The Villain For Sherlock Series 4 Has Been Cast – And He’s Perfect!

Sherlock - Im Zeichen der Drei

Ever since the Victorian special episode, waiting for news about the next series of Sherlock has been like waiting for flying cars to exist – we can hope really hard, but it doesn’t mean we’re going to get anything.

Except now we have something! Just a small thing, hardly anything really, but it’ll be enough to keep me excited and hopeful (I swear, they plan it like this).

But I won’t keep you waiting any longer.

We have a villain for Series 4!

That’s right, you read that correctly. Toby Jones (Captain America, Harry Potter, Hunger Games), who’s perhaps one of my all-time favorite creepy villain actors, will be filling the role of Sherlock’s newest nemesis.

Exactly which villain he’ll be playing, however, is still a mystery.

The only information that writer, EP, and co-creator Steven Moffat has for us is this: “Delighted to have Toby Jones on board, bringing to life one of [Sir Arthur Conan] Doyle’s finest villains.”

But which villain?!

The anticipation for the next series of Sherlock is killing me – just throw me off Reichenbach now and I’ll return, perfectly on time yet terribly inconveniently, for Series 4. The fact that we’ve still got a year until it airs… the anticipation is just awful (and yet, so very delicious, don’t you agree?).

All we know about Series 4 is that Sherlock is back in London (or at least on British soil), and that John and Mary Watson are preparing for having a child.

I can’t wait to see what terrible things Toby Jones has in store for our beloved characters.

But more than that, I can’t wait to see Sherlock’s reaction to a tiny human – messy, illiterate, illogical things that they are.

Sadly, there’s no teaser or promo trailer for Series 4 yet, so here’s the trailer for the Victorian special episode that I mentioned at the beginning. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Haven’t actually seen this version of Sherlock. I’m a fan of Elementary myself. Maybe I’ll give it a look! Thanks, Kimba Rose! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my gosh YES. Benedict is one of my favorite Sherlocks of all time. And Martin Freeman is the perfect John Watson, forever and always. It’s a fantastic remake of the classic dynamic duo, but in 21st century London. I’m obsessed. ❤ Hope you enjoy it as much as I did (and do!).


  2. darthaybak says:

    I was sorta hoping Moriarty is still alive in this one somehow (like, no one tops Moriarty!!!!), but Toby Jones is awesome enough himself. and he’s portraying Doyle’s best villain? any theories on who that might be?

    and @alexmi6 this version of Sherlock is awesomeness itself, I highly recommend you check it out!!!


    • @darthaybak You’re 1000% right, what a perfectly worded recommendation to @alexmi6!

      Regarding Moriarty… I don’t know. Is he dead? Isn’t he? They keep sort-of-but-not-really confirming his death… or his survival? I don’t know. I do have to say that he was a *fantastic* Moriarty. Season 2’s finale MESSED ME UP *hardcore*.

      But I do love Toby Jones as a villain. I have no clue who he might play… Moriarty has always been the iconic, quintessential Sherlock villain… so I have no clue who he might play, who’s called “Doyle’s Best Villain”. I just hope they don’t try to do a weird twist in which Toby has been Moriarty all along, and was just in control of Andrew Scott the whole time. Or, even worse, that Andrew Scott just took the moniker, a la Iron-Man-3-Mandarin’s style. And now the *real* Moriarty is coming out of the shadows to prove that he exists and to reclaim his name – a la the Marvel short film “All Hail the King”.

      Please, BBC, no.

      Sorry for the ramblings… those are my thoughts/theories/fears on the subject.


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