You’re the Worst S3 E10 ‘Talking to Me, Talking to Me’

After ditching the world of writing Jimmy has finally found peace in the world. Trying to do things he never would have thought to do before. Jimmy is going to build a Treehouse to forever quell his father’s voice. Gretchen is really opening up to therapy and realizing what her mother did to her mentally. It is rather refreshing seeing these two characters change.

Edgar has given up his meds and is smoking weed all day which is actually working. His girlfriend wants him to be her house husband if he becomes to lazy and that of course distresses him. Who would really want to be a house husband, how emasculating.

Jimmy is working to build his tree house and is actually not doing such a terrible job, all things considered. Gretchen is enjoying her food a little to much, as she is trying to be mindful. She is realizing that her mother has always been judging her in her mind and that is an issue. Lindsay is going to have an abortion which is a good thing I suppose.

Working so hard on his tree house Jimmy has finally lost his father’s voice and is ecstatic. He knocks over the ladder and founds himself stuck on his tree house platform. At Dorothy’s audition Edgar meets a Pot comic who suggests he come to his office to work on a project.

Lindsay finishes her final meal for two and gets a text from Paul. Suddenly, its too hard to have the baby aborted, and she meets a woman who offers to talk things out. Gretchen is attempting to meditate and it is too hard for her so she stops.

Stuck up in the tree, Jimmy’s writers instincts are kicking in as his characters guide him to write.  Gretchen runs to stop Lindsay from not aborting her baby  and it works.

Edgar goes to his meeting and is surprised that it is far more business like then he expected. Though he does get hired to do a few pot spots at traffic lights.

After her abortion Lindsay seems to have lost it. Gretchen works to figure out what she is doing thinking she is so mindful. Edgar tells Dorothy about his news and she is happy that he has a job. But clearly she is upset because as an actress she can’t get work and he instantly lands a job. Definitely going to cause trouble for them and could possibly break them up too.

Having spent a day in a tree Jimmy now examines the weirdness of the world below. He tears up when he sees Gretchen, he does really care for her. Watching the Wheel of Fortune Gretchen loses herself for a moment as Jimmy walks into the house. Jimmy jumped from the tree and after soul searching thinks his whole life could be wrong, even Gretchen.

With only three episodes in the season, I wonder how this will all play out for our duo. Will they stay together, will Edgar run Dorothy off due to his success, and will the season end on a low note. With three weeks left we will know soon enough! Next week is The Inherent, Unsullied Qualitative Value of Anything.



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