showing of Episode VIII. Can’t help but wonder what Lucasfilm will do without such a huge icon as Miss Fisher herself. Though there may be time to figure this out before the next movie, I’m afraid the Star Wars and Nerd world will not be the same without her.

Debbie Reynolds, Mother of Carrie Fisher, Dies One Day After Daughter


We thought the worst was behind us, but 2016 had one more tragedy in store for our hearts.

In a cruel twist, Debbie Reynolds was rushed to the hospital early on the morning of December 28. She was reported to have had a stroke one day after learning of her daughter’s passing.

Mrs. Reynolds passed away later that day. She was 84.

She’ll be best remembered for her role as Kathy Selden in Singin’ in the Rain alongside Gene Kelly.


Deven B…is so over this year. @devenbhagwandin