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Carrie Fishers General Leia to be bigger role in Star Wars Epidode VIII


The world is still in morn after feeling the blow of losing such a great movie icon as Carrie Fisher. It was announced that her role as General Leia in the next Star Wars movie Episode VIII will be more predominant that that in Rogue One.

For Episode VIII, Leia had a larger role, we’re told, and her daughter Billie Lourd also is in that film as well as in Force Awakens. How Lucasfilm will deal with the loss of one of the most beloved female characters in any franchise is not known however, and the company is remaining mum”

 Well it sounds like we get to give her a proper send off with this next Star Wars chapter, though the theater may not have a dry eye in the building during the showing of Episode VIII. Can’t help but wonder what Lucasfilm will do without such a huge icon as Miss Fisher herself. Though there may be time to figure this out before the next movie, I’m afraid the Star Wars and Nerd world will not be the same without her.

Gremlins 3 update and details offered by Zach Galligan

When it comes to the Gremlins movies, I am all about that adorable Magwai and those freaky green gremlins. The first movie scared me so bad as a kid, I was literally afraid of my TV set. And this fear was all because of the last line in the movie, when the dad is warning the audience to be careful should the TV go on the fritz because there just might be a gremlin in there. I also owned a stuffed Magwai that made noises when shook so that didn’t help either.


The first movie was ok but I loved the second movie, Gremlins 2 the New Batch. They made it more fun and the Gremlins became mutated creatures that I though was just fantastic. The movie though got poor ratings at the time, so I guess not many held the same love for it as I did. People thought it was more of a spoof than a sequel. But I mean, come on, you had a spider gremlin! A spider gremlin people, how cool was that? Ugh oh well, it’s still my favorite over the first one.


SO now there has been talk of a third movie, and this idea has been flirted with for a bit now, whether or not it’s a good idea, especially when the second movie did so poorly. It was first brought to light in 2015 with ideas of this to be a sequel, and now they are confirming that this will be a sequel but also to phase out the happenings of the second movie…. Say what?!?!! Why would they do that? The second movie was great, and they don’t really need to phase it out, just work with what you have and go back to the dark side if you must, but don’t discredit the work. Chris Columbus was the writer of the first Gremlins movie and will be in charge of the third one as well, taking it back to the dark side. With writer from Distubia, Carl Ellsworth, this movie may be a bit to dark if you ask me, or creepy. I hope they don’t ruin it by making it gory or some thing like that.


Well at least they aren’t doing a reboot, it seems that today all the 80’s movies are getting the reboot bug so its nice that they are leaving this one alone in that department. ^_^


We Interview Infinite Seven Writer Dave Dwonch


Dave Dwonch Is the writer of Action Lab Danger Zone‘s newest comic book Infinite Seven, which is being released in February 2017. Aside from being a writer he is also the President of Marketing and Development at  Action Lab/Action Lab Danger Zone and is responsible for the overall direction of Action Lab Entertainment. He oversees the entire creative processes, working with Action Lab’s writers, artists, designers and editors.

Dave took the time to talk to me about his new passion project Infinite Seven.


Infinite Seven seems to have just about every significant part of 80s action movies and pop culture. How did you come up with a story with such vast references and nostalgia and yet making it your own?

It all started with the premise. On top of being a pop culture fan, I’m also a huge comics nerd. “Legacy” is a very tried and true theme in mainstream books, especially DC Comics, and I wanted to play with it as a concept. In my mind the Batman/Robin relationship should only go one direction– with the mantle being passed to Bruce’s chosen successor… but by design that never happens for very long. There’s always a reboot, where they rewind and start the clock again. With Infinite Seven I wanted to push the theme forward in a very permanent way. In my world, the way to join the “super group” is to kill a member and replace them. In issue one, you see just the tip of the iceberg, but the Infinite Seven has 200 years of history. With that much road, I’m able to pick and choose from my favourite pop culture moments and characters and splice them into a single narrative. It’s really a lot of fun.

Would you say this is the most freedom you have had on a project and is this something you have been wanting to create for a while but never had the chance to?
I’ve predominantly worked on creator-owned books, so it’s been skies the limit on weird stuff. Seriously, though, that’s what I love about indie books. You can do whatever you want. From Cyrus Perkins to Double Jumpers, and even with licensed stuff like Vamplets, I think my skewed voice comes through. The big difference with Infinite Seven is that I’m upping my cinematic game. It’s the big-budget action movie that I’d want to see. It’s liberating, but it also presents its own set of challenges.

Infinite Seven certainly feels cinematic. The first few panels reminded me of the Expendables right away. 

With visuals being such a key component to comics are you and your team looking do something unique or somewhat out of the box with the direction and art than your average comic?
Well, artists Arturo Mesa and colorist Geraldo Filho certainly add their flair to the series. They are constantly adding their own references to the pages past what I describe in the script, and what began as my love letter has become a bit more than that. It’s hard to describe. It’s Danger Girl meets On a Pale Horse meets Goldfinger meets Metal Gear Solid. It’s Robert Rodriguez making love to Quentin Tarantino in a back alley in Monaco. With cyborgs. I think the art reflects that!
How did you Arturo Mesa and Geraldo Filho get together on this comic?
Arturo had submitted his pencil work to Action Lab back in 2014, just as I was just getting the first script finished. He must have liked what he read because we’ve been together ever since. I was familiar with Geraldo’s work through mutual creators and once Arturo was on board I knew he’d be the perfect colorist. He’s colouring right over Art’s pencils and adding SO much nuance. I think when fans are going to be bowled over by the book.
What can we expect in issue 2 and the rest of the first arc for the Infinite Seven?
The world is going to expand in a big way in way in issue two. We’ll see some history and reveals (like George Washington being a member!) and Infinite Seven‘s youngest recruit proving himself. He may not be a world-class assassin yet but just wait. The forces working against him are going to create a monster. The series may seem pretty innocent in the first issue, but we are going to head into some pretty dark waters.
Preview Art From Issue #1

Infinite Seven is available to pre-order right now in the month of December at your local comic shop. Order your copy right now!

Follow Dave Dwonch on Twitter @davedwonch

For more details on Infinite Seven check out actionlabcomics.com

Remember comics are for everyone.

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Eddie Redmayne wants to be Doctor Who

Of all the roles in the Fandom universe, I feel that the Doctor Who role is one that is highly desired, or at least one that causes a great squeal when we hear that a fave actor wants to play this part.

Eddie Redmayne, known for his roles in the Theory of Everything, Les Miserables and who currently plays Newt Scamander in the Fantastic Beasts and where to find them movie, has put it out there that he would be interested in playing the next Doctor…


“Would I do it? Yeah! It’s a great show. I do see the resemblance. I see the scarf, I see the coat, I see the bowtie…. I’m also a huge fan of those actors, I love Matt Smith. I suppose the briefcase has a TARDIS vibe to it- so yeah!!”


Apparently there is a campaign online done by fans pushing for this to happen. Knowing that next year may be Peter Capaldi’s last season as the Doctor, there is a movement started on Twitter by fans called #CampainForRedmayne. How awesome is that? Honestly he looks like a great candidate for the next Doctor, and his wide range of acting skills proves the man knows his stuff. ­^_^

Nintendo attractions coming to Universal Studios Hollywood California and Orlando Florida

I know I am not the only one who has wondered how hard those blocks have to be on Mario’s head when he breaks them. They are either really easy to break, or that plumber has a hard head. Well now we may get the chance to find out just how difficult it is to break a block. Nintendo announced that it would be bringing us some wonderful new attractions that won’t be kept in just Japan Universal Studios alone. They will be bringing the Nintendo gaming world to life at our Universal Studios in California and in Florida. How freaking awesome is that!!

Though they don’t tell us exactly what is going to be in the parks, they do say that its going to be interactive. The Father of Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto states, “We are working very hard to create attractions that can be equally enjoyable to anybody regardless of age.”

OK don’t tell me that doesn’t just get you right in the excitement button, I mean seriously, Nintendo attractions here in Hollywood California and Orlando Florida! I can’t wait to see what they come up with. ^_^




We Interview New Inheritance Artist Marco Roblin


Marco Roblin



Shortly after the release and success of Inheritance artist and co-creator James Burton decided to quit the series to pursue other projects. Writer and co-creator James D Schumacher III wanting to continue the series would have to put those plans on hold. That is until now. After an extensive search, James has brought on the very talented Marco Roblin.

Marco was born in Chile on March the 13th, 1976. He was raised in Panamá, then in Argentina until around his 30’s then finally met the love of my life in Chile again, where he lives currently with his little girls. Marco has been drawing from a young age. After he had graduated art school, he came across the opportunity to do some concept art. After that, he started to send portfolios everywhere and got his first comic gig to work on a graphic novel about Harry Houdini and his friendship with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with a superb supernatural setting; it was called The Edge of the Unknown. He several projects after that but nothing published so he decided to improve/practice the best he could to be ready for upcoming projects. Finally, he has some that are starting to look amazing and hopefully will be printed around 2017.

All of the art featured in this article is original art by Marco Roblin and is not preview art for the Inheritance comics.

furiosa_and_max_by_mroblin-d8uszz3 (1).jpg

How did you and James become creative partners?

I answered to and ad seeking artist and he replied, at that point was something standard…but then he wanted to Skype as soon as we could, and that’s when things turn out for the best! That moment when you realise that the person you’re talking “face to face” and you got a lot in common regarding many things but mostly since it was a “job interview” you’re having a great time…that moment right there seems like you know each other for several years. Well, you can’t get more partners than that at that point and now we’re on a creative journey, so that’s awesome!

How did you become a fan of comics and how did you start your career?

Back in Argentina, when I was around 12 I got my hands on one of my first comics. I used to borrow some from friends, but by that time got my own collection. There were some X-Men from Chris Claremont and Jim Lee and a few AKIRA issues in English, but that didn’t stop us (me and my friends) from “reading” the way we wanted. Since then, we started collecting as much we could and keep a giant pot at a friend’s house, that was the easiest way to read/see many in one sitting. Also, I remember some special days when someone added more issues to the collective collection! I’ve been drawing from early childhood and after my encounter with comics switched from drawing what I saw on TV to draw character poses and “panels”. That went on for a few years until I graduated from Art school and then I switched completely to comics because I wanted storytelling and draw sequences more than anything.

Did you find art school improved your skills significantly?

Widely! Understanding anatomy helped me to work more with expressions and movement, not immediately but so far all that knowledge is helping me right now to improve my skills for drawing scenes with the interaction between characters.


What are yours and James vision for the art style of Inheritance?

We came up almost at the same time during the Skype session with the tone and vision for the art. Something realistic but with plenty of breathing panels. Calm ones in order to see later the evilness in all its glory, make sense? We want our readers to be afraid of a single panel if possible, not showing evil, but knowing that there’s evil living there. The only way to achieve that is drawing in detail (previous panels) what the evil can do. So basically detailed panels, realistic art and plenty of contrast between light and shadows also we wanted to play a lot with the pace and time between panels.

Do you prefer creating your art traditionally, digitally or a combination of the two?

I love working traditionally, but a couple of events got my working in full digital since then I’ve been doing it this way and worked a lot to emulate my markers (worked mostly with markers) into digital brushes. I firmly believe that creativity comes with plenty of tools.

Agreed.  What are some of the other tools and techniques you use?

Mostly my camera for textures and to understand light. Lately, I’ve been studying in depth movies scenes/frames/lighting and cinematography in general…so I turned my love for movies into a tool to develop more my art. Always wanted to be a director and I love the movie-making process. Somehow I’m trying to make still movies in pages.

Do you hope to make inheritance feel like a traditional horror movie? I mean traditional as in it being scary and tension filled. Many horror movies and comics these days seem to be missing that. 

We totally want that for Inheritance. Tension leads to becoming uneasy, and that’s the best way to frighten people/readers, but we don’t want to make it easy with mostly jump scares.We want to make people afraid or uncomfortable of entering the room/turning the page.






I know some dedicated inheritance fans were surprised to hear that there would be a new artist on Inheritance. Hopefully, this interview will wash your concerns away. As you can see from the previews of Marco’s talent, you know the quality of future inheritance books is going to be excellent no matter what Marco ends up coming with.

Follow Marco Roblin on Facebook

Check out his Deviant Art page here

For more information and updates on Inheritance, check out schumacher3.com

If you missed my interview with James Schumacher last month you can read it here

Remember comics are for everyone

Matt is a passionate comic book fan/reader and aspiring comic book writer who used to be a cook/chef. Follow @concreteshawzee

Arthur Duvall wants to be a wizard in the next Fantastic Beast movie

And the ladies in the fan world have melted…..Arthur Duvall has put it out there that he would like to try his hand in the JK Rolling wizard world. But not just any wizard, Dumbledore!


 “Absolutely, I’m up for it. Do you know what? I’ve made this pact with myself that when I hit a certain age; I’m only going to play wizards. I want to be that guy. So whether its 10 years down the line or when I grow a salt and pepper beard, I would be totally happy just playing wizards for the rest of my life. But yeah, if they came knocking saying ‘we really want you to play Dumbledore,’ I’d definitely consider it”


I think this is a wonderful idea. I sure hope to see him in the next fantastic beasts movie. Being that they announced that there would be 5 movies in total for the series, this could give Arthur plenty to do for some time in between or during sets of the LoT series. From our beloved companion to leader of heroes, and now possible wizard…. Goodness, what can’t Arthur do? ^_^

Supergirl’s Chris Wood teases Mon-El’s superhero suit


It has been confirmed that Mon-El will be joining the cast of Supergirl, and played by Chris Wood, actor from shows like Vampire Diaries and Carrie Diaries. And in recent interviews he reveals a little to us on the design his super suit will take…

“They’re always true to the comic. They at least give a severe hat tip to the comics in terms of design, so you needn’t worry about that. They stay true like they have with Flash and Arrow and Supergirl.”

But it seems that we won’t see to much of the super suit in this season of Supergirl, Chris Wood also confirms that his character has some soul searching to do as to why he would want to be a protector of earth so the suit may not be dawned right away. Wont that be exciting though… I sure hope they give us all three heroes, Supergirl, Superman, and Mon-El, side by side all suited up and ready for action. ^_^