American Dad S12 E1 ‘Father’s Daze’

The episode starts out with Stan at work being admonished for not being Father’s day worthy. It is a shame that his family didn’t celebrate such a day as father’s do deserve a day in the sun. At home Stan is down and won’t even laugh or be happy.

The family feels bad and decides to make a make up Father’s day for the following day. Stan writes everyone notes of what they should make for his make up Father’s day. Roger makes Stan question the events of the day and how it could be better. So Stan erases their memory and ala Ground Hog Day makes them live the day again.

Stan tells Roger and Klaus about his plan and Klaus tells him its honestly horrible to do this. He continues to do it until it works out just like he wanted. Steve’s friend Snot comes over and almost breaks the secret but Stan wipes his memory.

We cut to a man running for president when his running mate comes to see him he sees the Golden Turd the long running gag of the show. He kills him and is arrested, soon a maid finds it and brings it to the pope and finally he brings it to the council of Religious leaders. They must return it to Roger, but when will this happen?

Klaus goes to wake up Steve and tell him about his father’s plan. Haley and Francine come in and they find out he has been brainwashing them for six months. Stan unloads on the family saying so many terrible things they need to play a song over it. Of course due to the laws of comedy Klaus broke the memory wiper the night before.

Stan tries to apologize to the family but they will have none of it. He then shoots Roger accidentally through the ceiling. They drive to find the eraser and Stan tries to change their minds. They get the eraser but Steve stops the wiping because he realizes they should remember this day. Of course being a moron Stan doesn’t know what the reason for keeping this memory really is.



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