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The team at Skatronixxx are proud to announce that for 2017 we have had a re-brand and we are now POP CULTURE PIPE BOMB.


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This is my August reading wrap up and haul! I know this is a tad late but it’s better late than never!

Check out what I read and what I bought!



Loot Anime & Bookish Unboxing

I was sent a box from a friend of some goodies and my husband got his Loot Anime!

Check out what we got in the video below!

Happy Reading!


Alice in Wonderland Tag!

I collaborated with Rachel Wagner & Emily Boone for this awesome Alice in Wonderland Tag! I had so much fun doing this so I’m very excited to share with you all!

Lets go down the rabbit hole & check this tag out!

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I decided for this tag to bring my gamer husband into the mix! We answer 21 questions related to all things gaming.

Check it out below & even answer the questions in the comments with us!

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REVIEW: Kubo And The Two Strings

Oscar winner for Best Animated Feature of 2016? You bet your ass. Kubo and the Two Strings is a must watch.

Warcraft Knightly News Ep : The Good The Bad And The GREAT


<strong>Poke and Darrick talk about the successes the things that need work and the things that make Legion Great. Also they discuss the miss treatment of a poor baby Tauren in a bucket #taurenbabybucket</strong>
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SPOILER FREE REVIEW || The Remnant Chronicles Booktube Tour

As many of you lovely people saw, I did a lookbook for The Remnant Chronicles! I also wanted to share my thoughts on the series with all of you!

I kept it spoiler free so everyone can watch!

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Warcraft Knightly News Ep 2: Breaking News Demons Invade

The count down is on for the Legion drop LIVE. So Warcraft Knightly News gets invaded by a guild member and 2 Major announcements this week. Make sure you stay tuned for all the Invasion news and subscribe to keep up to date on all the World of Warcraft News and other great shows we have on KoDGaming!

ICYMI – Last Week in Skatronixxx!


Here at Skatronixxx we have awesome writers who are working towards WORLD DOMINATION in the pop culture news site industry. Potential Advertisers, take a look at what we have accomplished in the past year, and imagine where we can be in the next year with your help. Big Guys take note! We’re coming for ya! We even have a shop! Yep, we do. It has Tees, Tanks, Hoodies, and Sweatshirts for now; stay tuned for MUGS!

I have changed up the format of ICYMI to include an article from every one of our writers, because they all deserve mention! There is crossover in about every category but I have put each writer in only one category for this article. We pretty much ALL do the TV section.

Here’s a taste of the articles we published for the week of August 13th to August 20th for our incredible and loyal readers and followers, and our occasional readers whom we would love to be followers. All of you are AWESOME! Just so you know! On to the articles!


In Anime this week @MCPomarRossello talks about Tonari no Totoro, an Anime movie fondly remembered from childhood, about childhood; growing up in a new environment, learning, adapting, playing and working through the emotions of having a sick Mother. @darrick_scott takes us all back to the days of Saturday Morning cartoons (loved those!), with the 1984 classic Transformers.


This week’s Weekly Bookette by @darthaybak features indie books. The reviewed books include both light and dark material, from the lightness of “Let’s Dance On Our Wedding Day” to the far darker “The Hat That Danced in the Wind” trilogy. Even though The Little Librarian tied the knot this summer, @alyjoshaver managed to read a LOAD of books. Check out her June & July Haul and Wrap Up of Doom!


Read why @concreteshawzee made a recommendation for the Alterna Comics 10th AnniverSERIES Anthology. Don’t forget, we LOVE Indie! Indie games, indie comics, indie shorts… For a change of pace, and a return to the campy 60’s, @dammitrooster waxes nostalgic about the return of Adam West and Burt Ward in an animated adventure, Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders.


In our Games section this week, @auburn_geek is excited for the release of NVIDIA’s Indie Spotlight Program which will help good indie games get to where they should be. Check out what @dellarscott wrote in his No Man’s Sky “Idiot’s Log”. Meanwhile, @gaming8811 happily reviewed an Indie game called Never Alone. Find out what he thought about it, and have I mentioned? We LOVE Indie!


Last week @franpan was all about Spider-Man: Homecoming, and @starkwyvrngamer brought us BIG news about the Mary Poppins Sequel. And on the sequel front, Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is not really going to be a sequel, says @sohodoll, but she’s excited about it, and would love to hear your thoughts.


Our music writers are very busy people! @presh81 did reviews on American Horror Story, the Top 50 Weekly Singles Chart, The Weekend Box Office Movie Chart, and Fresh Friday as well as other articles! @Deadpool_1984 not only does the UFC, he also picked Massachusetts Punk band The Unseen and their track Scream Out for his Track of the Week, and also talked about The Punisher.


In our vlog section, @alyjoshaver went to the St. Louis Zoo to catch Pokemon, and dance to kpop. Girls just wanna have fun! Join her, @meaganprecourt and @chellybean4894 for the Uglies readalong. @heyankitverma took a well deserved break last week, but you can catch his earlier video review of Suicide Squad.


Last week in Television, @DalekBuster523 tried to decide which high profile Marvel character would make a cameo in the coming season of Agents of Shield. The Walking Dead will open its new season with a major death. Read @Netta_Bear13 speculations about who it might be. Writer @este_guy reviewed the season finale of Scream. @luvnidleness introduced us to Peaky Blinder, the best show you’ve never watched, @langlangbrenda wondered about the possible return of those ghastly Weeping Angels, and @awesomect98 teases with the Scream Queens season 2 trailer. Writer @devenbhagwandin catches up on The Expanse. Meanwhile, @MaliaYourTita of LoyalBloodline.clothing, hangs out with Ballers, @reille78 has discovered that Joss Whedon may be involved with an upcoming favorite show, and @b2daitch continues her Summer Binge Watch with Charmed. @fondofjesus marvels  at the DC Extended Universe take worldwide. The Doctor Who Fan Film Web Series caught @alexthed’s eye, and The Fast8 trailer news caught @chellybean4894’s.


@Deadpool_1984 brought some surprising news on a meeting of the minds between rival fighters McGregor and Diaz. Stay tuned for his upcoming review of the UFC 202 in Vegas.


The week of August 13th to 20th saw @alexthed sharing his thoughts on WrestleMania’s Brock Lesnar – Dean Ambrose wingding. @mak10gator discovered some shocking news about superstar suspensions just days before SummerSlam. WWE Raw fan-atic @therealdills was first excited, then got to flinching over the over use of the term “Demon King” by the end of the show. @mitch_rated brought us his review of NXT – August 17th. @oliverwoodster talks Smack…. Down Live after a brief hiatus.


Cosplayer interviewer, @skatronixxx did interviews with the Maid of Might and MCubed, both very talented cosplayers. And what did I do, you ask? Well, I did an interview of Satinder Kassoana and a writeup for his Indie Drama production – Don’t Walk Among the Dead. Told you we love Indie!

Well folks, that was it for last week. Let me know what you think about the format of this week’s ICYMI… too long, too much, too short, not enough?
Until next time! Luv from me, @AlexMi6!