Star Trek Discovery Casts ‘The Walking Dead’ Star in Lead Role


‘Star Trek Discovery’, the new series beaming onto CBS All Access in America and Netflix Worldwide, has finally found its lead in actress Sonequa Martin-Green. Known largely for her role as Sasha in ‘The Walking Dead’, the announcement marks the end of a months-long search for the right person. It was reported back in August that the show would feature a female lead, with the show in development a while beforehand, so finding the right actress has proven to be a difficult feat.

Of course, Green has likely been cast for a while now, and these reports haven’t been officially confirmed by CBS, however, it’s possible Green has been negotiating her contract around her time on The Walking Dead. EW who broke the news, report that Green will continue to serve as a series regular on The Walking Dead, where she has played Sasha Williams since Season 3, a character specially created for her after she auditioned for the role of Michonne that eventually went to Danai Gurira. Nevertheless, this will no doubt have fans worrying for her character (case in point:ME!).

Green will play a lieutenant commander on the Discovery, as previous showrunner Bryan Fuller noted: “We’ve seen six series from the captain’s point of view. To see a character from a [new] perspective on the starship — one who has different dynamic relationships with a captain, with subordinates, it gave us richer context.” 

Green has proven throughout her time on ‘The Walking Dead’ that she has what it takes to carry a show, and hopefully her character on Discovery won’t be as hard done to.

The casting announcement today follows a number in recent weeks, after news on the show since Bryan Fuller left as showrunner went eerily quiet. Things seem to be moving at warp speed now however, as it was also announced the other day that Chris Obi (“American Gods”), Shazad Latif (“Penny Dreadful”) and Mary Chieffo have been cast as Klingons.

Obi will play T’Kuvma, the Klingon leader seeking to unite the Klingon houses. Latif is set to portray Kol, commanding officer of the Klingons and protégé of T’Kuvma, whilst Chieffo will play L’Rell, the battle deck commander of the Klingon ship.

Green, Obi, Latif and Chieffo all join previously announced cast members Michelle Yeoh, Doug Jones and Anthony Rapp in the series which is garnering some excellent talent.

‘Star Trek Discovery’ will premiere May 2017 on CBS All Access in America and Netflix Worldwide.

Joe is extremely excited for Star Trek Discovery after this casting news, though he’ll now have a panic attack every time Sonequa Martin-Green appears on The Walking Dead for fear of Sasha getting killed off. To see how he fares, be sure to check him out @resonantrevs over on Twitter.


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